Pictures to Burn. (I'm actually keeping these)

The first sentence was mine. (It was Rosalinda and my idea. Hee hee)

We aren't really sure how Dave and I came from a snail. Oh well. (that first drawing is mine. I think it's really good).

I went to Dave's last night and we all played the game where someone writes a sentence, the next person draws a picture, and folds down the sentence; the next person writes a sentence for the picture, etc. The first one is crinkled because Dave got mad Jonathan and I wanted to keep it and threw it across the room. Ha ha...


Katya said...

hahahah those are so funny.

ahem, no, let me rephrase that.

that's so funny. oh my gosh, that is so funny.

hehe I love "Scrubs" and I love you. Have a rad day!

Janet Thwaits said...

so, I want to hear the rest of the story!!! I'm glad you are having such a good time. I love you, Grandma Rick
-PS Grandpa had a fun b'day but we missed you!!!

Jody Lynn said...

Cute. Very cute. I don't think I've ever played that game before. I'll have to try it one of these days. Have a wonderful day!