somewhere in the stratosphere

Every once in a while I get that feeling, you know, that feeling where the world is so big, and you're just one person.

and it's exhausting.

trust me, trust nobody.

I always knew I hated group projects/presentations/whatever....

and this is why.

perhaps I'll follow up that completely ambiguous sentence later.


My plant is hanging on by a leaf and I have no idea why. It didn't adjust to the marriage very well.

Ironic, no?

look ma, I can cook!

Our fancy ice cream cups!
those delicious darn cream cheese brownies...

okay my hair is gross but that fancy italian name pasta dish was awesome!

Yeah...don't ask.

I told you pictures were coming (oh, was that a month ago?) happy birthday davey!

They found it at Ikea. Don't's really soft though. We took it off our bed though after a few days cause it is kinda creepy. Don't worry Bruce, when you come and visit and use your crockpot, you can use it as a pillow.

This is the big greeting card....thanks Katie!! :)


We were running a tad late and went out side for class. It was snowing.

Two more episodes of House have been watched. That's all I'm going to say.


The Christensen desire for sweets has already begun to show in our marriage.  I have to tell a story.  One Christmas, we got tic tacs in our stockings.  Shanna promptly ate hers and Evan saved his and was slowly enjoying them about 1 per month.  He hid them so Shanna couldn't find them.  Until she did.  It was all over after that.  Evan came home to an empty tic tac case on the table and a satisfied Shanna on the couch.  A couple of weeks ago, I found some tic tacs in the pantry and I might have sorta maybe kinda ate them.  The funniest part?  The tic tacs were from Christmas.  And they were Amanda's.  It only took me a week to find them.  Shanna must not be very observant.  He he...  Sorry Amanda...

But why is the rum gone?

I have a new passion in life. Besides Dave, of course.

Brownies with cream cheese frosting.

I made some on Sunday for a dinner we had with Dave's mtc companion. We shared some with Kellie, Katie and Alex. And me. And now they are all gone. WHY!?!??!?!?

Dave: "Why did you eat all the brownies??"

Amanda: "(man scream) because they are so gooooooood.".

Then we each had one last piece.

Amanda: "after all, I am your wife".

No but really, I am. Officially. The only place in the world I'm not is BYU campus. Boo their dumb "tangible social security card policy and not just a receipt policy". But I have it now, so suckas...I'm gonna mess up all the class roles just because I can. (Actually, I don't know what will happen).

*Christensens are notoriously famous for eating anything that is sweet, even at the expense of their spouse. If you hoard it, you'll lose it. Just kidding. Sort of.

just working...

It's too much work to make a whole other blog. Besides, Dave rarely writes blogs so...I'm just integrating.


I am excited to make a new schedule. I love doing it!!

goin crazy from the moment I met you...

We're pretty sure that the people before us all but picked up and left...we keep getting notes and home teaching assignments addressed to some other dude. We haven't been to church yet but...still...

Dave is pretty cool, you know? For instance, we were grocery shopping at walmart and it was TWILIGHT MIDNIGHT RELEASE PARTY OH EM GEE! (yeah...) and there were cupcakes and I really wanted one but didn't want to go get after batting my eyes a little (okay, not really, just sort of hinted that he could do it, even though he didn't want to), Dave went into the throng (okay, not really a throng) of crazy girls and extra crazy guys (okay, so, what sort of guy dresses up like a vampire at a twilight release party?? uh...) and asked if they were okay for taking. They were, so he grabbed me one.

Never mind the fact some genius decided to decorate them in black frosting, and one bite turned my tongue/teeth/fingers black and we threw it away...but...

We went to Target and took back a few things and then proceeded to take advantage of the "10 percent of everything left on your registry...and p.s., if you didn't register it before, you can go ahead and register everything on your cart!". So we did. Everything...more than we ever thought of registering for, but things we needed and some things we wanted (like star wars playing cards....)

We felt ridiculous with a cart so full and carrying around the registry gun....people were probably like

"you don't actually buy the things you register for..."

So it was a really fun and looooong experience, and we're ready to watch some HOUSE!! (thanks katie!)


Here's to the Night...and Day...

The story that is our wedding, etc.

The day of our reception (which was the day before our wedding) started out really nice. My new sister went through the temple that morning, and that was a great experience to go back so soon after my own endowment. After we all partied at my house with pizza (the adult kids eating most of it...)

