We Laugh Indoors

Dave and I played catch phrase last night and we almost killed each other.

But I won.

My lunch box turned my banana black. Other than that, life is good.
This last weekend was pretty fun. It was lots of family, good food, and some awkwardness to go around. The Sundance area was beautiful and fall-like.

I also played racquetball for the first time, and it was super fun. Dave and I went Saturday morning and I'm sure he got his fill of entertainment, watching me jump and prance all over trying (and usually failing) to hit the ball. I inconsistently had some good hits, some that even merited the nod of Dave's head. Today I can hardly move without wincing, but I can't wait to go again!

Dave, Jarom, Heather and I (all from CC) started playing cards and eating lots of food every other Sunday for a few hours...it's so much fun! I think I never laugh so hard as those times, and I am never so close to murder as when I'm dying in nertz and someone goes out fast. Last night, the scores ended up something like this: Dave and Amanda were tied at -20 something; Heather wins at 152 and Jarom coming in close behind at 140 something. I don't know what happened, but Dave and I were definitely not on our best game...

Anyways, this week I'm working on memorizing the entire globe. So...yeah. I'm awesome.

How To Save A Life

There some songs that almost stop me in my tracks and I can't believe how moved I feel. I can't explain it really, except I believe there is great power in music.

at its worst the heart is sober
at its worst the heart is cold.

[gone, matt nathanson]

where did i go wrong? i lost a friend somewhere along in the bitterness...and i would have stayed up with you all night had i known how to save a life....

[how to save a life, the fray {live at the electric factory}]

Anyways, I usually have some songs I'm obsessed with for a week or two, maybe a month or two...where all I'll listen to is that song or two. The songs I've listened to nonstop for these last few weeks?

*meet virginia, train
*gone, matt nathanson
*still, matt nathanson
*viva la vida, coldplay

I just bought the live album of The Fray and I think it's amazing. I'd highly recommend it.

Anyways, whoo. Tomorrow is Friday. Dave and I went and saw World of Dance. It was awesome, and Katie was amazing. It'd be so cool to be able to dance like some people. Sheesh.

Curve of the Earth

You know, I really don't care that John McCain can't send an email. Let's look at the reality: do presidents even send their own email? Do they have time, really, to browse the internet? They have every source of information or the man power to get that information at the tips of their fingers. So really, I don't see the fuss. I understand this makes him look "out of touch"...but it's obvious he is. He's pretty old! And Obama can't say he relates completely to the voting population of 18-30...he's pushing fifty! Even if Obama can send a text message and gmail chat...that doesn't sway my opinion of him one way or another. I don't see how that really has anything to do with being a President.

In fact, I just think if older people can't figure out computers on their own, they should take a class or just shouldn't bother. It makes everyone's life difficult (or mine,when I help a crazy old man format his piece of crap table in word) when they can't figure out. Or, when they shove a flash drive in your face, saying that they absolutely have no idea how to open it on a computer, so you have to do it for them.

1. Put it in the usb port. (hint: the end of the flash drive and the hole in the port match)

2. Click on "open folder to view files"

Congratulations! You don't need me to do it for you cause for one it's not my job, and two, if you can't do it yourself, then don't. Delegate. Or have someone show you. You can be ignorant if you want, but don't force your inconvienience on me.

The population adapts to where and when they live. Children who are five can text. Seventy year old people can't. Boo. Who cares? I've never typed on a type writer except when pretending on my Grandma's. I couldn't do anything if you stuck me on a farm. I also couldn't do anything if you stuck me in a software company, except empty the trash or clear the jam on the printer. Does that mean I'm out of touch? After all, they tell me software is the rage these days. Sheesh. It's a country of different ages, different lifestyles. If one person has a different mindset than another, is he unfit to lead the people? I don't know if I sound crazy, but I think it's ridiculous.

Basically, I'm sick of hearing from the media things they think should deter us from one canidate or another (well, okay, deter us from McCain, unless you're reading the Orem Geniva Times...as most news sources are obviously of a liberal mindset). Not that we'd ever read about it, but I'm sure Obama has things that don't connect him to the "mainstream" of America. But from what I've seen, there is no "mainstream", cause as soon as you start grouping people, you'll get sued for being a racist.

There are so many things going on in the world. I have to read the NYtimes for my 170 class, and I never have time (or make time) to read it all. I can't...it overwhelms me! I feel ignorant. But I'm trying. Bah.

To The Beat of Our Noisy Hearts...

There are so many people who come into our lives, and maybe we'll never know why. A few years, a few months, a day, an hour...why did you spend time with them? Why did they seek you out? It's just interesting to think about all the people in our lives, and how many we don't realize are there by the result of one moment. One decision. Possibly one chance to find those specific people. And you found them.

It's awesome. And I mean that in the literal awe-striking meaning of the word.

New Coats and New Hats

Okay so here's the school update:

PLSC 202: I like this class a lot. I think it's interesting. I have learned how to effectively take over the world, and now I'm reading Hobbes. Which is super deep and confusing English. I think it's hard to read, but it could be just me. But I'll get through it.

PLSC 170: I have a subscription to the NYtimes, which is really cool. There is so much going on! Anyways, I also have to eventually write a paper about for foreign policy. I have no idea what I'm going to write on, so if you have any ideas....let me know! I like that for 40 minutes we talk about current events and then we have a lecture for ten minutes. Time goes super fast.

