The Doors

I refuse to let this intrument called the guitar conquer me. And so far, I'm slowly but surely winning. I can play the picking park with the music...and now I just have to learn to strumming pattern. Whooo!

Here's the deal: why, when a building has four doors leading inside or outside must we all go out the same door? We complain when a building has only one door, but when it has more, we only use the one anyways! It's like a big line of sheep, and not one person can deviate and use another door, almost like you'd be judged for leaving the line! And I know, it's probably just as fast to wait til it's your turn opposed to stepping out and opening the door yourself. But it is ridiculous! It doesn't help that the store has a bunch of flier holders in the middle of the entryway, so that one wanting to use their own door, heaven forbid, can't fit with their backpack on.

Today was "food day" at work, which was sort of weird. I did, however, eat my body weight in mike & ikes, so thank you to whoever that was. I guess the whole reason for "food day" is for Fred to bring his salsa, which is, by the way, delicious (not as good as dad's, but close!). So most of us are standing there eating, and I turn and there is a customer but no one at the desk. I walk over there with hopefully an apologetic look towards this guy who has his arms up like "what!?" and bursts out "are you following me everywhere?" I arrange my face in a quizzical look....for I am puzzled. Should I recognize this guy? Have we previously met? Then he looks quite embarrased and mumbles that I sort of look like this girl in a dance class he took and could have potentially been a really awkward situation. Thank goodness we both were pretty outgoing and I was like "psh...of course I'm following you!" He's like "yeah, we go way way back!" Then we go on about how he has a friend at the copy center who can be like "yeah, I can DO that, I know everything about this place", and of course I can hook him UP. Then I bind his packet and I ring him up and he thanks me profusely, and since he knew my name I asked him his...and hopefully he works somewhere that would be useful and if I ever go there I can get the favor returned. How potentially embarrasing, but quite entertaining.

> I do not like people, who when you ask what kind of covers they want, say I don't know. Well, sorry, buddy, I don't know either. It's not exactly life or death, so just pick a cover cause I don't really care, nor do I want to choose one for you. (same with any kind of paper, lamination, etc.)

> Only people from Utah say "oh my heck", can walk on the snow, and think that 40 degrees is warm. Just ask Noah or Kristen.

>I made a broccoli salad. I have never made so many complex (not as in hard, but as in...more ingredients than say pasta, ramen, or cup of noodles) dinners in my entire life than I have in the last two weeks. I'm on a roll. I think it was Kristen's magazine she got. I actually enjoy it.

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