Strange Love

There are a couple things I've noticed over the past week...and a few things that I've known for a long time. I kind of have some weird habits/tendencies. I'm sure everyone does...but it's kind of funny to think about.

For example:

I always (when possible) turn the faucet on when I'm using the restroom. Always. Retarded, I know. I use cups and paper towels like oxygen. My backpack is a freaking black hole...flashcards...wrappers (half pieces of gum and granola bars)...pencils...etc., and I don't even care. If I need it, I'll go look for it. I think I am reverting to some of my kid habits...recently I don't like eating my crust. I have such a hard time being around small obnoxious noises...(for instance...a girl in the BNSN had the hiccups. After 2 minutes of silently willing her to get a drink, I went upstairs. How stupid is that?). It takes me an obscene amount of time to eat a container of yogurt, probably because I never eat anything with my front teeth anymore. And I hate my hair length. It is so awkward...but I don't want to cut it again because I'm "growing it out". I will, at whatever sacrifice necessary (okay, okay...I do make exceptions...) watch scrubs at 10 and 10:30.

I finally got a 100% on a test...and I'm on a roll in pdbio and accounting quizes (three and fives, respectively). This week was so....and I mean SO... much better than last week, with one exception. Whoo!!

And now I get to go to ikea, the place where I know I will never find an apartment to look like their model one...but I can dream. And oh how I dream.

Additions: I tend to get excited about someone and tell whatever it is that I'm excited about...such as what I plan on writing in my blog (I apologize...) or what I learned in PDBIO that day...and tell a bunch of people and sometimes they overlap. (Mostly I apologize to Katie, Kristin, my madre, and Dave). I tend to talk a lot...especially when I get on a roll. I love shortcuts, even if they are, in fact, long cuts. My definition of a short cut: anything that keeps me warm. So sometimes, I have to leave a couple minutes early to walk through every building on the way to the testing center. Not exactly....and call me a wuss, but I don't really care. Because I stay warm, and I am a master at real in...they actually work. Whoo! I also have a strange affinity for cute vases. I bought two today (they were together 1.49 plus tax) to join the other one I have. What is in them, you might ask? Oh, nothing. They are just cute. Yes, yes, I admit....I fall into the typical girl stereotype where things that are little I think are cute.

I also name things. My bambo plant=curry (see, suri and curry rhyme and both sound foreign)....and my phone=pico. How cute.

Oh, somewhat exciting news: I finally got a temple worker to believe the size of jumpsuit I needed. I have found that medium long is best so I can have the longness of a medium and the longness of a long....because I think they are made for shorter people...or average girls. Most of the time they shake their heads with a cute smile and give me a regular or a small regular. And of course I don't argue but I feel self conscience in my really short pants. Except, most people's are too short. And it's the temple. So I don't. Ha ha...gotta love those cute old people.


Janet Thwaits said...

I love reading your blog. It's times like these that are absolutely the best for grandmothers!!
I love you
Grandma Rick

Suzy said...

manda, I love love love that your grandma checks and leaves comments on your blog! woot woot