Covered In Snow

Being from Utah I feel a little embarrassed telling stories of me being stuck in the snow; people from outside of Utah hate Utah drivers, and assume they (the Utah drivers) know everything about driving in the snow...even to the point where they think we are over confident. Near death experiences of my sister and me would prove otherwise. We're just like anyone else trying not to crash into something (or someone) else. Together, along with our '88 Ford Ranger, this winter we have managed to get stuck twice trying to get into the drive way (I will claim that), come very close to hitting a fence and another car, and having a total of seven people help us at one point or another out of our current situation (Thank you neighbors and ward members).

However, I must remind you that I've driven once this current year in the bad snow, so it either counts against or for me that my part of our stuck-ness has happened all in one day. I do remember those blasted days driving to school where you can't see out the windows except a small bubble where the defroster has began to work. All the while, praying you aren't going to hit some pedestrian or another car as you turn, completely blind.

We have come to this incredible conclusion:

We do not like the snow, contrary to what you outsiders think about us Utahns. While we may have the best snow on earth (we wouldn't know, however, having never been skiing, snowboarding, and only on Saturday could I cross of snowshoeing off the list). We have, however, been sledding a few times, and that should count for some thorough knowledge of this snow that the people from outside claim to hate so passionately, so completely, and so independently. We too think it is freaking cold. We too wish we were on a beach somewhere with the sun frying our skin. Our snow may be appreciated only when one is dressed very warmly, with friends, perhaps snuggling, inside watching it snow....or I assume it is nice when you're actually in it, like with skiing or snowboarding. (NOTE: walking to or from school, driving in the snow, being stuck in the snow, or slipping because of the cold does NOT constitue how to enjoy snow).

More things that I love:
1. The feeling of the sun burning your skin (but not getting sun burned)
2. Doing free laundry
3. Acoustic music
4. Listening to my sister spout of details of BYU basketball players' personal lives (I think it's creepy, actually)

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