I wanna write her name in the sky....

I don't want to study.

We're going to Connecticut in the summer. The adventures of davanda will continue on the east coast (okay just kidding). whooo. I'm just avoiding stats homework.

I'm also willing our plants to grow. I want them to grow so much they are on my pillow (on a plate) so they can catch some rays through the window (the best spot in the house).

Speaker phone is really annoying when you're not in the conversation....

Question 951: Are you more attracted to your partner because he or she is in prison for life?

you've got my only heart..

Here are some of our engagement pictures...for those of you who don't have facebook....

ignore my scraggly hair in this one...

uh, cool...we have the same color of hair!

This one is the cooooolest.

I look around at what I got, and without you, it ain't a lot

I decided quality of life can sometimes be directly related to food and the amount you can open your jaw. I can now eat normal food and I can even open my jaw about half way now, and it's getting so close to all the way. And my life is much better.

That's basically all that's been going on....school is pretty good. I have three tests coming up and I'm not really excited about that. Dave and I have to grow plants for our marriage class. We planted them about two weeks late and are hoping we don't kill them before long. We probably will (knock on wood)...but...oh well. Our love fern may die, but our real love won't (okay, that was off of How to Lose a Guy...)(and I added that last part).

As far as wedding plans go...things are almost done, except for what isn't. Almost all the big things are done and the rest are just on a check list we have to get to. Both of us are so almost sick of it we just plan on showing up and if things are good, then good. But this last weekend we got a bunch of things done and this weekend will hopefully be as productive.

Speaking of this weekend, if anyone wants some good quality entertainment, we're going to Sundance and I will attempt to ski for the first time in my life...and I'm sure it will be great fun.

If anyone knows anyone who needs a girl's apartment for two months, let me know...and Dave and I finally found an apartment. It's in Wymount and we're excited. Seriously, big things are almost alll done. Thirty six days, people. Thirty six. Oh, that reminds me. I though of a list of reasons why it'd be great to be married that sort of have nothing to do with your spouse:

(no offense to spouse-to-be)

1. All of the SPACE! You have ALL the cupboards, not just one and a half. You can organize your food and stuff...I'm pretty excited about it.
2. You know who used your face towel, and it's someone you kiss so it can't really be that bad. (ie, I don't wear foundation and I find it on my towel...). Also, you know who isn't doing their dishes (oh yeah, that's sometimes me)...but you wouldn't be so annoyed (I would think) to clean up because it's your house. And you don't have to compete for the t.v. Maybe you do, but at least it's only with one person.
3. Laundry, at least at Wymount is cheap with a signature card....like cheap as I've ever had except when I did it for free.
4. You don't have to label your food, and you can eat anything in the house without asking anyone.
5....you have a husband, which I think would be pretty cool (okay, this does have something to do with spouse-to-be....I'm pretty excited).

I love my roommates and all my old ones. I will miss living with girls and I will definetly miss Katie and her awesomeness (not like she's dying) (maybe I am though, I am getting married)....and her wardrobe, let's be honest...but...

Dave's like the nicest person I've ever met!

We got a new microwave, I love House....and tonight is girl's night and we're making magnets! (okay, that sounded lame...but I'm excited). I like making things.

say no to drugs kids; they aren't even that cool.

So I got my wisdom teeth out this weekend. Wasn't as bad as the horror stories I've heard, but I'm glad nonetheless it's a once in a lifetime experience.

I didn't realize recovery time was so long, and now I'm longing for food that won't touch these lips for weeks.....like a freaking hamburger. I've never wanted one so badly in all my life.

So Friday night was spent mostly sleeping off the anesthesia, listening to tv/family whilst dozing...and realizing I felt like I had strep throat instead of surgery on my mouth. Saturday was okay, just fighting off the strep throat feeling with some drugs and more tv and lounging. Every time I thought of a kind of food, I didn't realize how much I wanted it and now I believe I live to eat, not eat to live. I saw a commercial for jam, and never have I wanted a piece of toast with butter and strawberry jam on it so badly...bacon...hamburger, pasta, pizza, costa vida salad...you name it, I wanted it with a passion.

But I enjoyed (somewhat) ice cream, chicken noodle soup and potatoes. I braved the Sunday dinner, eating 1/5 of what Dave did in triple the time. Solid food takes more effort and energy to eat than the nutritional value it gives me. But I wanted it so bad. So I sat there and ate that roll and piece of meatloaf with my two front teeth. I also fought awful nausea on Sunday...we deduced it was withdrawal from pain medication, so I'm off those. They weren't all they were cracked up to be, I'll tell you. I've waited forever to find out what drugs were like and they did little more than take half and hour to make me a little drowsy. Saturday afternoon was pretty good though...I was very relaxed and felt very chill for a few hours.

