koooool aid.

yesterday we were discussing buying a cooler. for the beach, and also for food on the way home to utah. of course, we have one back home.

[we also have towels, dishes...and...a bed]

but, we'll get one, we decided, especially after dave so desperately said:

"yeah, cause it's a long way home and I don't want to eat granola bars the whole way"

we wanted to eat healthy

so we fried a squash and salted the crap out of it.

oi. I know, I know. don't even bother. after though, i ate some organic granola and yogurt.

we bought two, and the next one will not be fried. It was good, though. for some reason, summer reminds me a little of squash at home (I can't even remember if that's when we had it at home) and we bought some. I tried frying it and next we'll just saute (sp?) it or something.

actually we're trying something newish (we did this once while dating). we planned two weeks worth of meals and then did some specific shopping. we're hoping that if we can do this for a while, it'll help us cut down on grocery costs (or buying random things and never eating it). our fridge is mercifully full again...and I LOVE it.

also, today at work we had a "produce test". lame, right? there I am, middle of summer, middle of my lovely temporary summer job, feeling similar anxiety as when I'm in the middle of a science test..."I know this...WHY can't I remember it?"

{produce test: 10 randomly picked fruits/vegetables that you have to identify and know their code}

I didn't do super great (I think like, 50%) (the supervisor did say it was extra hard)....and that most people get that score anyways.

but I got all the ones I should have gotten, so that's good. I can't really remember the ones I didn't get cause I've never seen them in my life. doesn't matter though, because I'll be long gone before I'm ever held accountable at this job (they give you about 5 months) and yeah...again...don't...care.

anyways, back to the food...i always am calculating how good we are doing food-group wise. my public health/nutrition class brain can't help it. and you're just never eating enough fruits and veggies. five a day? that's too much work!

any health eating suggestions?

any good recipes for what to eat on pitas??

the perfect parcel.

i can't wait to go home and visit the farmer's market with katie!

she found this in boston. how awesome is it??

okay yes I'm a freak and took pictures of everything...sorry for the bad lighting.

my fabulous roomies (I hate having to include the "ex-") sent me a surprise package (well, kinda...katie had to ask for my address no less than...five times?? :)) for my birthday. it was seriously perfect for how seriously void my life is of female friends. i loved everything in it and can't wait to use/read/wear it all.

I especially love the earrings (the silver peacock ones I already have in black and they are my favorite...and the blue ones? what could be more adorable? (besides dave and babies...I guess...)

nail polish, a rad magazine, good books, candy (they know who I married), lotion, etc (see pictures above) all with cute post it notes. and sweet cards I loved to read.

I can't say thank you enough girls!

♥ you


In case you were still having nightmares, dave no longer is sporting a mustache. (and hasn't since the day he had it, mind you)

i always do this...

trying to figure out what to wear with my new tulip skirt. any suggestions?

okay, okay, I'll wear a shirt.

I mean...what kind of shirt?

(for link to picture, read post below)

we're just twenty somethings.

yes, we web cam-ed it with my fam. one package of candles. all out. woot.

yum. we get a whole cake to ourselves. dream come true, right? thanks to davey for my yummy cake. i'm all about the party mix/frosting.

for you, bowen ladies.

[for the life of me, i don't know who's looking for that in a donut. ]
okay. i want a donut. and i want frosting aaaall over it. and i want sprinkles, but not all over.
i just want them all scrunched over on the side.

he he.
we got donuts cause it was birthday and i'd been craving one since.....not sure, but could have been kara's post! not as good as i'd hoped...i'm missing krispy kreme, i think.

our presents from Disneyland. cuuute eh?

those measuring cups are so adorable i just want to admire them.

they put a loooot of tape on.

finally got a good curling iron and 'lectric toothbrush. sooo excited. it's awesome. also, this skirt, this in black, and this (a lot cheaper now...darn it!) [this bringing my wardrobe to be approximately 85% shade...]

thanks for all the birthday wishes and such...especially my husby, padres and old and perfect roomies: katie, kellie, kristen & suzy. i miss you girls so much!

this is backwards...

dave is reading a book nonstop.

not that i feel neglected per se, but it's me that is usually buries my head in a book or glues my eyes to the computer...


happy birthday.

no birthday is complete without some sprinkles.

here's the deal:

1. transformers was amazing. end of story. best sequel of alllll time (well, yeah, that's probably an exaggeration, but really, I don't think we could ever make the judgment for real in our imperfect states)... I loved it so much. I could cry.

2. if you didn't like it cause it was long, then booo hoo for you. you paid like 8.50, and you're sad it was 2 hours long? whatever!!

