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There were some articles on pornography in the Daily Universe. Here are some of the impactful quotes in the article:

President Hinckley said that the pornography industry "is a five-billion-dollar business for those who produce it. They make it as titillating and attractive as they know how. It seduces and destroys its victims. It is everywhere. It is all about us. I plead with you young men not to get involved in its use. You simply cannot afford to.
The girl you marry is worthy of a husband whose life has not been tainted by this ugly and corrosive material."

"I think it's unfortunate that society has changed so much to where women have lost respect for themselves to the point of accepting pornography when they should hold their boyfriends and significant others to a higher standard."

"Pornography is destroying lives and it may literally destroy the next generation."

"We would hope that here in Utah we would not be following the trend of the nation. However, we may be setting the trend. Utah ranks No. 1 nationwide in Google searches for pornography."

"When researchers cunducted fMRI scans on individuals who have been addicted to pornography for years, it was clear that "the part of the brain that deals with the moral behavior failed to develop properly". Essentially, the person is brain damaged....he blames her. It has nothing to do with her."

I feel helpless sometimes because of the scary statistics that come out about boys at BYU and pornography. My stake president once said that during one semester, during mission interviews, they could count on one hand the guys who hadn't been involved in pornography. I think the girls walked out rather depressed. Sometimes you feel like you have no idea what the boys you hang out with are doing, even though you have high standards for your friends. Even the best men get caught. What are they thinking? What were they doing last night...and now are you becoming an object? What is this world coming to? I hate it!

Kudos to those who this doesn't apply to. I know there are incredible guys out there. Like my dad and grandpas. I am very grateful for that fact.


An Educated Mind said...

BRAVO, If more people would follow your lead and stand up and discuss their true feelings of this problem, maybe more young men would realize that it is not just their own lives that are affected. The sad truth is that pornography is just if not more addictive than most drugs and unfortunately young women are becoming addicted at an astonishingly. I do not know what an fMRI is but I do know that President Hinckley would be extremely proud of your willingness to stand up or as he put it be willing to raise the bar. Very insightful and well document blog.

Jody Lynn said...

Gah, pornography is so sketcho. It scares me that you can never really know what guys have been looking at...based on the statistics presented in that article over 1/2 of our guy friends have "sought out" pornography...SOUGHT OUT! ahh that is so disturbing. meh.

Alyssa said...

thanks amanda...I loved hearing your opinion on porn and i love seeing/reading what President Hinckley had to say about it.

Katya said...

haha, that wasn't actually Jody, that was me. Jody was logged on before me, and I forgot to log her off before I you didn't go crazy and write a comment that you can't remember writing Jode...:)

Jody Lynn said...

Thanks for clearing the whole comment thing up Katie. I was a litte confused for a second. So this is my real comment. I must say that those statistics are quite sad, quite sad indeed. What makes me really sad is to think about the people who never intended to seek out pornography in the first place. They just happened to be surfing the web innocently. Just researching for their paper, when out of the blue something pops up. They say it only takes a few seconds for you to become addicted to pornography. That is what is sad. When it wasn't intended, and in a few seconds they become addicted. That's sad. Thanks for the references to what President Hinckley had to say about the matter.