Our reception was at Noah's. I thought it was perfect. All the good professional pictures we haven't got back yet, so wait for those, cause I was so happy with how it worked out. The reception was pretty good. Standing in the line was kinda long but it was good to see so many of my friends and old family friends. Thank you to all who came, and I still like those who didn't :). But I was so grateful for all our friends who came and partay-ed with us. Hopefully it wasn't boring. We probably looked retarded cutting the cake (but really, though, who knows how to do that?) and thanks to Bruce for sneaking me ice cream. It was awesome. Near the end it slowed down and we were able to eat some of the food that was left (I think that is the dumbest thing, by the way, that you can't eat the food at your own reception). Afterwords, a few of my old roommates and the siblings all danced for awhile. It was pretty fun.
This wasn't a super official "first dance" or anything, but it was to "Stolen", I think, by Dashboard. Pretty good song. I love it. (See, no centerpieces...don't worry, they are to come)

Then we boogy-ed it up. I didn't know Dave could moonwalk, but he does it pretty darn well. And Shanna and Evan, they are quite the dancing pair. It was pretty fun.
Then the day.....WE GOT MARRIED! WHOO!! The car ride up to Salt Lake was the weirest thing EVER. We were all nervous and excited and yeah...(just ignore my hair...)

The sealing was so nice, and everything about that morning was perfect. Then we came out and took some pictures (I don't have those yet either, but I think they will be great!)We felt really dumb because no one gave us instructions, we just stood there. But then again, who knows what to do?? I mean you see pictures of people coming out, and yeah, we just felt awkward. But hey, everyone was staring at us...because...well, we just got married.

And you know, even though the weather wasn't sunny and warm like I'd been hoping for for weeks (and years...) it wasn't that bad, and I didn't really notice anyways. Sun would have been nice, but I think pictures will look cool with the clouds. It didn't even snow in Salt Lake (like it did down in Provo) until after we were leaving for the luncheon.
Here are my very best friends: Kristen, Kellie, Alyssa, Megan and Katie. Thank you for coming girls! I couldn't have made it through life without you!!

Spaghetti Factory, by the time we found it, fed our famished stomachs quite nicely. I thought it was delicious. It was fun when we got there (last) to have everyone clap and cheer...and it was a nice lunch. Then we almost ate ourselves sick...The Christensen siblings (Kristy, Shanna and Bruce (I think)) decorated our car with post-its and had cans attached to the back (I guess they drove to Smiths while we were all inside...who knew...). I was very impressed that the sticky notes stayed on after two trips down the free way. (I am seriously considering sending them a letter). We lost about a third...but way to go sticky power!! And thanks guys, that was fun!

So we were off! We stayed at the Little America, top floor, which was super fun and we felt all ritzy. Our trip was relaxing, fun, and way too short. On Saturday we had breakfast at Sonic (our new favorite...), a delicious dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and saw Confessions of a Shopaholic (I would totally recommend this movie...I know, I know, sounds so chicky flicky, but even Dave liked it! It was great, I am pretty sure I want to buy it when it comes out!). Sunday we drove back to Orem and had lunch with our families and then packed everything up and went to our new apartment!! It was great!

Our first week of marrieds was pretty busy. We had to catch up with school, adjust to being married (which, okay, isn't that bad anyways), move in, and wait to move out in under 2 months! We finally found walking space in the living room by Thursday, and before we left for Portland on Friday, it looked pretty good.

Our trip to Portland was great. Too short, again, but I love flying and I like Portland a lot. Our reception there was fantastic as well! The coolest thing was it felt like we got to different weddings. Mostly because Shanna did all the flower chosing in Portland, and they looked so good! Both receptions were so different, but I loved both of them! The one in Utah was more wintery, the one in Portland more spring-y. Our families did such a good job, and we are so grateful for them! We had fun decorating! And these creme puffs which my mom number 2 made are DELICIOUS! Lemon-y and just perfect. She also is an orange roll connoisseur.

I didn't post too many pictures of the flowers because I think (and it is my blog) that it will be cool to post the flowers from both receptions together.

And back to Utah again for school and work and such. Our apartment is looking better everyday and we'll be having a house warming party soon! Whoo! We got so many party sets from people in Portland that we just can't NOT throw a party!! We took care of a lot of legal stuff on Tuesday and all that's left is waiting for my social security card so I can change school stuff.

So, there you are. Our wedding and everything was perfect. And we love being married. I think we both wish we could have met at a time that would have facilitated a summer/spring wedding, but we wouldn't change this either. We have a unique anniversary, and the craziness is part of the fun. So thanks to all who had to sacrifice because it wasn't summer. We appreciate it!

I'm also working on "we're married, here's our blog" blog, but I don't know if it will ever get up and running. But yeah, wait for the professional pictures, as they will be very good.

-Amanda Christensen. (just had to sneak that in there! just kidding..)

Enough for Now.

[Okay well, as things usually do, it all worked out okay.

