Katie's comment reminds me of the hilarious, yet somber posters on campus. I can't remember what it was advertising...but they looked something like this:





And I, for one, am glad that they clarified that they, Brigham Young University, would never put the temptation in front of you to even construe your own possible meanings for the G in TGIF.

Though, while trying to possibly be clever, they just made Katie and I wonder if there are really people who would be angry that the maker of the poster didn't clarify that we aren't thanking Ghandi, Gigi, or Galinda. We are, in fact, thanking goodness.

Because I would definitely write the DU, along with my concerns for the dead fish (the first one, called "senseless killing"), had they not offered me the clean version of that saying. After you read that, read the editorial in response...I'd be so embarrased. (It's a couple down, called "senseless complaining?"

Then, on the first link, read the one at the bottom called "leave baby home"...then read this retort (a few down called "leave laptop home")

Ah, people. ABC family clarified it...I don't think BYU needs to. But hey. I'm not in charge.

I hope these links aren't too confusing. I wish I was as clever as the people who wrote "senseless complaining" and "leave laptop home". Hilarious. Simply brilliant.

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Katya said...

hahaha I love the response to leave the baby at home...people are so clever...