november, your bangs are cute

This week was staying inside most of the time because it was below 30 half the week, first snow (???) of the year, getting over runny noses and coughs, playdates with friends, quesadillas all day erry day, taylor swift music videos, video chats and new deodorant that smells like a lime otterpop. So all in all, not too shabby.

Sam continues to surprise me with the things he remembers. We sang "the wheels on the bus" the other day, and he could do the hand motions for 5 verses...and we haven't done that for at least a week. He points by touching the top of his middle finger to the top of his pointer, making an oval with his fingers, and it's so adorable. He recognizes us in pictures, but mostly daddy, which he says in the sweetest sing-songy voice. But when he wakes up in the morning and Dave gets him, I can hear him say "mommy" in that same voice and I die. He calls his friend macie beecie, which is so cute. He says it a lot and points to the door, waiting for her to come over.

I read today about bullet journaling, and I am so sold. I'm buying a new notebook today and starting. I just finished up a journal and I've been on the hunt for one for a week or two. I love this idea of combining lists and journal entries. My lists are all over the place, and I'm excited to try this.

aaaand...I wish had something else to say, but alas, I must move onto other things. Apparently my computer is going to restart in 4 minutes and there is nothing I can do to stop so I must go and save all the things.

november song. I heart parks and rec. It may be hard to believe if you know us, but I think we preferthatottheofficedonthateme.

costumes brought to you by target sheets.

We're a little behind, but oh well. Also, really lame iphone pictures...and not that I have had anything else for the last 3 years, but these are pretty bad. And these ones are literally the best ones from the night. So, win/win.

So for halloween, I saw a cute costume online for me (a pineapple) and we went from there. After coming up this genius idea that Dave would be a coconut and we would be pina colada (I'm pretty proud of that idea), we tried to fit Sam into it too. While we had some great ideas (some from us, some from friends), we just decided to have him do his own thing. I bought a set of yellow jersey sheets from target on clearance and thought we might as well have Sam be something yellow. 

So Sam went as Sam I am and I loved it. I thought we did a pretty good job with the costume, but I guess not that many people know who Sam I am is?  Next year when Sam chooses his own costume, I hope it's something super obvious. 

Sam and Dave could have been spongebob characters (pineapple under the sea?) and that would have been kinda fun. Maybe next year? Oh, Dave's costume was a cardboard circle around his neck that said "coconut" and it lasted 5 minutes. ha.

On Halloween we had dinner with some downtown friends and tagged along for their trick-or-treating. We wouldn't have taken Sam by ourselves, but it was fun to hang out. However, it turns out Sam really couldn't handle the complex emotions of trick-or-treating. He wanted to eat everything that instant, and just didn't get the "put it in the bucket and save it for later" thing. Furthermore, he usually was more interested in the jack-o-lanterns and was mad he couldn't touch the flames. And the saddest part was as the smallest kid, he'd get pushed out of the way even when it was his turn. You can't blame the 3-8 year olds, but he'd start hitting himself on the face. (yes, that is his new thing when he's mad/bored/feels threatened. yeah.)

He ended up just riding on Dave's shoulders and we skipped the houses for the rest of the night. I'm sure he'll be a pro next year. He did enjoy the candy. So did we.

bucket at the ready.

pumpkin patch

The week before Halloween we went with some friends to a pumpkin patch. It was so muddy, but we had a lot of fun. Well, we think Sam did for at least a few minutes. He enjoyed the tractor ride and squishing in the mud for a while before he wanted us to carry him. We kept taking off his boots to save us from getting all muddy but after a while it was futile. I almost lost my boots a time or two, it was just so muddy. I mean, it is the PNW, so I shouldn't have been so surprised. We met up for some burgers and shakes after, and the guys thought we had been painting (with mud-colored paint, I guess) since we were so dirty. But it wasn't a fancy place, so we didn't feel too bad about looking a little less than presentable.

new and old places

On Saturday during our trip, I took a standardized career test (I'm not sure what else to call it--more on that later) at the U of U campus. My parents took Sam to the zoo, and after I checked out city creek. Then we met up for lunch down emigration canyon and decided to check out the "this is the place" park, which, sadly, we had never been to!

It had an amazing view of the Salt Lake Valley (well, if some of the smog was removed it would be even better) and the beautiful fall in the canyon. The colors and weather was just perfect. We walked around for a bit and made plans to go back again to see the rest of it. And the monuments to the pioneers, settlers, soldiers, explorers, etc., were lovely and touching.

