(Running Out of Time)

Today I will mail five letters. Two of them I'm sending internationally. The funny thing is that those two letters combined cost less than one letter stateside...or in one case...to send it up the street. Two letters through DHL was thirty cents! How awesome! And weird, because that is what eleven cents less than a stamp? (Aren't stamps .41 cents?) Anyways, funny world.

Also, I was walking up the stairs in the bookstore and some guy is walking down the stairs reading a paper (for people like me, that would be deadly...) but it's blocking his whole vision field, so I have dodge out of his way and squeeze past him and he doesn't even notice. I thought it was hilarious.

If I had four hundred and eighty-five dollars, I would buy a painting called Provo Leaves...and I can't find a copy on the internet but I will somehow get a picture up here. It is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen.

And I have always hated (seriously, since about third grade) people who come to school after daylight savings and are like "yeah, it's really seven". No. I'm sorry, but it really is eight. And then they complain about how tired they are. Okay. The only time you "pay" for daylight savings is Sunday night. Once you wake up on Sunday, that's it. Going to sleep on Sunday night has nothing to do with daylight savings, because it really is ten. It isn't nine anymore, and hasn't been since midnight on Sunday. If you're really that concerned, go to bed at "nine" and quit complaining.


jwbench said...

My only complaint about day light savings time is when I get up on Sunday morning for a 6:30am meeting, it is really a 5:30am meeting…now that is really early! But I love it being lighter later!

Connie said...

Where did you see the painting? I am curious about it now, being a fan of great art :)

Amanda said...

Yeah! Waking up early stinks! Ha ha, last year, remember you made us be home at 10 on Saturday night? Good times.

I saw the painting in the basement of the bookstore, and it's by Bob Boyd. I still can't find it on the internet...but...I'll keep looking.