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Here is a link explaining fMRIs. After reading, I still don't understand completely...but it could provide some insight. Regardless of the criticism...regardless of any "medical proof"...the only proof I need is constant and irrevocable: it destroys lives, relationships, marriages, families, and will destroy the world and could very well drag the church with it unless we remember how to do the small and simple things to keep the Spirit with us. The adversary has no power over us except what we give him.



AnEducated Mind said...

I am just someone who likes to keep educated by reading well written Blogs such as yours. I was familiar with MRI but did not know about FMRI. So thanks for educating me. You are definitely right about pornography. We are in the middle of an epidemic. Less epidemics have destroyed entire civilizations, and this one will destroy ours if we let it. But it is up to young people such as yourself, to make the righteous voices heard. So in that regards Thanks for speaking up and telling it like it is. Quick question, would the young men be as casual if the tables were turned and the young women they wanted to be chase when they got marry were doing the things they do.

Amanda said...

I think that the young men ought to hold the same standards for young women. Both parties deserve a chase and moral spouse....their lives untainted. I would hope that the young men wouldn't be as casual...and then in turn, the young women today ought to be less casual than they are. I am very concerned about the casual approach to this taken by all memebers of society.

Janet Thwaits said...

Excellent Work Amanda. We are very proud of you. Granda Rick might be able to help on the FMRI thing. I am looking forward to the next entry.
LOVE Grand Ma Rick