constitution state...

My thoughts are pretty jumbled and I don't know what to write. Blog posts have been floating through my head since Tuesday...but...

Connecticut is lovely. Very green, and when we landed it was 95 degrees. It's cooled down and it's windy (which I hate) but it's pretty good.

As for our apartment, well, I think our thoughts for the first day was "heh heh...when do we get to leave the crappy hotel and go home??"

It smelled strongly of paint, we've killed a few bugs, and hopefully it will soon feel like home. We have the most inconvenient entrance ever and the billion doors we have to go through all have their own smell (none of them good). The most frustrating thing is buying things we already have back in Utah. And then we miss Utah. And Wymount.

We're dreading the day we have to return the rental car and actually figure out the bus..

I'm desperate for a job. (well, only so I won't be home alone while Dave works!)

My grades were surprisingly good. Like, finally, really good.

Well, a few hours in the library has given me a few job applications (the internet is a wonderful thing)...and we'll see tomorrow. I'm sad we have to leave the internet behind...oh well. They don't play cool closing music like the HBLL (that's hibble, for you non-byu-ers (just kidding) )

All the new blogs ya'll posted were like oxygen to my cyberspace deprived brain. And I'm only sorta kidding. We went to Costco and it was a fun first experience there. We bought a lot of cereal. And I'm not saying we had ravioli and cookie crisp for dinner last night, but I'm not not saying it, either.

Oh, what an adventure this is! It's so hard sometimes but we know in the end it will pay off. So just wish us luck and that we don't die.

sorry this is so sparatic. we'll get saner later.


happy 18th you big graduate you! (late, but you know...) My sister turned 18 last week and is graduating in a month! Crazy! Aimers, thanks for all the fun years and laughs...adventures of sisters and for always coming along when I was too scared/nervous/crazy to go somewhere alone. (or at least, thanks for having a price :) )

Good luck on AP ya!!

p.s. I can't find any of our good these are all I found in my quick two minutes of blog time Dave allowed me ;)
goodbye most of my shoes....

i will miss you for four long months.

we share a name, we share a wonder...

husband's athletic skills

aw, cute.

colors, rocket summer.

family fuuuuun

our hops.

eric took these ones, and he did a great job. thanks!

our modern diagonal shot. I kinda like it. thanks self timer...

I thought the guy who took these ones was kinda lacking camera skills. Oh well.
Graduation day was pretty fun. Dave had to work a few hours in the morning and I ran some errands and cleaned our apartment before Dave's parents and sister and brother (the kristy and brian one) came over. Then we changed and walked over the the Marriott and sat in our hot (and I mean the sweltering kind) nosebleed seats and waited awhile before Bruce and Shanna walked in. Graduation was pretty good, but you know, I'm a sucker for the inspriational speech...

after we took some pictures, walked back to our house, we all changed and took some more pictures! Then we ate a delicious dinner at Brick Oven, where they had five servers help the nine of us (I personally thought that was over doing it) and the service wasn't as good as you'd expect for five servers but the food was excellent as always. Sorry for the uber long sentence and random unpuncuation.

Dave and I are starting to pack (where did the day go??) and realizing it'll take longer than we expected but we'll be fine. Oh well...

More family and graduation tomorrow. The weather turned out to be so perfect today. Nicest day all year. Especially when we were taking pictures. Warm, cloudy, perfect light.

Hope Dave passes his drug test.

food, finals, vindictive fun.

this what our plants were supposed to look like. uh, yeah, whatever...
no chance of that anymore!!
good-bye you devilish plants. oops, I just pulled you out of your pot.

you can't tell in the picture with me and the plant, but I dyed my hair. toasted almond. I've been playing with the idea for a few weeks and finally did it. In time for Heather to see, too. Ignore my face is all these pictures - it's ridiculous. Our light is terrible, so I apparently have to compromise. I either get the good face or the hair color. So...yeah.
I'm just being cool now...
here is right after. I loved it....
this is a "before shot" of earlier this weekend.
once dave made us orange/berry smoothies. they were sooooo good.
we are a big fan of this dish we tried. it's call "pacific rim stir fry" and it was fantastic. thanks betty crocker.
our new old favorite, lasagna soup.

Dave's history of creativity project. I thought it was great. He hated it. I think he told me "it smelled like poo" (now, of course it didn't actually smell that like, cause that is gross). It took a lot of work, and I was proud of him for staying up late/getting up early (or is that procrastination??) Anyway, it's a mobile of fundamental scientists and what they contributed to science. He never let me take a picture of him with it.

this last weekend started with some games of pool in the wilk which was super fun. then we decided to use a gift card and go to olive garden which was super yummy. then we probably watched House like we always do. :) saturday was study from 7-5 (yeah, seriously gross) then we went to costa vida with my parents. it was great. thanks parents! we probably watched more House. We're addicted.

then finals finals finals but now we are DONE!

summer, here we come!!!!!!!!


the mac is talking to me...

i'm doooooooooooooooooooooooone with cougar creations until september! don't get me wrong, love the people...don't mind the work...but if i don't bind a book all summer...

I'll be okay. More than, probably.

