No Name Face

Red sauce, anyone? I recently bought a new bottle of red sauce, puzzled because I could have sworn I already had a new one. Two days ago, while trying to fit milk in the fridge, I found my two bottles of sauce, both with a mere inch gone from the top. Needless to say, all of my dinners this week have involved red sauce.

Things that I loved today:
1. The first use of a brand new chapstick
2. The first drink of a new gallon of milk
3. Feeling sun through the window
4. Waking up from a nap that, while only twenty minutes, felt like it was for hours.
5. Feeling very competent at work
6. Wearing my really cool boots, and as result, not having muddy pants or soaked shoes

It would be a fun experience to all wear name tags around. I think it would make interacting a little easier. Case in point...I wore my nametag to the testing center (on accident), and I'm greeted with a smile and a "how can I help you, Amanda?" I was rather confused until I looked down, and then felt a little silly. Another good point: if we wore name tags we'd never have to feel embarrassed if we forgot our date's name...

Did You Know How You Would Move Me?

these are sentences that describe my roommates (not perfectly, but very, very close):

Suzy: "Ya big nicey"
Kristen: "Why am I still wearing jeans?"
Melissa: "RM's are evil!" (not a "direct" quote)
Lauren: "Politics drive me crazy!"
Katie: "What the crap...."
Me: "What the frick?!"


Noah: "effffff"
Mike: *looks disoriented*
Steven: "I want to make a black video!"
Calvin: "That's a great spot to make out"
Brad: "Hola, como estas?"
Mark: "That's not very appropriate"
Hermana: "It's sacreligious to arrive late to a BYU basketball game"
My chemistry teacher: *climbs into one of those expandable big spheres*
Megan: "He's hot (amanda nods)...we should get him to make out with us"
Alyssa: "Fosh"
Justin: "The dating scene blows in Arizona. And it's doctor, not sir. "
Jeffie: "They're from Provo..."

I try to be nice and I like wearing pjs. I think RMs are cool (I guess we differ), I love politics and I say what the crap, what the frick, and effff. When I wake up, I can be disoriented, I've made a black video...I have a list of places (ha ha...), I speak spanish, I don't always say the appropriate thing, and I've been late to a basketball game. I take chemistry, I like to look at attractive guys, I say fosh, and I really wouldn't know how Arizona is... but I live in Provo now. I think people rub off on you. I've started blushing lately too....

Things I lose often:
1a. MY KEYS! I swear if I had a dollar for every time I lost my keys, tore my room frantically apart, said desperate prayers, then found them the next day in my backpack where I put them the day before...I could pay for graduate school
1b. CHAPSTICK!! I could pay for a doctorate!
1c. my student ID, which is usually a problem
2. my wallet. this also can be a problem
3. my pencils. just annoying.
4. my phone. or it's just in my drawer.
5. undershirts lost in random drawer
6. my other shoe
7. my sharpies
8. a waterbottle
9. lotion
10. bobby pins

Under The Apple Tree

Katya and I decided to get blogspots because we think humanity will be enriched with our blatherings on about our exciting life. Tonight we are a bit bored because we wanted to play guitar hero, and that didn't work out. Scrubs isn't on for an hour, and we decided to give homework a break. In three easy steps we now have blogs, and trust me, your mind will be enriched.

I am currently stressed because I recently purchased Leopard OS for Mac, and XP ( so that I can run both on my computer. I am not completely comfortable with the idea that such a crappy system can be run on my beautiful computer. However, after coming very close to a breakdown while trying to install XP, I finally got a guy at a computer store to do it for me. Perhaps some things are best left to "professionals". Anyways, the main reason I got windows is so that I could watch my accounting dvd. Well, of course, nothing is as easy at it looks, and currently, the teacher looks as though he is a thermo camera (blue, green, sometimes red), I can not speed it up, and therefore I am stuck with his very slow voice AND once I start I can not pause, rewind or fast forward because it will stop playing sound or skip. There is no way that I am taking it back to Cougar Computer and being like "yeah, I'm the girl who keeps coming in, fix it again please..." Maybe I'll take it to a mac store and real mac people can figure it out....or I can just uninstall it and pretend like I never went crazy and actually paid for a windows OS.

Once you switch to macs, there is no looking back.

Now you're asking how, pray tell, have I been enriched? Next time you're buying a new computer, do not, under any circumstances, buy a PC!