I can't open my jaw more than....I'm not sure, but all I know is I haven't properly brushed my teeth for days cause I can't fit a toothbrush in...which is driving me, and I'm sure everyone around, me crazy. I don't like to sleep on my back and I'm feeling it...and my neck is sore...but whatever. The worst is over and I had great help this weekend. Thanks family and Dave. I just have to find food that I can eat that will fill me up. oi. It could have been worse and now it's done.

99 Luftballoons...

Okay, so I guess since nothing interesting has happened for weeks (well, not that I'd talk about on a blog...) I'll start with the annual (or biannual) semester class summary:

Stats 221: My teacher wears a bow tie and is moderately funny. My roommate Vanessa is in the class so I have a friendly face to sit by. I hate filling out "one interesting thing about you" slips....I thought all class period and finally came up with : I have been in a Sacrament meeting that was on an ancient Guatemalan temple (okay, yeah, pretty cool right?) and uh...John Beck signed my pants one time. I don't find anything about the class so far interesting, and I haven't even looked at the homework or been to lab yet. (Mine is tomorrow). So I pay attention except when I don't, and that is usually when I am dozing in my chair...

Physical Science: Well, lucky for me my fiance is a genius when it comes to Physics, so when I haven't mastered the subject completely, he steps in and helps me out. So far though, I've enjoyed it. Sort of. It's full of freshmen and I've never taken a physics class before. So I know or recognize some of the stuff from sixth grade science or something but now I am an expert at Newton's laws, gravity, friction, contact force...etc. My lab TA makes us stand up and yell SCIENCE as loud as we can. Hmm...I'm going to try and test out of it though, if I can make myself skim the book in the next few days.

Chronic Diseases: The class is pretty small, probably like 20 students. It's very interesting and shouldn't be hard at all. I've learned about these since....I don't know, all of college I guess. It's isn't anything new. I like my teacher...it's just a later class so I'm real tired by that time.

Epidemiology: I think it should be an okay class. I don't find it particularly interesting, but it is the foundation of public health. It could be the teacher though...eh, it's a long one too (an hour and a half, like chronic diseases)

Intro to Public Health: It will be easy schmeasy and it only once a week. I really like the teacher and I think it will be a great class.

LDS Marriage and Family: So, I know what you're thinking. But contrary to popular belief, it isn't a "marriage prep" class, as in he doesn't give us "7 steps to be a better future spouse". We have talked about world and LDS paradigms and perspectives on marriage and it's interesting. Dave is also in that class with me, so that is great. I like the teacher (he taught D & C last semester) and he is really funny. I think that we will learn a lot. Tomorrow he's giving us a plant we have to take care of. Okay, I'm a girl who killed the unkillable plant! (But...Curry has lived at least a year now).

So there you go. So far just a lot of reading and I do most of it. I also work 11-2 and most of my days are straight class-work-class from 9 til 3 or 5. I am finding that I don't eat very much these days, but I'll get better at that...I love not working nights and wedding plans are going pretty well.

We took engagement pictures on Saturday. It was FREEZING, but Jenny (our photographer) said she can photoshop red noses, which is good. I hope she can, or I'll just look ridiculous. We took them in downtown Provo and found some really good spots.

I am getting my wisdom teeth out Friday and am scared to DEATH. Death, I tell you, death. Okay, not really. But, I'm freaking out. I'm surrounded with horror stories and my family is not helpful at all. I believe, however, that I will be one of the ones who jumps right back into life after a day or two or three of mild discomfort and a lot of movie watching. Ahhhh.....okay. Just keep telling myself that...meh.

Dave and I have also been treated out to eat by grandparents and parents three times in the last two weeks and they all have been excellent :) thanks!!

I think that is all for now.

Oh except for Scrubs is back on and they are so good! I am really glad ABC picked it up for a last season. And my apartment (and Dave) is somewhat addicted to House these days. I think last weekend we watched about 12 ish episodes. So good!
and I'll still love my kids if they don't have red hair, but they'd better be cute. he he.

i luv skool.

Armed with my book called "Mama Might be Better Off Dead" and not much else, I walking in the freezing weather to school. I still have one class left to go to, but I think I'll like my classes a lot, except for Physical Science.

