Run It.

List A
Here is a list of things I think are interesting:
1. Politics
2. The human body and how it works
3. Historical fiction
4. Music/musical instruments...especially guitar chords
5. Other countries and languages

List B
Things I DO NOT think are interesting:
1. Stupid people
2. Golf and Fishing (especially on TV)
3. Humanities
4. Startrek reruns ( I don't actually watch these...ha ha thanks Katie)
5. Running a mile and a half just to see how fast you can do it.

Okay, bear with me...and try to keep up. So today I had my favorite class ever, aerobics. (Yep, that is sarcasm). I just love working out to a remix of Rico Iglesias's (yes, I know his real name is Enrique) "Hero" (so that makes it 29 minutes long instead of 4)....while doing a ridiculous combo of step aerobics. If I would have had to hear the retarded phrase "Mambo Combo" one more FREAKING time, I was going to scream. (Oh but it rhymes...)

Anyway, the teacher has an announcement that for some reason I still don't know, we don't have that class on Tuesday because of some block schedule thing...well, whatever...I'm not complaining. But this, this is what I will complain about. Our teacher wants us instead to run a mile and a half or walk fast for three miles and record our score....why? Oh, no, not for a grade. Not even one measly point (like many of my humanities assignments...but don't get me started on that...). So why, you might ask? Oh because. It will be interesting to see our times. Duh. (see lists A & B).

WHAT?! It will take a major guilt complex Monday/Tuesday night to get me to run because there is no way in HE double that I would run a mile and a half JUST to see how I rank. Sure, I'll run for a fitness log, or because I will get a grade...I'll do it to be honest about an assignment...but I am dead serious, I want to look up what my age/height/weight should be and add a minute or two....and say yep...that sure is interesting, I'm right around where I should be.

And I also think that today and yesterday were "lets see how many people can irritate Amanda while she walks somewhere...or does her job" days

And congratulations...the results were record breaking.

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JBench said...

One of my favorite quotes is from John Wayne: "Life is tough. It's tougher if you're stupid."