Bright Eyes

A rather new desire to have glasses for the first time since sixth grade has come upon me, and that is why I found my self in the doctor's office today. I do not mind eye appointments...but I can't help but think of Brian Regan's comedy on it...."which one is better number one or number two?" "Number one, no I see them again?" (for the full effect, watch the dvd, I don't do it justice). Apparently though, they want you to memorize your prescription cause it's your job to know these things...(psh...)...all I could do was give the numbers I am pretty sure are right...and hope that I don't get some ridiculous numbers for my new contact prescription.

After the basic eye exam, we got the.....DIALATION DROPS! Which sting, by the way, like nothing else. (That's a lie..they aren't too bad) I have been told by all of my eye doctors I am good at taking drops....(which is useful for when I need to appear not high....right?) So I have no contacts in and I can't focus....and that made for a fun fifteen minutes. They also put numbing drops in my eyes so they could check the pressure. THAT is the ODDEST feeling EVER. Then we went to another room where another doctor came in ( I can't remember who was the opthamologist and which was the optomistrist) and started talking to me about my contacts. Now of course he wasn't trying to sell a certain brand, of course not....but he started talking about the Acuvue Oasys (that is not a spelling error) and the way he was explaining them, when I put my free trial pair in, I can reasonably expect fireworks and singing of heavenly hosts. But, if I don't see a difference (as he shakes his head in disbelief) I can continue with my normal, somewhat mediocre Acuvue 2. (Oasys gets FIVE TIMES MORE OXYGEN to your retinas) (duh.)

So good news, I have real healthy eyes and whatnot, and in a week or so I'll have some really sexy glasses. Today is Tuesday, however, so of course I must do my shopping because Tuesday and Friday mornings are the only, and I mean ONLY time you can find whatever you what (with in reason, of course) at the Creamery. That is when they are restocking, and that is when I all but clear out their vanilla thick and creamy yogurt (who knew it was so popular?) and buy produce because if you go other than these foramentioned times, good luck getting a slice of bread. Point? Well I have abnormally large pupils at the moment (and aside from not being able to focus...), as result it is very, very bright to me outside (the sun in out though)...and so I must wear sunglasses to the Creamery. And we all know that normal people do not wear sunglasses out and about in the winter. So I felt quite self conscious, almost wanting to wear a sign that says burns!!

Now I have my yogurt and new contact case (I absolutely love new contact cases and new solution...(and trial pairs, for that matter) (especially when they are free)) I also had to mumble and cringe when he (the contact brand pitcher) asked me what I did with my contacts right before he looks down with a knowing smile as I mumble that I put them right in the case. Well, so do 80% of contact solution buyers ("it says no rub!") Ah yes, young child, but not "no clean".

So I, Amanda Marie, pledge (especially once I get glasses) to rinse my contacts every night.

my abnormally large pupils...
my really cool sun glasses that attach at the temples. No, I didn't wear these to the Creamery. I would have attracted far too many males to be practical.

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