I ♥ NY

i'm not sure how much detail you all want, but here's a scattered list.

the tiny hotel room and shared bathroom
the subway fun (we felt so lucky we hardly ever waited for a train)
the homeless entertainers and mariachi bands and strange (to us) pigeon behavior
always getting to the be the ones cornered by the salespeople
who never pitched until they told me how beautiful (just absolutely) i was or not not be afraid of black people even if we were from utah (we varied telling them ct or ut). i told dave if it ever came to it, he'd at least have my looks ;)
one guy told us to make a baby to the music (parental warning) he was trying to sell us
the old greek/gothic/rome-ish buildings, cathedrals, court houses and libraries
most the really awesome buildings having mesh around the cool parts or blocked off
huge buildings. everywhere. i'd take a picture of a street view because the buildings were so big and awesome. i'd turn around...and do it again.
feeling cool because we saw the statue of liberty, staten island, stock exchange, the charging bull, flat iron building, brooklyn bridge (which was so awesome!) (we even walked it and met some byu students), the empire state building (pictures cannot capture how truly amazing it is up there), central park (well, a very small part of it. probably not even the cool parts). we walked through the met and the history museum (the sealife and diversity exhibits were awesome!). the met had really cool things as well.
federal hall, chinatown (i swear, am i the only girl that doesn't want a coach/louie/prada bag??), little italy, madison, washington and city hall parks, the arch from august rush, ny city library, st patrick's cathedral, rockefeller center (30 rock anyone??), grand central terminal, trump building, fifth avenue (well, some of it)
times square which was incredibly well-lit to say the least
(and very full of people trying to sell tours)
we ate some brooklyn pizza, yummy hamburgers (the shake shack line was an hour long!), panninis, mcdonalds (what...?) and delicious frozen yogurt from pinkberry. (oreo&strawberry; kiwi&raspberry = oreo&raspberry....best topppings ever on pomegranate yogurt). yum.
wandering through the nbc, hershey's and m&m store, going the wrong direction from the subway exit EVERY time. (we made a rule: always go the opposite way we think). it looked easier on the map. lucky in touristy places they had a map. we eventually got good. er...don't ask our biggest error (i think five blocks the wrong way?? torture)
we walked ourselves to death. hobbling home at night. waited in so many lines (darn you, empire state building!) wating for an hour and half at least before they said visibility was low...so we came back the next night for at least two more hours. what can you expect though? (weird that saturday night was slower than sunday?). saw a beautiful sun set over the manhattan skyline from the brooklyn side...
i'm super cool with my chinatown coach sunglasses though, and dave's fifth avenue ae flipflops....we even saved money on train tickets, only to find the bus didn't run on memorial day (we were led to believe otherwise) and had to take a pricey cab back home. i hate taxis. they are hot and smelly and the drivers talk on their phone and expect a tip. really? don't endanger my life. and i still wouldn't give you one anyway. ahh...

perhaps our favorite, going to the nyc temple and church there on sunday. such a different place than the rest of nyc (obviously) and it was so nice and such a good place to be.

our first vacation as marrieds. not bad, not bad.

i can't decide if i don't want to live in nyc but secretly do, or want to live in nyc but secretly don't. it's so busy and exciting and different and i loved it. i'm jealous they have a subway.

ahh well. pictures later.

common occurrence

*silence (or at least no distinguished noise)*

amanda "what?"

dave "i didn't say anything".


amanda "what?"

dave "nope..."


one sunday we had fun baking a lot of things. we made delicious cookies

i made some cinnamon rolls. they were a little floury, and i also made a glaze with no powdered sugar! yeah, i'm awesome.

a few weekends ago we went to friendly's, and tried their food/ice cream. it was pretty good.

we made crepes (craps), and they were a little deformed, but pretty good!

a few weeks ago we rented a car and went over to bridgeport to watch the byu ballroom team dance. it was so fun and they did sooo good! it was also very nice to see katie.

trivia: what was so awesome about the show?

a. katie danced with one contact in the whole show
b. they did the mcgalaxy dance
c. i always get goosebumps during the "dance with my father song"
d. their dance to "if you could hie to kolob" was amazing.