I finished working, went to Epi (I did NOT fall asleep today! Wahooo!) (Instead I bombed the quiz....oh can't have it all)

I took my physical science test...did significantly better than last time. So that was good.

I went to my old apartment and bummed help off of my angel ex-roommate Vanessa, and finished BOTH stats homework. And the cool thing was, I didn't really need that much help. I just needed a break and a push in the right directions.

All I have left is a physical science vocab quiz. Then I'm signing off homework for today. And say, shouldn't I be studying for my stats test next week? NO WAY!! That's all I did for at least 4 hours today! Blehhhhh.

So you know. Now I can post that blog for ya'll. I don't really know what to write, except that it deserves its own post.

this is me, franctically trying not to drown...

So here is a quick at-work-blog to say how I am feeling completely overwhelmed and I don't know how I am going to finish these next few days. Stats assignments that I do not understand, physical science test I just am taking to get out of the way, moving in (STILLLLLL), traveling to a wedding, cleaning/checking out of my old apartment, cleaning my new one, keeping up in classes (like epi...gahhhh), try to stop falling asleep in all my classes (like epi), and come into final exams with a hope of getting good grades. Oh and all that legal stuff that comes with getting married. Oh, and being married. Which is all I'd prefer to do is chill out in my new apartment, once it's all moved in.

So, I apologize again, readers, I am trying to find time to blog but I must plead for another few days :). I'll at least post some pictures soon. Is there anything specific you're dying to know? I'll try tonight.

Don't hate me.

Hate Epidemiology and Statistics.

And you know, this whole week, my brain still feebly submits the question....why couldn't this weather have started 2 weeks ago? TWO WEEKS ago! That isn't that long ago!!!

But then I realize it's pointless to keep wishing for sunny weather on my wedding day...and realize that no one died (I hope) of hypothermia and we were fine. It was the warmest of the picture days anyways. So thank you to all who stood out in the cold to join with us. And then I just enjoy this heavenly weather.

It's a FLUID experiment!!

I'm suuuuurry!! I think tomorrow I can do some blogging. This thing called school is driving me crazy!

okay here is what I am planning on writing about...just so Suzy can get really excited :) (Actually, I'm just flattered she cares)

apartment/the messy place
portland weekend
week as marrieds....

Dave has taken apart his phone completely...
I know I said I'd post about the wedding tonight...but I'll have to do it later this weekend. Sorry!

sweet creamy goodness in a slightly salty, light and buttery crackers.

Dear Nabisco,

The creation of confetti creme ritz bits sandwiches was no doubt an undeniable stroke of genius on your part, and I enjoy them immensely.


Amanda Christensen

P.S. yeah, I got married. Whooooo!


don't see what anyone else can see in anyone else...

Hey Amanda, remember all those things you thought were little and wouldn't take so long so you just put them off and off and off and now you're going crazy packing and moving things and checking things off? Yeah, not your smartest moment.

I don't know what to expect to feel like these next few days. I mean, every year you get that feeling before you start a school year or semester or the day before Christmas or your birthday even, but you draw those feelings from the year before. So this is like the feeling before a huge trip slash new semester slash new something you don't even know what to think.

Except...finally! I'm so excited!

Thanks everybody.

For our last date as not marrieds, we went shopping (oh, isn't Dave a gem? He seriously put up with so much!) and then we went to the malt shoppe and had delicious fries and hamburger/hotdog and then we went GLOW IN THE DARK MINI GOLFING!!! It was so much fun!! He said we could play until we were bored (good thing, seven bucks!) and we played a few with the short puts, left handed, warm up and FINAL! He beat me by two. Eh, lucky hole-in-one, eh? The art for the first half was like you were in this HUGE aquarium with Gothic fish and the second half was a jungle complete with dinosaurs and creepy monkeys. I don't know why it's so eery, but it was still awesome! Thanks Davey!!

rain, rain, go away...

Two days! So unreal!

And don't you just love nice and accommodating teachers? Ah, they make life so pleasant.

And so does a 97% on your 310 chronic disease test.

I think I am going to like this unofficial two days off of school break!

we've always been cooler than everybody else anyways.

Happy birthday Katie! You've always been such a good best friend and I've loved all the fun stuff we've gotten to do over the last few years! Thanks for being so supportive when I got this thing called a serious boyfriend and then I get married three days after your birthday and ya know, all that crazy stuff in between. I love you and you're my favorite roommate (and yeah, sure, maybe you're the only one but I still love you for it!) I am going to miss you and your stylish wardrobe! (No fear, week rentals will still be available!)

Enjoy the adventure of being a TWENTY YEAR OLD!!