One Fine Wire

There are a few things I would like to do. First, I would like to talk to the one other person on this earth who has made hamburger helper with vanilla soy milk. (I didn't know it needed milk when I bought it). Most soy milk drinkers are either vegans or take their lactose intolerance more seriously. I don't think, however, that powdered cheese will have the effect that milk or cheese does. I am probably wrong, but I will deal with it, because it looked really good on the package. Since I'm only 85% sure that's what it is, I would rather eat some dairy then cut it all out. Being lactose intolerant definitely cuts your food choices down. For now, gone are the days of yogurt (that's an entire meal!), grilled cheese, real mac and cheese, anything with cheese, string get the picture. Boo.

Second, I would also like to talk to the family whose meal consists of one box of hamburger helper. "One pound. One box. One happy family". Slightly embarrassing this may be to admit, I ate half a box in one setting. (That could also be due to my intense dislike for leftovers). (Or I just eat too much). What would the family meal look like that only used one? I am only one person. I would imagine there would be salad, soup, fruit, vegetables, rolls, perhaps a drink or two. I guess it would be the family with 1.2 kids and having just eaten hours before.

I know I complain a lot about aerobics, but I hate it. Today I wanted to walk out it was so ridiculous. Oh well, I survived. I'll just say one thing: I stand in the back for a reason, so I do not like when, during the RETARDED "country" and "electric slide" and whatever the charlston would go under routines, we have to rotate and face the different walls. If those really happy bouncy "I love aerobics" girls want to stand in the front, then I say we let them. And the day got much better once I left.

And now I must journey to the law library, where I feel like I'm spending all of my days there (okay, it's only Tuesday...) but I did go there twice yesterday. Oh well, such is the life.


Janet Thwaits said...

I find it hard to believe that a granddaughter of Mine would even own Soy milk. Sorry that you have to spend the night in the libraryBUT on the bright side at least it is not Fri or Sat night.
Love, GMR

Jody Lynn said...

I'm sorry you have found yourself to be lactose intolerant. Like I said, if I could I would let you have my milk drinking abilities anyday. (except I would miss yogurt) Ha Ha. Chin up...the weekend is near, and then you won't have to spend your days in the library.