Even though I avoid change at all costs, the monotony of my life is beginning to get to me. At least my day from 7-2 is always the same, and so boring.

I wake up at 7:20ish, pushing snooze a few times. I shower. Get ready. I've been perfecting my habit of making sure I eat breakfast. I go to class. Have a break before religion. Sometimes I do my shopping. Sometimes I don't really do that much. Religion, chemistry. Break. Work. I like work and usually my evenings vary in activities....though usually my before bed habits are all the same...but I guess there isn't much you can change. You will always wash your face the same way.

(most tuesday I can sleep in later and then do homework). Go to lab at nine. Two freaking hours of unstimulating activities. Break. Chemistry. Aerobics. Work.

Two hours of physiology. Break. Chem. Break. Work. Even during my breaks I end up doing almost the same things. I walk the same paths everyday, having become a master at finding the short path. If I had a dollar for everytime I walked through the wilk...same posters, same store, same everything!

I guess you could throw in the breakdowns about nursing, the out of the way walks towards the free food...the walks to the temple where I can forget all of this, the random activities with roommates or breaking up the library boringness by studying with Dave to shake up the mind-numbing habits that a semester will give you.

I am ready for a new schedule...new people that I don't know but still recognize. I am tired of the girls in my pre nursing classes who are really whiny. I want new subjects and new teachers. Different homework and a different apartment. Don't get me wrong; I'm grateful for my ghetto apartment...but I cannot stand this same arrangement of my things in a room that is as wide as me with my arms stretched out.

Interesting, as when I discover a new song I like, I listen to it 50 times in three days over and over...and over....and over. Pretty soon in one week it's already on the top 25 played, and probably in the top five. And I never get sick of it...possibly each time I think it's more beautiful. Then, after the excitement has passed, I discover a new song or decide I've appreciated this song enough that I can go back to the rest of my music.

I have a weakness for key changes and note changes. Powerful choruses and beautiful guitar...complimented with a strong base...causing me to shove my headphones in my ears so I can feel the base in my body.

Mercy by OneRepublic.

This week is almost over, and after two days next week the days will change and I will start new routines, if only for that week and a half, and then I will try a new spring routine. In a new apartment, new roommates (sadness...), a new schedule, new classes and hopefully warm (and somewhat new) weather.

But for now, the carbon dioxide levels in my body increase, diffuse over the blood brain barrier, form bicarbonate, stimulate my DRG, and I inhale.


Janet Thwaits said...

You are truly a gifted writer. I so enjoy reading what you have to say. Hang in there, you can come and help me move next week!!! Good times!!! haha :0) Love you, Grandma Rick

Katya said...

Agreed. I can't wait to rearrange everything and get new things for our new apartment this fall...ahh so far away...must survive summer at home first...

Suzy said...

You could try brushing your teeth with your left hand for a change...(but if you're anything like me it'll make you feel really stupid and awkward, which is why I've stopped doing it :)