Lucky You

I feel a tad guilty saying these inner feelings of my heart...but...I think it's for the better good. Or something. So you meet a girl who is applying for nursing. You start talking and bash on chemistry and how the application is intense and blah blah blah...then you part ways. Well, of you says "good luck" and then the other says " too!" Guess what though? No one really means it. I mean, sure I want you to succeed, I do. But not at my expense. As Darwinian (I might have made that word up, I'm not sure) as that sounds, it sure is true. And wishing you luck in means that if I hope you get in, there is a smaller chance that I actually will. Meh. I'm horrible. But when your major program accepts 50-60 percent of applicants, I do not want to be the 40-50 percent left out. Especially when some of these girls wake up one day and say "I think today I want to be a I'll apply. If I get in...awesome. If I don''s okay" What?! Either you apply because that's all you want or you just don't apply, because in such a competitive need to want it. And want it I most certainly do....except I didn't really think about this....three years of having girls shove tubes down my nose into my stomach and getting shots in odd places and having examinations of who knows what....doesn't sound like a party. But it's worth it.

Ah well, life could be worse. It is one of the semesters where they're taking more than they usually do. With that rant behind me...I shall move on and write a fantastic essay or two...and focus on getting in, not "what if I don't".

When spring is coming up, I get an undeniable craving for new shoes. I love new shoes.

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Katya said...

I don't think you'll have any problem getting in. :) So wish people luck because they need it, and you don't, haha. Love the shoe pictures. I want new summer clothes.