Happy Together

Sunday was good...chilled at home with my family and Dave. Thanks family for being on your best behavior...and no thanks to my sisters for fair play...it took me a minute to remember why I woke up and felt like I couldn't move....so sore!


Hopefully this picture doesn't epitomize our day...but probably close.

My favorite thing in the world is when the bottom of my pants get wet from snow.



Janet Thwaits said...

I absolutely LOVED David!!! He is just darling. I did think one of the best moments of the day was regarding my eyelashes!!! I love you
Your crazy grandma, Grandma Rick

BenchWarmer said...

Ok that is not a poem! it's a quote by a southern preacher who doesn't write poems but says things-which are quotes. If it was because of the layout then that's not how I meant it. What do you mean I'm engaged?

Janet Thwaits said...

Amanda's pulling your leg, ever since Grandpa teased her about being engaged because of her blog, she is passing it on!!! All in good humor. I loved your quot by the way. Love you both, Grandma Rick