I can't help but feel that I'm starting this school in the exact same position as last year. Hopefully having a few months of experiences, I'll brave college a bit better. I've learned some things and failed at other things...I've found the good things in my life and I think that that is enough.

It's interesting that a week can make things so different. One week later and I find myself saying "remember when this happened? we used to do this?" I'm learning that change isn't always that bad, but no matter how much you dread it, you just can't change that your life will change. Cliche, sure, but true.

I'm excited for newness.

Big Casino

[every random blog post that's shot through my head in the last two/three weeks...obviously I don't think of that many....]

I need a project to work on. Maybe it's a little late to wish for that as school starts in a week (weird, it totally doesn't seem like it's time to go to school), and I'll have plenty of things to do.

I'll regret saying this later, but I can't wait. I want to be learning. And feel useful. I mean, binding a bajillion books has its uses, but I'd like something a little more substantial. Call me selfish.

Someday I'll find a cool project.

Favorite song from the early 90s: "Walking On Broken Glass" by Annie Lennox.

Favorite style from 30s/80s: aviator sunglasses.

Favorite food: vanilla milkshake poptarts.

Favorite game: Liar's Dice (I made a board for it. It's pretty awesome). And I kind of sometimes rock at it.

Right now I'm living out of a suitcase and out of my car on a couch. Most of my clothes smell like my car...not too noticeable I hope. I'm going to be really glad to move into my new apartment. I am glad that I get to stay at my old apt, thanks to my roommates. But I think sleeping on the couch is getting to my back/neck. Ah well, saves gas right?

just watch the fireworks...

Dave broke his wrist....aka FOOSH from bike fall.

trying to relieve the itch....with a pen...

trying to be empathetic....not that i wasn't sympathetic...but i took one of his bandages and his sling. and i'm typing this blog with one hand.


for the 24th of july, we went to spanish fork for fire works. they were awesome!!

The Letter

This is a letter that may or may not find itself in written form and delivered to the Montec[h]ello management's place. I get less professional as the letter goes on, by the way. I didn't realize how much crap goes on.

Dear Montecello Management,

I am very upset at the fact that you are making people move out, on average, a week before they can move into other BYU housing. What, do you suggest, should they do for that week? Or did you not think of that, and are just thinking how you can make more money by having people may more than the daily rate of rent to live there for that week?

I am also (somewhere between disgruntled and enraged) that you are making me pay for a full month of August rent, when I will live there for, at maximum, sixteen days. Therefore, in an honest world, I would promptly receive the rest of my rent back because I will use none of your facilities after the fifteenth. I propose that I receive the 31-15 (that's sixteen days) times 155/31 (that's five dollars a day) which would equal 80 dollars.

I have also been greatly annoyed that you are very inconsistent and inconsiderate about cashing rent checks. For example, you cashed three checks in ONE month for three DIFFERENT months. How does that work? That is incredibly rude.

And last of all, I think the way you do cleaning checks are ridiculous. For one, every month is a different room or a different set of jobs, and so very inconsistent. The job list is sporadic and unfair. I realize that it is not your job to necessarily make us clean our apartment, nor to divide the jobs for us. However, by doing it sometimes and not other times, it gives some of the people more responsibility and accountability when they have done their share, but must clean more to make sure they don't get charged.

I also am very annoyed that the router is cemented to the freaking wall and then there is no cable. Lucky for us, we were able to hack, for lack of a better term, into other apartment's internet. If you are going to make it so we have to use your router, you had better make sure there is a cable there when we move in, as it is not our responsibility to furnish a cable.

Lastly, I would like to attempt to describe the state of the apartment when I moved in. There was who knows what mixed with sugar in cupboards, the floors (carpet and tile), were disgusting, the couches dusty, the table broken, and basically, it looked like the "final rigorous cleaning check" was done by a five year old, who would think that anything not covered in mud is clean.


Amanda Bench

P.S. I also think that laundry pricing is ridiculously high.

Some Kind of Miracle.

We take our miracles where we find them. We reach across the gap and sometimes, against all odds, against all logic, we touch.

Carry This Picture.