Personal Finance: I'm learning how to be a millionare and it's awesome. I love going to this class.
The company could help that a little ;).

Nutrition: (I am taking in place of Communications) I'm not sure how I ended up taking this class, but I'm glad I am. I was going to miss taking something body related, and this is going to fix it! I enjoy learning and reviewing. I'm also not bad at estimating proportions...and now I somewhat analyze what I'm eating. Not that it matters, really...

D & C: I like my teacher a lot, and it's good stuff. No complaints. I like the class.

School is good, and work is slow and that's nice. Having the break in between all my classes is pretty nice.

I also bought a lunch box today. So I'm going to make my own mastercard commercial right now:

Buying a metal lunch box at 50% off.............................$ 4.00

Buying two tickets to see a best friend dance in World of Dance........$ 23.00

Buying a new computer charger because yours short circuted..............$ 84.00
(and technically it's not your fault but having no warrenty)

Being awesome..........priceless.


This morning's adventures included walking down and over to Dave's apartment where my bike is, and then biking those three blocks plus how many up and over to campus. It wasn't terribly hot, and it was pretty level. That is, until the inclines started. I will be the first to tell you they weren't mountain quality inclines...but enough that walking them might start your heart a little. Well...seeing as I have a hard time breathing out of my nose recently, and it was uphill...I felt like I was going to die...and I also felt that it was a true miracle that I biked all the way....up past the Crabtree and around the bike racks by the Wilk. Then I was almost gasping for air, which I blame on the lack of ability I have to get air to my muscles. And I was hoping that the deodorant/body spray combination that I put on this morning would last through the backpack-against-my-back-induced sweating...

It took lots of control to keep my legs from shaking and to walk to the air conditioned Wilk...then I was at work 1/2 an hour early (I believe I have horrible judgement on how long things will take me....I also go way over)

Anyways, I'm finally getting the hang of the color side, and maybe soon I won't have to call Dave every five minutes (or when he's here, call him over) to ask if there is a trick that I'm missing to get something to work. So far, almost everything today has gone well. Only four and a half more hours. Bah.

Viva La Vida

Meg, Kellie, Katie, me, Shantel, Vanessa

our awkward shot (ha ha, I love you Katie...the best roommate ever)

The life:

Well I moved into my new apartment and started school. Whoo. My apartment isn't bad...and I'm loving not being in the basement. Katie and I are still stuck as how to move furniture in our room. It's small but I kinda like it. The other living spaces are big and it's nice.

PL SC 202: My teacher in Canadian...and I think that's enough said. So far the reading is interesting and I think I'll enjoy it.

PL SC 170: My teacher is the supervisor of the "gender equality" club...but I am excited for this class. It seems super cool.

Personal Finance: The teacher is awesome, and I think I'll learn so much from this class. I'm excited.

Communication 101: Not sure...I can't decide if I like the teacher and I can't get into the section I want. so...boo.

D & C: I haven't been yet...so I don't know. I think it'll be fine. I'll miss my old religion teacher though, for sure.

My roommates, Vanessa, Meg, Shantel, Kellie and Katie are are all awesome. Which is a nice bonus!

I'm a little bummed the weather is cooling down. We didn't get very much of warm weather...and we'll get more than enough cold weather.

Dave and I (along with crazy one and crazy two) (Michelle and Aimee) went to the BYU football game. We have fourth row season tickets...and they are awesome. It was Dave's first game...and it was a little hot, and our seats are a little awkward....we sat by annoying people....but hey! I love BYU football!

Dave had surgery on his wrist a few weeks ago, and instead of getting a cast on Tuesday, they said he could go right to a brace. That's pretty cool...he'll be a few weeks ahead this way. Only about 4 weeks and he should be back to pretty normal.

Oh, and one of my best friends, Alyssa, got married in August. Dave and I went to all the festivities throughout the day and was lucky enough to have a beautiful bouquet and be a bridesmaid. It was fun stuff.

My schedule is super weird. I have a class at either nine thirty or nine, and then another one at either three thirty or three. On Wednesdays I have one at 4. Yeah who made this schedule?! Oh, I did...in July, after all the good sections were taken. Bah. I don't know what I'm going to do with 4 hours in between each class...homework...sleep...I'll think of something.

I randomly got a sore throat yesterday, and it was pretty crappy. By the end of the day I felt exhausted and hurt all over....but I took some Nyquil and I think that helped me get a night's sleep and I feel better....stuffed up, but my throat isn't so bad. I don't know. Hopefully it's almost over.

I won't lie....sometimes this week I felt abandoned by a higher power. But on the other hand, I see God's hand in my life everyday. I know He is listening....and I know it's my fault I can't understand why things aren't working out. But...maybe soon. I've done all that I can do to get what I would like. But how do I know that if it doesn't happen it's not "meant" to happen. I mean, it could just be a nothingness and not a big deal so it doesn't happen. There is nothing meant by it....it just happened that way. Bah.

I've found some new songs (actually most are old) that I'm loving. Going though that phase.

And last but not least, I'm going to Oregon for part of Christmas break. I'm super excited cause I've never been to Oregon and I know it's beautiful. And before certain people jump the gun, this doesn't "mean" anything. Don't worry about it, and just be jealous that I'll be Oregon...