off to join the rodeo or bears

We're lucky to have friends with passes to the fun places in Portland, like the zoo and children's museum. Sam's getting to the age where we'd probably get a pass to something around here for the rainy days, but for now we are enjoying being the guests of our wonderful friends.

This trip was more about banging on the fences, hanging on railings, climbing on rocks and splashing/sticking your face in the waterfall (gross) than looking at the animals, but Sam's anything but conventional at the zoo. (although he did pet a duck and get a kick out of the goats)

summer fun

We've had lots of fun since we've been back in portland. We had a picnic at a cool park on the East side and saw a lot of very friendly geese, spent an evening at director park for a little concert and some giant chess, worked on our balance at the park and played at a few splash pads. We may have had fun in utah, but we sure love portland. 

backyard swimming

My parents bought a little kiddie pool for Sam to play with while we were staying with them, which was a lot of fun for him. The two times we went to a city pool, we had to drag him away when we were ready to go, he loved it so much. This afternoon they pulled out all the stops: warm kitchen water in the pool and perfect placement in the shade. And a doting aunt to play with Sam until he was done. My dad took some great pictures of them playing.
Meanwhile, I was doing this:

And then I did a little of this:


One reason we went to Utah when we did was to be able to drop my sister Alisa off at the MTC for her mission to Baltimore, MD! It was a fun week of family activities, dinners and a great experience for us to be there with her as she left. We'll miss chatting with her, but she'll be a great missionary!

it was basically a food cart vacation

Our trip to Utah got off to a slow start when we missed our flight! It was totally my fault so I didn't get upset, I just waited a tense hour hoping that I'd be able to get on a standby flight. We got to the gate 15 minutes after they shut the doors, just in time to watch our plane fly away!

I did get the very last seat on a flight to Oakland, which then connected us to Utah. It was a long afternoon, but we made it! Sam was a trooper. On the way to Utah we flew through the worst turbulence I've ever flown through. yikes.  
But! Once we made it it was a week and a half full of fun. Lots of a great food, parks, pools, sun, and of course, friends and family! 
I won't say how many times we frequented art city donuts, but let's just say we tried all the flavors we wanted to. This is my new nephew holding some of the goods when we went to provo's food truck round up, which was a lot of fun. I wish they had had that when we lived there, but then again, I do live in like the food cart capital of the world or something and I'm used to it. But we tried some burritos, burgers, grilled cheese, waffles, green smoothies and pizza. It was all delicious. We all know how I like to plan vacations around food.


Before I start posting things from our trip to Utah, I figure I'd better catch up first. These are from the 4th of July, and I guess the 24th of July is a fitting day to post about it. (I guess?)

We had some friends over for dinner (we had them over last year too and made the same main dish, so I guess we have a tradition started). We (I) hemmed and hawed about going down to the waterfront for fireworks but it was like where will we park or do we want to walk back in the dark or how will sam handle staying in the stroller (not well), ETC so we did not go down which was a little sad. And we can't see a single firework from our building which is lame, but there is always next year, right?

Plus the first night or so that we were in Utah, people were lighting fireworks fairly close to my parents house and so I saw a tiny show, just for me.

But our friends thought ahead and brought some little sparklers so we had a little toddler-friendly firework show and it was still very festive.

happy pioneer day!

july looks like this

week one: so hot. sooooo hot.

Maybe this is the month I figure out how to half-tuck my shirt without it looking dumb.

Missing Utah fireworks

Berry picking: eat alllll the raspberries. Can't wait to go back for more.

Dave wore a hat berry picking, which is literally the first time I've ever seen him in a baseball cap.

Solo flight with Sam today...a little nervous.

Thinking I finally packed without packing 10 extra clothing items, so I'd have them "just in case I really need a cardigan, etc."

I still packed all my hats because I may need all 3 of them at different times, you know?