(The week in reverse. Start at the bottom)
Locations: Burbank, Santa Clarita, Pasadena, L.A. (Hollywood), Santa Monica, Westwood.

New shades

We bought too much stuff to fit all four in the trunk. (as we were able to do on Thursday...)

Diddy Riese yo.

Love the beach!




The metro!

The H&H center

The Hollywood sign. It's in there, I promise.

I think the is the coolest one I found

Pretty flowers

A cool door in the Chinese gardens, I believe

A bridge in the Japanese gardens.

I was impressed by my camera.



Breaking Dawn!

We're cool. And mature.

We'd been Deja vu'd. I kid you not our hair looked worse than that.


We saw Batman and Robin. They were a little too confident behind the masks. Look closely, and you'll notice my burnt face.

My pizza that was 7 dollars.

A few of the roller coasters

Dinner on the pier. I probably was sitting in poop..

Along the beach

Ocean Avenue! (typical with my personality: I listened to that song on that road. :) )

We are in California! and on the beach!


I'm all about them words

Last weekend (Thursday - Monday) I went with my friends Katie, Alyssa and Jody to Burbank, California where we stayed with Katie's Grandma. It was pretty much the coolest. I have rarely felt so grown up. I mean, we planned it and we executed it. We were in charge, completely. And it took a day or two to sink in, and we'd be like "guys...we're in California!"

THURSDAY: flew out in the morning, settled at Katie's grandma's, and drove to Santa Monica. We played in the ocean, laid in the sand, and walked along the quirky shops at Venice beach. We also ate hot dogs on a stick, delicious hamburgers at Jake's Cafe, and got the worst burns of the trip. Oh, I also sat in bird poop. We got some food at Albertsons, and chilled until we went to bed.

FRIDAY: I drove us to Magic Mountain (Katie lost her drivers license!) (I drove in California!). We rode almost every single coaster, and it was AWESOME! Definitely the coolest place I've ever been (I can't remember Disneyland). I spare you the play by play of every coaster but my favorites were Tatsu (THE COOLEST) and Deja vu (crazy....). I also loved Superman. Short, sweet, and to the THRILL! Whoo! We made it back, showered, and got Breaking Dawn, which we worked on the rest of our trip. We also ate at In and Out (of course). It super yummy. I do think they should get better fries. The hamburgers are delicious, but their fries are nothing worth bragging about. ahem.

SATURDAY: We drove to Huntington gardens and spent a few hours there. It was gorgeous, huge, and awe-inspiring. Then we drove back, ate and relaxed (aka read Breaking Dawn) and then drove to Hollywood. I was driving and we went to the H & H center. We saw the Kodak theater, the stars, handprints, did some shopping....ate at California Pizza kitchen, and oh yeah, I stopped a lane of traffic. In downtown LA. Ha! Well I was in the right turn only and I couldn't be there but I didn't completely fit in the next lane, which was clear....but it was a red light so no one could move. And the cars couldn't fit around me. Traffic in California is like a beautiful chaos. It's crazy, fast, and it works. I liked it.

SUNDAY: We went to church in a beautiful church, ate, rested (aka read Breaking Dawn. I finished) (No more staying up until 2 am) Then we rode the Kiss n' Ride (the metro) to Olivera Street in a different part of LA (by Union Station...) and we looked at the shops...then we went back, got stopped by some crazy religious fanatic (basically, if you've told a lie, you can't go to heaven. And you can't work your way to heaven, cause that's throwing the gift in Christ's face. I told him about James 2, but before I could think of the reference he threw another scripture in my face so we gave up). It was funny. Then we went out to eat a delicious dinner with Katie's grandma and her cousin Nick. Nick then drove us to the beach again where we satisfied our dream of sunset beach pictures and played some more in the ocean...then we drove to Westwood (a college neighborhood in LA ish...)and ate ice cream cookie sandwiches at Diddy Reise, and then drove back (we visited Sunset blvd) and packed a bit and went to bed.

MONDAY: We drove to Pasadena and shopped. It was awesome. Then we ate our leftovers (it was sooo good to come home to that), packed, and flew home.

It was one of the best vacations.

Next up: the trip in pictures. :)