Did You Know How You Would Move Me?

these are sentences that describe my roommates (not perfectly, but very, very close):

Suzy: "Ya big nicey"
Kristen: "Why am I still wearing jeans?"
Melissa: "RM's are evil!" (not a "direct" quote)
Lauren: "Politics drive me crazy!"
Katie: "What the crap...."
Me: "What the frick?!"


Noah: "effffff"
Mike: *looks disoriented*
Steven: "I want to make a black video!"
Calvin: "That's a great spot to make out"
Brad: "Hola, como estas?"
Mark: "That's not very appropriate"
Hermana: "It's sacreligious to arrive late to a BYU basketball game"
My chemistry teacher: *climbs into one of those expandable big spheres*
Megan: "He's hot (amanda nods)...we should get him to make out with us"
Alyssa: "Fosh"
Justin: "The dating scene blows in Arizona. And it's doctor, not sir. "
Jeffie: "They're from Provo..."

I try to be nice and I like wearing pjs. I think RMs are cool (I guess we differ), I love politics and I say what the crap, what the frick, and effff. When I wake up, I can be disoriented, I've made a black video...I have a list of places (ha ha...), I speak spanish, I don't always say the appropriate thing, and I've been late to a basketball game. I take chemistry, I like to look at attractive guys, I say fosh, and I really wouldn't know how Arizona is... but I live in Provo now. I think people rub off on you. I've started blushing lately too....

Things I lose often:
1a. MY KEYS! I swear if I had a dollar for every time I lost my keys, tore my room frantically apart, said desperate prayers, then found them the next day in my backpack where I put them the day before...I could pay for graduate school
1b. CHAPSTICK!! I could pay for a doctorate!
1c. my student ID, which is usually a problem
2. my wallet. this also can be a problem
3. my pencils. just annoying.
4. my phone. or it's just in my drawer.
5. undershirts lost in random drawer
6. my other shoe
7. my sharpies
8. a waterbottle
9. lotion
10. bobby pins

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