I've have found addiction, and it's not pretty.

Before you get too worried, I'm addicted to Grey's Anatomy. Why? Basically it's like "General Hospital" except with better (much, much better) actors (and by better I don't mean morality-wise, I mean the quality of the acting). I also really like the medical part of it. Maybe that's why I love Scrubs so much. (Besides it being hilarious). I perhaps live vicariously through the actors (even though I could never be a surgeon)... All in all I guess it's not like "GH" at all. Grey's Anatomy is drama, intense medical action (sometimes graphic (in a tv 14 way or something)), more drama, some bad morals, and some good stories.

Anyway, long story short, I must finish watching season four and then I'll go back and watch season three. I'm pretty sure I've seen all the rest. I've been addicted once before...but then I forgot about it. Until I was alone in the copy center during devotional and decided to go to the tv sites to find full episodes. And they had Grey's. I was, I haven't seen this for awhile, let's watch it.

And I'm hooked. It's intricate and some of it's really annoying. But I admit it, I like it a lot. And Dave won't admit it, but I know he likes it too.

I have to add it to the list of shows I'll collect on DVD someday.

A Clean Getaway.

I'm not saying that I used the same rag that I washed my car with to clean the blinds, but I'm not not saying it either.

Come On, Get Higher

Take it in...take it in...perfect

Mom's cake. The frosting is pretty much another story.

We had a very well balanced meal; and this fruit was delicious. (this was last week)

It was soooo good.

The only recognizable animal was the cow. (There was a barn, chicken, pig and cow. Two cows were completed).

Today began at 8:00 (Bright and early, I know) and after I got dressed and ate, I biked over to Dave's, where we washed our bikes, took them for a ride and waited about an hour for the elder's quorum-teaching-the-sisters-about-cars activity (we got a little dirty going over his spiel about fluids . It was actually very informative, maybe a little dramatic, but useful nonetheless. After we went to my house and made a delicious brunch of waffles, bacon and eggs. We also made potato soup for later. Then we washed my car, went swimming, relaxed in my amazingly hot house...and then wanted to go for another bike ride. I realized as I got on the bike that the mornings frivolities had left a in I was pretty sure I had two bruises on my bottom from the ridiculously hard seat. We doubled back, looked up a bike store that was a few blocks down and over, and biked over. It was awesome. Then it was closed. Awesome. So we went back, ate dinner, went to Walmart to get a seat...and I already know it's an excellent investment. Riding to Dave's after we watched Rush Hour 2 so he could get his tools was a not-so-pleasant experience...and I could barely sit down. My new seat (designed especially for women, mind you) makes the other seat, and about any other seat I've ever sat on, pale in comparison.

I really like having a bike (something I think I never thought I'd say)...not only is it reminiscent of my growing-up years, it's cooler (as in less warm) (though it is pretty cool), faster, and will undoubtedly save me some moolah. Thanks to the padres for the bike and Dave for fixing it up.

Today was one of the few true summer days I've had: relaxing, fun, full of food and playing...and I have some sun, a few bumps/bruises, a clean car (somewhat...we saw later that we missed some spots horribly), a new bike seat, and some fruit snacks to show for it.


Happy 100th post.

Monday: John Mayer concert....WHOOO.
I'm not giving up. I just can't re-apply for at least a I might as well explore other things.

Float On.

I don't know who thought it'd be "cute" and "endearing" to have little girls' shoes squeak when they walk (you know that noise that when you squeeze certain toys), but they should be put to death. Okay, maybe that is a little harsh. They should be stuck in a room with an ADD kid who runs around in those things for....ah...maybe life. I don't know. How annoying! Maybe I lack "parental patience" but I would throw those away two minutes after I bought them, realizing someone must have thought "as a joke, I'll make these shoes and see who buys them", and hang my head that I willingly bought a torture device. I can't really think of a reason for making shoes like that...for a kid who doesn't walk? So the child is conscious he/she is walking? What good does that do?

I went and talked to an adviser at the Nursing College and I've talked to this guy maybe four times and the last three times I've gone and seen him....I'm serious I've been this close |-------| to tears. Tears of what? Probably humiliation. Not exactly...I mean, I'm not super emotional....(though some of you'd like to differ, I'm sure). I cry over Harry Potter...but who doesn't? (95% of the readers? Are you sure?) But really, I had no reason to feel that way. He was nice and helpful and it wasn't like I was in trouble or I can't really explain the holding back of tears except for "I'm a girl" which doesn't really need explanation.

I was told my score for my nursing application and he asked my plans and gave encouraging advice and such but I still left feeling like I wanted to sit in the elevator and cry. That's the closest I've been to crying over not getting accepted. Once I actually got in the elevator I was totally fine. Maybe I don't handle rejection (especially, and maybe only, to my face) well. (Which is probably the case). He didn't exactly reject me, but showed me why I was rejected. Which isn't the funnest meeting I've ever been in, that's for sure.

I did get a 4.25 on my impromptu essay. Which, yeah, I'm sure some people got a 4.5 or a 4.9 or a 5...but this is my I'm going to say "booya" (maybe to get it out of my system, maybe because I can't say that for much else....) and be done with it. (I also got a 4 on my polished essay. Which doesn't make sense. Maybe I write better under pressure?) I think, for 8 (or was it seven) in the morning, that's pretty good. Definitely the best part of my application....which, I guess then, doesn't say much for the rest of it. Jeez.

But I will explore new things and hey, sometimes life's okay.

Weird Divide.

My roommate has RENT on, and I'm sort of listening....and while I don't like that they sing every two seconds, a few of the songs sound excellent. I also think it's safe to say that eight out of the ten main characters have AIDS or have same gender attraction. I don't know. I think that's weird...maybe gross...but I don't want to be "judgmental". Okay. I won't lie. It's pretty sick. But it happens. Unfortunately.

Yeah, it's weird. Oh well. Some people are just weird...

And there is no escaping it. Unless we ship them all to Greenland. (I got that from my parents....)

Lights & Sounds

If I could play the guitar or the drums and if I could sing well, I can imagine it would be close to one of the coolest experiences of my life to play in a huge studio, lights flaring, noise blaring, and me singing my heart out.

I realize some of it could be green screen. That is beside the point. And I would recommend these videos. They are most excellent. And illustrate my point.

(Somewhat loud music).

This River is Wild.

Hanging out at the pool (ignore the monster hair)

Aimee and I getting ready to go off the platforms!

We found ways to entertain ourselves...

The river


Dave and I went camping with my dad's family for the fourth. It was super fun. It was a long drive, especially when it got dark, but it was worth it. I think we got more sleep than we do normally, and definitely ate and played better. We came back with some sun, a few bruises, some bug bites....and relished the excellent food and the fun vacation. Thanks family, especially Grandma and Grandpa for letting Dave stay in your trailer. (And thanks parents for letting me have a bed...and a car).

Notice how no matter who is jumping...Aimee is screaming.

Thanks supportive family.

And don't listen too closely at the end....

Two Lights

Perhaps now that I pay the power bill I can understand my parents always yelling "turn off the lights"...and now I'm the one turning off lights when they aren't in specific use. The one in the kitchen has two bulbs out so when that one is left on, it can't be wasting too much electricity, can it?