Louder Now.

I'm in the library for what will presumably be the next four hours of my life...and after having four hours of class and six and a half hours of work today, a homework filled evening was the first idea of fun that I had. So here I am, walking (well, right now I'm not walking...just imagine with me) into the library and I see a crowd of people sitting in the middle of the library. Why? I don't know. I keep walking, though I'm wondering if I can't be in here tonight because someone reserved it or something...who knows. At first, when I had my head phones in, I thought it was seminary of some sort. Then I hear a noise unlike talking...so I pull out a headphone, and some guy is singing....Surely not.

No, oh no. He's singing. And then there is an obsure piano piece. More singing. More music. A concert. In the library. Who knew? On a Thursday. In the LIBRARY. Please, someone explain. Surely, surely there is somewhere else on campus available. And hey, yeah, I haven't been here for a couple days, and maybe I missed the signs. But still. Concert...library. Who thought of that? May I talk to them? And, AND they are right in front of the stairs so I can't go up. I can't go too far out of the main part, as I need a table and a plug. (I don't want to waste my time finding an obsure table somewhere in the unknown parts of the Law building...as I have never ventured up. Waste time, no, this isn't a waste of time. This is so I don't start yelling. I could leave, yes. But the chances of me getting things done at home are next to nothing). Boo.

What the fudge.

It's over. But don't worry (mom, don't worry, really).. It's over, but there is to be heard a more than gentle hum of people conversing after. Cool. I'll just study away, don't mind me.


Katya said...

"sometimes you just gotta say, 'what the fudge". That's really random...am glad I am not in the library right now. And I'm sorry your day was full of school crap; that's no fun at all.

Suzy said...

ha ha Amanda, I should have warned you...I am the nerdy kid who actually did read the signs warning about the concert...for once the Law Library failed us. And I wonder who was the genius who decided to host a concert there?

Janet Thwaits said...

Amanda you do a great job of turning a small(well maybe no so small) frustration into an interesting story. The joys of college life, spending those long wonderful exciting nights in the library, your new home away from home. Love You and keep up the good work