Under The Apple Tree

Katya and I decided to get blogspots because we think humanity will be enriched with our blatherings on about our exciting life. Tonight we are a bit bored because we wanted to play guitar hero, and that didn't work out. Scrubs isn't on for an hour, and we decided to give homework a break. In three easy steps we now have blogs, and trust me, your mind will be enriched.

I am currently stressed because I recently purchased Leopard OS for Mac, and XP (windows....boo) so that I can run both on my computer. I am not completely comfortable with the idea that such a crappy system can be run on my beautiful computer. However, after coming very close to a breakdown while trying to install XP, I finally got a guy at a computer store to do it for me. Perhaps some things are best left to "professionals". Anyways, the main reason I got windows is so that I could watch my accounting dvd. Well, of course, nothing is as easy at it looks, and currently, the teacher looks as though he is a thermo camera (blue, green, sometimes red), I can not speed it up, and therefore I am stuck with his very slow voice AND once I start I can not pause, rewind or fast forward because it will stop playing sound or skip. There is no way that I am taking it back to Cougar Computer and being like "yeah, I'm the girl who keeps coming in, fix it again please..." Maybe I'll take it to a mac store and real mac people can figure it out....or I can just uninstall it and pretend like I never went crazy and actually paid for a windows OS.

Once you switch to macs, there is no looking back.

Now you're asking how, pray tell, have I been enriched? Next time you're buying a new computer, do not, under any circumstances, buy a PC!

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Katie said...

benchanator, your blog is rad. And I'm really sorry that your accounting thing isn't working. computers are mondo annoying sometimes.