Unfortunately, I'm not done with finals. One more...should be pretty good. Finals have been a little disappointing (what else is new?) but not horrible, so I just want to be done. Then after the whirlwind, we'll be flying off the east coast. WHOOO!! I'm so darn excited.

We had a fun weekend. I'll have to post some pictures and such. This week was pretty good. Busy, but good with no classes. It's weird that we've woken up at 6:45 everyday and it seems normal. Hopefully (fingers crossed) it'll be that way in the fall...because Dave has a class every stinking day at 8:00 (katie, I'm sorry I'm complaining :) )

Oh well. We'll update ya'll the moving and the packing and the calling and buying and flying and moving and exploring and family-ing and the final-ing and the graduating (not us) and the not working and the overall

AWESOMENESS that is us.

The final final

I'm excited for the final final. I have three left but I got the two biggest ones out of the way. After my final final I'm just going to sit and relax for about 2 seconds. Then I have to get ready for Connecticut. We still have a list a mile long of things to do before we move even though school is almost over. I suppose it never ends though. Especially when you have kids. Which we don't. Just in case anyone was wondering.

like a poloroid.

hey listen to the acoustic version of "Hey Ya"'s amazing...and it's the new obsession song.

um...I don't want to take finals.

Stay tuned for the ceremonial burning of our love plants.

weird, we're moving in 12 ish days?

with your arms outstretched, trying to take flight...

This weekend was pretty awesome!

Friday started with a date. It was great. We had dinner and went to the Ballroom concert. It was amazing! I love going to those. I'll find out if it's legal to post the pictures we took, and you can see Katie and Doug in their awesomeness!

Saturday we got up bright and early and went to a place up in Howell where we had a great lunch, went four wheeling (thanks Fritz!), shot guns (thanks dad and Fritz!), went deaf (thanks guns!), got a little sore (thanks guns and four wheelers), found some fossils, got sunburned, got rained on, got some candy (thanks everyone!), and Dave and I got to hide the Easter eggs. It was pretty fun!! Who knew that my husband was such an expert marksman?? We should have taken a pictures, but he shot a clay pigeon that was up on a fence with a pistol. And he nailed it! He also was so good with a shot gun and the pigeon launcher. Me? Well...I had fun, and I got really close, but it was fun just to try it.

I love four wheeling and Dave drove them for his first time. We had a lot of fun with the family...and unfortunately, won't see them for a few months!!

On Sunday, we were lazy all morning with a nice breakfast and a late morning nap...(yeah...we just felt wasted from Saturday)! We went to church and had dinner at my family's house. It was great!

*pictures to follow.


I eat my shredded wheat by constantly reordering each piece by amount of frosting. That way, when I'm done, I finish with the most drenched in vanilla sugar.

I load the groceries onto the belt organized by category. The frozen, fridge, boxed, produce, canned, cupboard, etc. Tonight I was alone and I felt great satisfaction in the whole conveyor belt being organized. Dave gets impatient and throws my groove off. (okay, just kidding. He does think I'm a little crazy though). Come to think of it, most things I try to do like that he just laughs and throws my groove off anyway, regardless of my need for the organization. Except he lets me eat my shredded wheat that way.

I went grocery shopping tonight and decided between Smith's and Macey's. I went with Macey's and was so glad I did. Artichokes....79 cents! I saved over three dollars! I bought a bunch of other things...and Dave probably doesn't like me going shopping by myself.

I am dave's after all, and came back with ice cream and plenty of candy.

Hey, we like to enjoy the finer things in college life. And that may involve the double core skittles, okay?


If you are going to get sick sometime during the semester, right before final projects are due is not the time to do it.  I have two huge projects due before the end of the semester.  I haven't started on one and the other one is maybe 3/4 done.  So far I have spent about 10 or 12 hours on it.  On top of that I have a double assignment in System Dynamics, an assignment in Fluids and about a billion other things to do like get the car inspected, get renters insurance, get car insurance, get furniture for our apartment in Connecticut, and take care of all the other everyday things in my life.  Somehow I will get it all done.  I'm excited for it to be summer.  No homework or tests.  Only a sweet job.  And a sweet wife.

random spewings.

My ten o'clock class is canceled, which is awesome...but I'm kind of bored. I have to go to a planetarium show at 12 (did I say have to? I mean get to...) and yeah...

there is a pile of papers I need to write, but I don't really want to write them.

We (and I mean I) pushed snooze four times this morning. Tuesday is "Dave takes me to school day" and so there is something that keeps me from getting up on time.

Have you ever had a nutella sandwich? It's SOO good.

Ever since Katie brought it up, (and I feel kinda bad for copying her idea...) (I'm not even sure I will do it) I have this urge to dye my hair a darker brown. I mean, I love my hair and I've never dyed it before, but I really want to. Maybe because we're going on adventures back east but...I just really want to.

Maybe I'll postpone my epidemiology paper by posting a poll on what I should write about. Yeah...that sounds like a good idea!

I waste too much time.


hey! We got some flower!

They never could get it right (I exclude myself from blame...I coulda kissed him all day)

I wish I could have had this on the seventh of March...

Okay so no one else has to think this is funny, but I laughed for a few minutes.  It's like...


and look at my hubby's hops (that's my gangsta talk)

more to come.