Red Light.

I could be wrong (it happens sometimes...but not when skateboarders are involved...) BUT this signal USUALLY means that pedestrians have the right of way and you don't need to inch your way towards them while they are enjoying their walking across the crosswalk just to make sure you get to turn right or left before the street explodes.

And this...

this USUALLY means (again, I could be wrong...) that you don't START through the intersection. I don't know. Just an idea.

Obnoxious drivers in Utah.

(note: I don't think they are obnoxious because they are drivers from Utah. I think they are obnoxious because they are driving like a moron and HAPPEN to be in Utah. It isn't the state's fault...)

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Katya said...

hahahah those traffic signals can be very hard to decipher's my second favorite thing in the world to glare at cars braking really quick as I walk across a crosswalk. "Back off driver! I'd like to see you just try and run me over..."