p.s. there is a show on abc called "here come the newlyweds". i discovered it and started watching. there are two couples that are from utah and mormon! they only really talked about one of the couples, but this other couple, i just knew they were mormon. i was telling dave she was very modest and he reminded me that mormons don't have the monopoly on being modest. but then again, it was the specific way she was being modest. then, at the pool she had MY swim top from SHADE. and they totally acted like a mormon couple, whatever that means. watch the show, and you'll totally understand. they are the smiths. i can't remember the other couple's name, but they talk about them being mormon, so you'll see them. i wonder why they didn't mention them being mormon, but it would have been too boring to have 2 couples labeled "mormons". the smiths got voted off the first round. but they won 10,000 $. nice.

we're baaaaaaack.

while we loved new york, we are glad to be back to a home. as in, our own bathroom! yessss!!

yes, it's true. we are such cheap-os that our hotel had a "shared bathroom" which made for an adventure every day. whether a clogged shower drain or the reek of cigarette smoke or the other shower that was about a body width wide...and by cheap-o i mean we still cringed at the bill...it was new york after all.

but we weren't at the hotel much so it was okay. we very much enjoyed our weekend in the big apple. i especially enjoyed my four straight days of dave, no work involved. except the work of walking ourselves to death. hobbling back to the hotel by day's end. also, i told dave if we ever have to walk across the plains, he married the wrong girl.

but we saw amazing things, and we'll post pictures and more about it shortly!

today i volunteered at the red cross for a few hours. unless i get a job, or even if i do, i'll probably be doing it for the rest of the summer. it's nice to get out of the house, but overall, it's a total pain to ride the four buses total to do it. but it was pretty good. i counted money, did paperwork and filing and told my supervisor a little bit about dave and me and being mormon.

i still very much desire a job.

well i feel old...

my lil' sis is all grown up! graduate of '09. wahooooo!!

Dave informed me that his shaver took up too much space and it will make him look scarier so no one will bother us in New York.


cross your fingers.

In contrast to the nasty lady at the bus station, today when I rode the bus I decided to talk to the nice bus driver man. He totally remembers me/when I rode the bus, and found out for me that a phone had been turned in.

So, hopefully when Dave and I get on the bus tomorrow morning, he will have my phone. My faith in humanity has been restored just a little bit. For now.

Today on the bus this lady who sat near me just started talking to me. About her daughter's master's degree, her disease which feels like someone is ripping your let out all time, how she used to be in school to be a medical assistant, how she was saving for a car...boston...and I realized that I don't really know how to talk to strangers. Maybe no one does, but goodness, I listen to myself talking to her, and I thought how fake can you sound? It's not that I didn't mean it, but what do you say to someone dumping their tragic life on you? I smiled, agreed with her, and bashed on what she was calling a scam. But I always think they must see right through me or something. But it was nice to talk someone.

And fake-allergies-which-make-it-hard-to-sleep-because-my-throat-scratches-too-much,

not the time. No, it's just not the time.

i have a plan.

I left my phone on the bus yesterday. I'm 99 % positive...and now I don't know what to do! Why didn't I look behind me to make sure I had everything? It might have something to do with my fear of buses leaving that I quickly got off w/o looking for once, and just walked away. Customer Service " " was unbelievably rude when I called this morning, and now I don't know what's next. Wait it out? I can see it's still on the bus, and it fell behind a crack somewhere. It rings when I call it, so it's not off, at least. Did someone take it? I don't know...some punk? a kid? It's killing me and I am not sure the bus number I was on, and they switch all the time it looks like, so I don't know (again) what I should do. I just want my phone back!!

Yesterday was our three week mark in Connecticut. I wish we could say that we are settled in and loving it, but it kind of felt like we were back at square one. Which is no friends, feeling very alone in our lingering-smell-of-smoke-covered-up-with-paint apartment, and sitting on our blow up bed. Also, no car, no job for amanda, and feeling like there is a huge strain on the relationships we have with people who give us rides. We've wanted to get a car since we realized how we can not go anywhere unless it's on the bus route (which is small and mostly residential) (and it takes forever), rent a car, ask someone (of the three people we know) or walk (not really useful).

Maybe we should have paid for the timing belt on our car back home and then we could have driven it out here and not worried about it. And we could have brought more stuff. That seems a lot cheaper now than buying a car. But, our decision was moved right along when dave's work ride told him he was going to start working out at the work gym after work, and start weird hours so he could take a class. Also, we feel like the people who give us rides are not liking us very much because they have to pick us up. So, we're getting a car soon. However, it's a little disappointing because before, getting a car surely meant a job for me, and now, we don't know because dave's work ride is falling through. Either I take him and pick him up and hopefully work somewhere close or I find a job where I start early enough he can take me and either it's close enough to walk or it's on the bus route after all.

