Slow Dancing in a Burning Room.

I am not meant to be an accountant. And now my already pathetic semblance of a college GPA will suffer for it.

Oh, I only need that to get into nursing.

And so starts this spiral of self doubt, self pity, and self annoyance again. Why must a nurse have a 3.9? What does that say? She doesn't have a job, friends, a desire for sleep, and other classes besides what she is majoring in? (Or hopes to major in..pre-nursing is a rather pathetic title of a major)

Other classes bring us back to accounting. I want to minor in business because I think it goes well with nursing. Well, right now, they go together as in I can't do either of them, and I will have an awesome freshman year to show for it.

I do not want to spend all my free time studying. I'm sorry, I do not. And if that means that I don't get in just because some other girls study all the freaking day long...well then so be it.

I wish I could be tested by having my brain scanned. I go to class every single freaking day. I do the homework. I pay attention. I try my best to learn. I study for tests. And I still some how find a way to not do well enough. I promise the knowledge is in there somewhere.

I promise.


Ash said...

i feel your pain. I feel as if im not possibly smart enough to be going to byu... somehow everyone is succeeding in school and i just come up short :P i mean heck atleast you have a major you are shooting for :) thats more then i have haha

Connie said...

Many of the most important things you will learn in college you will not learn from a book or in a classroom. Enjoy every second of your freedom and ability to worry about no one but yourself if you want to!