I think it's snowed for almost 24 hours straight, I was scheduled to work on my honeymoon (and then the reception in Oregon, and then the day I am going to the Temple....), I slipped approximately 7 times for the whole campus to see, and my Physical Science TA made us yell "science" as loud as we could, and I went the whole Stats class trying to figure out what the heck a "CA" was. I am thinking it is a "class assistant", but why can't he just say TA?

I still can't figure out how to wash my face without getting the water running down my arms and all over the sink and my socks.

Now I work the day after I get my wisdom teeth out, but that is more fixable. I love working in the afternoons all but one day of the week now, and just want to get the rest of the planning done. There are so many stinking details that I don't want to do, but I have to do that take away the fun from other things. Oh well. We're going to try and get a lot done this week before school starts to get busy.

That's all I can think of for now, but I'll post about my classes after I've been to them all.


mt. hood


In conclusion, Oregon was awesome. I was there for a week and it was so much fun. Here is a long and probably boring summary:

I flew in Saturday (I decided that I really enjoy flying, and I love flying by myself). That night we had dinner....uh...maybe played Settlers of Catan...I unpacked a little in the room I was staying (with Kristy), and it was good to see Dave and his family. I think Dave made some ice cream.

Sunday we had church real early (though I did it all summer) at 8:30 and it was great. After we had dinner, played monopoly, took naps, probably played Settlers of Catan (we did that a lot). We also looked through their family albums for pictures of Dave (as you've seen) for our slide show.

Monday we lounged around, scanned pictures, built bottle rockets, shot them off as it started to rain pretty hard, we ate dinner and...I don't remember. Maybe, and probably, played Catan. I think we watched the Da Vinci Code.

Tuesday we went snowshoeing up (I actually don't know the direction. I think Dave said East) at Mt. Hood. It was beautiful and turned into a long walk that quickly put to rest my guilt of laziness over the break. By the end, we (when I say we, I mean I) was ready to sit on the ground and wait to be teleported to the car. I think it might have been the snowshoes, but my hip joints would hurt every time I took a step and my range of motion was very small for the last few stretches. I felt really old and ridiculous, and my loving fiance gave me a piggy back up hill in the snow the last...30 or more feet up the last hill. What a guy!! We had taco soup (which was the best meal I'd ever eaten in my life thus far (or so it seemed)...) and apple cider. We went home and relaxed. We also watched some Pushing Daisies I think .

Wednesday we helped a lady move (mm....story withheld :)), felt good about some service, ate a delicious dinner at the Olive Garden, watched a few Pushing Daisies, ate ice cream, drank some sparkling cider, watched the ball drop, smooched and went to bed. (I mean, that was Shanna and Evan, cause they are married).

We slept it kinda late on Thursday and went shopping (did you know there is no sales tax in Oregon? I remember hearing that in 6th grade and never thought about it since). I wanted to buy a lot of things, but I didnt. New shoes, a pair of pants and a shirt, though. It was fun. We went and saw Seven Pounds that night (the whole family), and the movie....was good. So good it the fact that it just pulled your heart out. Well made, maybe, instead. I thought it could be pretty deep. In the end, I think Will Smith makes excellent movies, and would sort of recommend it. It is really sad, but is good regardless. I would want to see it again. After we...ate dinner....etc.

On Friday Dave and I went to Powell's Book store (a block long and wide, four stories). It was huge and we didn't say very long but it was really cool. Dave drove me around downtown Portland (well, maybe it wasn't downtown, I'm not sure) and showed me some things. I love to see new cities. Buildings I haven't seen before fascinate me. The same when I went to Philidelphia. I loved it, not only cause it was new, but because it was amazing! Anyways, yes, I love being a tourists and sticking my nose to the window. We played four games of Catan that afternoon, I think. It was the first day I played by myself, and I...stink. I start out with a good strategy but alas, luck is never on my side. The play I've been waiting 67 turns to do (waiting for cards, etc), is ruined because someone rolls a seven or other circumstances. Anyways, it was fun but kinda frustrating. We watched Phantom of the Opera and packed. Amazingly enough, things fit better in my suitcase going home than going to Oregon. I don't know, it was pretty awesome.

Saturday we got up, ate, and flew home! That night and Sunday we chilled with my family. It was a really fun break. I'm really glad I got to go to Oregon and hang out with Dave's family and then be home with mine.

Glad as I was, however, it is nice to sleep in a bed that my body recongizes. I don't know if this happens to anyone else, but even as nice as the bed is or as new as the mattres is (and I had great pillows both places), I just know it isn't my bed and I don't sleep as deeply. Ah well.

Well, pictures and more to come.