The Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek

I really like my PDBIO's amazing to learn what your body really does and what it looks like. On that note, I would highly recommend this video. It is so incredible! (Anyone who has watched it with me has listened to me go crazy and start explaining everything). But seriously, in this video, this is what our body really looks like on some insanely small level. How cool is that? And the music alone makes it worth it, even if that's all you pay attention to. I just think it's so cool we can know exactly what these cells or systems look like on a molecular level....and that probably means I'm just a real big nerd, but it's exciting. Guess I'm going into the right profession.

I admire the people who can fall asleep on the benches (or anywhere) in the buildings...I don't think I'd ever be tired enough to do that. I'd be too afraid that someone would spit on me or sit on me or something...I'm probably a little too paranoid and/or self-conscious. But it's a huge risk! I mean, especially if it's on the floor (which cannot be comfortable enough for the sleep you get...) people can step on you or trip on you...and who knows what I look like when I sleep, I don't want 1000 kids seeing that as they walk to class. Continuing on, people who sleep anywhere on campus. Like outside? What if it started raining or someone just like takes all your stuff or trips over you and.....yep...I'm glad I live close enough so that if I absolutely needed a twenty nap it isn't really hard to get one. Or I will just fall asleep in class, which has really happened a couple times. Eh, who hasn't done that? (Only for a couple minutes though)

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