The day we left, we headed to BYU to get Sam a cougar shirt. I loved being back on campus and seeing some of the new things that have shown up since we left. It feels like yesterday and a hundred years ago that we lived in Provo and basically lived on campus . I miss those days, but I do love life now too.

Dave thought I was crazy for missing being in school, but I think I mostly missed being a part of campus and all that. I loved going to BYU and I do miss parts of that life. I felt so old being back, and I'm not even that old! But according to this, I'm older than the average senior by 2 years and the average student by almost 4 years.

So I walked around half feeling like I totally blended in (I don't know, how old do I look?) and half feeling like I so obviously didn't go there any more. And then I thought even more, and realized I graduated college almost 4 years ago. I wonder when you make the transition from being a recent grad/expert-on-the-campus-and-how-things-work to a plain old alumnus-and-who-cares-stop-pretending.

Maybe because as the years go I on I'm sure kids in the classes I took are learning some new things and the things I think I know aren't the most recent. And that doesn't invalidate what I learned (or maybe it does), but it's just harder to keep up on things when you're not learning constantly or have to for your job. And I still want to feel like my degree means something and that I actually knew quite a bit of things when I left. And I like to think I still know most of them, but that is probably not true.

But anyway, I loved the experience and I loved being back there and remembering fondly the years there. Skipping over the hard tests and late nights and busy work and cold, cold walks in the winter. Ok, yeah, maybe it was better left in the past, as we usually find, right?


During our trip, I had an all-day work meeting on Friday. My parents had a day full of fun for Sam (except the hair cut--that wasn't any fun, I hear), and I met up with them at a corn maze/petting zoo/all the fall activities. Sam had fun playing in a huge container of corn, going down a giant slide, getting licked by a cow, seeing pigs and goats and holding a bunny. We also took a hay ride to the corn maze, which was a lot of fun. We only got lost in the last little part of it. I mean, it took us a while to get out, but we finally did. Like, we could have sworn we tried that way and it was wrong, but then magically there was the right way? what? mazes, right?

Sunset was gorgeous. The weather this trip was seriously amazing. Sunny, warm and full of fall colors. I was really sad to leave that behind for the rains for days in portland!

Sam even learned to say what a donkey says (hee haw) cause we kept repeating it. It's adorable.

oh hi

Hello! Writing posts kinda fell off my list in October, but we're back! I went to Utah last week for work trip, but I extended it by a few days so Sam and I could hang out with my family. I always find myself with a few deadlines before I take a trip, and usually they are self-imposed. This time was no different, so the last part of September and first part of October I was finishing up things (and watching parks and rec like crazy) during Sam's nap time.

Some fall projects included a toddler backpack and jeans for Sam (although now they are almost too short, ahh!) and a duffle bag. I also worked on a belle dress for my sister's halloween costume. I didn't think I would be making princess dresses already, but this was fun to try.

I also managed to squeeze in a skirt for me and a shirt for sam. And then when I came home, it was halloween costume time! And now...I may be taking a sewing break's time to sew for Christmas and I have another trip deadline. :)

summer sewing

Most of the pictures I sent to my sister this summer were selfies in the bathroom with an unfinished shirt on (picture not included). I wrote earlier about a dress I was making with a pattern that I printed out with the wrong proportions...and I will say that things did improve from that, other than the fact that I barely eked a shirt out of the dress, which is a little sad. But it is only a tiny bit too small. And part of me wants to buy more of that fabric to make the intended dress, and the other part of me is soooo over that fabric so, whatever.

I've gone back and forth over the past couple years about making some clothes for me and I thought I came to the conclusion that I was not going to feel bad about not doing it, even though I could.

Until...patterns. I love sewing patterns (especially the newer "indie" patterns). There are so many tutorials out there and while they are great, they never work that well for me--I need someone to do the hard part and I can just trace and cut. So I tried a shirt pattern this summer and it's my favorite--I made four shirts so far from it. I have a few patterns in the line up and a few I can't wait to try, including a button up shirt.

I mean, how many button up shirts is too many?

And anyway, not that everyone needs to see all the shirts I made myself, but here they are. I love that chambray one. That is the fun part about making things--you can pick out the fabric! I think I will spend the rest of my life looking for the perfect black and white striped fabric, but other than that, the new, modern fabric out there is so great.

I also sewed some things for Sam too--I'll eventually post about those. Dave, probably wisely, changes the subject when I offer to sew him something.