Not that I'm having any luck at all finding a job. And I know it's not good to live life like "if I had a car, I'd be happy" "If I had a job, I wouldn't be so bored" (cause I know I could find something to do, but I like to interact with people and work!) "if we had a car, this city " " wouldn't feel so lame" "if we had a car, this summer would be what we had hoped"

But really, can you blame me for feeling completely justified in this?? Maybe if we lived in an actual city, you know, one with a subway or with things all close together, I at least wouldn't be bored because I could walk to something. But when we get a car, I think we'll be happier. (lame, I know). But we can take day trips or go to the store and be independent and not feel bad for being a moocher.

Blah, who thought of money and stuff anyways? Lame idea. We did find a car we like, but the guy on the phone was rude the second time Dave called him. We told him we'd be gone this weekend but could look at it after. He's like okay, call me then. And hung up! So we're calling him back tonight and being like "listen here, buddy, buying a car out here is a huge gamble because we have to rent a car just to go get that car! we live thirty minutes at least away from you and are not going to see it unless you answer our questions and are nice!" (well, that's what I would love to yell at him, but it wouldn't solve much!)

We are very much hoping our trip to new york will be a) worth the sum of money it will end up costing b) be a nice break from the monotony and drearyness we can find ourselves lost in in good ol' Middletown (which by the way, there is a Middletown everywhere out here. People need to be more creative with city names.)

And perhaps I've romaticized new york over the years of wanting to go there. One difference between Dave and I is that I embrace the unfamiliar settings. I am fascinated by new buildings and new places I've never been, and he does not like it at all. I love anything different from what I've experienced before (which should mean I would love staying home all day....)

I would love to live in a busy city, and he wants a farm (to which I said...noooooooooo, and vice versa). So he's worried that new york won't be what I expect, and while I know it's big, I realize I probably don't know how different it is from where I've lived. But we're only going there for four days, and the whole time I'll probably be blissfully snapping pictures of the things I've never seen before but have always wanted to.

and by the end, i'll want to run away to new york city where you can take the subway all over and when dave was working i could spend days at museums or something.

What can I say? I'm a romatic and somewhat of an idealist. So wish us luck in the big city and I can't help but be certain I will love it.

and i need my phone back. please.

we booked our train tickets and hotel....new york city here we come!!

ice ice baby...

before....oh and check out husband's jaw bone. nice, eh?

after-after, and all dressed up for his first day at work.

without further ado....
after. ahhhk....

noticed the cocked eyebrow and the look of total disgust. he loves me enough to take a picture.
this just deserved it's own post.

on our last Saturday with a car (only Saturday...) we went to get Dave a hair cut. Tensions were a bit high, and the garmin was being a little difficult. We were in the midst of trying to find a hair cutting place when I saw one on the side of the road. We pulled in and met a 45 minute wait. /sigh. Well, what else would we do? We were just going to take the car back.

So we sit and I read some girly magazines and after at least one guy that came in after us went before us, Dave got called up. I'm reading away when I look up, and my mouth drops. She pinned up the top/longest layer of his hair and proceeded to all but buzz the bottom layer (hey lady, remember when he said inch and a half!??). What I saw, my friends, was the potential for the worst bowl cut I'd ever seen.

Please, stop. Lady, seriously.

Then she invites dave's girlfriend over (oh wait, wife??)

All the while moaning how boys always have more hair, it must be the testosterone...trying to get me talking, I suppose, but she was a bit crazy.

All the while complimenting dave on his luscious locks (yeah, he had a lot of hair), and from my point of view, she was individually trimming every single hair. This was something I noticed about this place. They were pretty good. But they took SO long with and between customers. It was ridiculous. She then realized she was over her head and called over another employee (the one dave was supposed to get) to have her blend his hair.

She thought we were in high school, and they just couldn't believe we came all the way over here from Utah. A few minutes of pleasant conversations. She made the hair blend (as in, the uber short bottom layer with the bowl-like top portion)...and I still couldn't believe how awful this woman was.

I guess she didn't understand 1.5 inches on the bottom and 2.5 on the top. She was new. So at least two hours after we walked in, we left. dave even tipped. (he is a much, much better person than I).

I think dave is a smokin' hot babe, but I did mourn inside for those luscious locks on which she just went to town. Not my favorite hair cut. He cut off his bangs when we got home. We (or I) had some laughs while cursing that lady (okay, not really) (but really, she sucked) and acknowledging it'll grow back. he is a boy, after all.

somehow i amuse myself.

this was happy costco day. there was more, but you get the idea.

this is what i made yesterday (it's called garlic chicken, but didn't taste like it. it did still taste delicious) . favorite. 5 stars.

my mothers day rose. thanks ward.

showing how strong/awesome we are.

okay bad flash...but it was just bread. (that I made). thanks kristen for the sweet and sour polish sausage recipie! 4.5 stars

chicken pasta vegetable italian salad. a joint favorite. 5 stars.

boring pasta and sauce. 3 stars. the tomatoes, from katie's house, are 5 stars.

some saucy steak recipe that we didn't like as much as we thought. 1.5. potatoes...4 stars

oh that blessed week when we had a car. and by the end of it, we were rather fond of our pt cruiser.

a pretty river. lots of green. i like it.

ohhh boston, i will see you yet.

we haven't been in Harford yet, but we've driven past a few times. i love their variety of very cool architecture. they have so many cool buildings.

love architecture....and the middletown area (and the whole east, for that matter, i'm guessing) has a church on every corner (sound familiar?) but they are all different! it's crazy. but the ones in the main part of middletown are the coolest old buildings.

i love bridges.

it says it's a high school. pretty sweet, eh? i thought so.

happy mothers day ♥

mom one: endured my teenage years, my elementary years...and my toddler years. So yeah, she's pretty good. (she's on facebook now. that's how modern). I never missed my mom as much as I did the first few days here (which makes sense because it was the furthest I've ever been away from the places I call home. Also I was sleeping on the floor, so...). She works hard to be a great wife, mom, teacher and leader. Thanks for all you do for us mom!

mom2: while she didn't endure any of my tantrums, I'm sure she handled many of Dave's. And I'm grateful everyday for the man Dave is today, and I know that some of that came from his wonderful mom. She's a great mom and I couldn't ask for a better mom2!

We're grateful for all the support our parents give us, and especially the beginning of this year when we got married and stuff.

i'm just living for the weekend [in a non drinking sort of way...]

the days when I have absolutely nothing to do are the days that I don't feel like blogging. go figure.

these days I am not as productive as I wish I was...and I tell myself eventually I won't be such a bum but I decided all the things I could be doing, I'd rather just wait until dave comes home because I don't want to do them by myself.

this weekend was a lot of fun. we went to the ward cleanup with our friends the reidels (mostly for my social sake) and we cleaned the windows and ate a great lunch and I met some of the girls whose husbands are selling for the summer. after we rode the bus to the library, got some books, came home and dave made a yummy dinner. after we finally did laundry (okay, no one look at me. our complex gives you cards you load money on and I've checked everyday since Tuesday and they haven't had them. and don't even worry about how long we (okay, I) needed clean....well nevermind). They finally came on saturday so we went the night doing laundry and working out. oh yes, we work out these days (well, twice thus far). our complex has a few machines and some weights and we have a pretty good time. it feels good. then it started pouring right as our laundry was almost done. great.

sunday was a nice day of hanging out together and calling our moms. we read, called moms, read, slept, ate, called more moms (okay, we each only have one) and kristy (happy birthday kristy!).

and now I can't help but think how it's only week two. it's nice here but to really meet the full potential back here we'll have to figure out a car situation. our first adventure will be nyc over memorial day. I'm excited to figure our trip out.

I still have to post some great pictures (like of dave's hair) and I'll get those uploaded soon.

I apologize for all the moping. A better person than I would handle this differently. I'm working on it. :)

sitting, waiting, wishing.

I need a job.

In the meantime, I need some book and movie suggestions. So please leave a comment with some ideas for me.

Also, if you've been to Boston, NYC or DC, we are planning at least one weekend in each city. Since we have limited time, I'm wondering if you guys have some must-sees for us?

I'm going crazy. But not too crazy. Just a little bit. More posting later.
Connecticut is full of old and awestriking buildings. I like to look at them. I'm excited to go to Hartford.

Job searching sucks. Especially when you take a 111 question survey and then at the end they tell you you didn't match the critera...oops, I guess I didn't put "I work well with customers" enough times...

We are good at riding the bus though.