3. oh, there was no story. ahem. the robots are the story. that's why there is a lot of fighting, because it's all going down with the decepticons and autobots. here's the story: boy is done with fighting, so he goes to college. meets a roommate. the decepticons drag him into the conflict. they solve conflict which involved a lot of FREAKING AWESOME fighting and animation (seriously, how beautiful IS the tranformation from car to robot??) and a fabulous ending. you wanted something more?? hello, this isn't the prestige or something! it's an action movie. be a man and enjoy it.

4. I can't wait to see it again. did I mention I thought it was sooo good I start gushing everytime dave and I relive it again? They did SUCH a good job! I'll stop now because I know I sound ridiculous but seriously,

it is so good.

5. it's like heath ledger all over again.

here's one for ya...

I got home from work around 2:45...and after wasting time on the computer (as usual), I went to do our laundry...blech. I hate doing it because I have to lug a huge bag uphill to the main building with the laundromat. This time, I took the white/towels/sheets and started them, dying in the humidity (but it was sunny! whooo!)...I go back to our apartment, grab the colors and change into my swim suit to catch some rays while waiting for the laundry...and lug the second bag up the hill. I'm settled by the pool, loving the sun (especially when it hits full force for a few precious moments...).

I have to get up every 12 minutes, I swear, to switch this load and this load and the other one, but finally, they are all in the 60 minute drying stage. Back to the pool. Enter black rolling thunder clouds. The few people at the pool scamper. We head back inside, and I take up a chair in the lobby (not actually sure if you're "allowed" to sit there. For about 20 minutes I sit there reading, listening to the wind (it's crazy...) and realize that if my mom were here, she'd be horrified at the light, as in, lack there of, lighting my book.

I go to check on the laundry, and the two white loads are done. I load the bag up and it's not raining. Go outside, sprinkling. Take 20 steps, raining decently. 1/4 of the way there, POURING. FLASH FLOOD. HOLYY CRAP.

what i should have done: turned around, waited for either the rain to stop or dave to get here to drive us and the laundry back

what i did: too embarrased to actually turn around (there were people watching, and I'm a freak), I continue onward. Drenched. oi. walking in inches of water. muttering to myself how ridiculous this is.

I get to our aparment complex, and a guy is getting his mail. "isn't this great?" he asks...."i just love it".

And I, in my soaking shirt and sopping hair, practically blind beacuse of the water streaming into my eyes, say "yeah, it's crazy!" and run to the door.

At least I was wearing my swim suit and I used the bag that wasn't mesh.

Now I refuse to go make a fourth trip to the freaking laundry room and Dave is going to have to pick up the laundry on his way home.

The thunder is pretty cool. I still don't get the lack of sun thing....now it's almost july. oh well.

this just in: (pg-14)

Amanda: "so I was checking this lady out.."

Dave: "why were you checking a lady out?"

Amanda: "so I was checking a lady's items out..."

Dave: "and what exactly were her items? you were checking her items out?"

Amanda: "................ahem. I was ringing up a lady's groceries.....*pause, eyebrows raised*..."

Dave: "okay that's good. I can't make fun of that one."

the thoughts of tonight.

edit: I don't know why I said Alexander Hamilton. I knew it was John Hancock!

I got two packages today! I'm never really that excited for my birthdays, but I think tomorrow is going to be the best one yet.... But really, to me, birthdays get better every year because you're older and things are usually better because you're older...which I'm sure at some point stops being the point of birthdays. But now, I'm going to enjoy it. Too bad we're not near friends/family, but it will still be fun!

Work dragged sooo long today! I earned every freaking minute of it!

I hope you like the new feature I added. I found some blogs I'd forgot about (cause I don't read old ones...)

And the swimsuit I desperately want was online yesterday but not online today. I will be very very sad if it doesn't show up soon. It was perfect...which is soooo hard to find these days.

and that is all.

in pictures.

part of the misty fog

a nice sunrise

They are rotated in picassa, but didn't rotate on this...surry.

this was a drive by shot of another monument...

inside the tavern

they were really short!

we even saw a real live colonist!

sorry about the super crappy lighting...this is another tribute to fallen soldiers...the first ones after "the shot heard..."....I think.

maybe this is where soldiers stood.
that was cool.

tribute to minute man soldiers.

i don't know about you, but my first thoughts are "wow...sexaaay".

I don't know, maybe like "grrrr I'm gonna win me a revolution"

dave had to make sure all the people around there looked nerdy.

we saw lots of jelly fish AFTER we were done. we totally could have stepped on them! sketcho!

i took a lot of random pictures while we were driving. soaking up the boston-ness, I guess.

paul revere.

John Hancock's monument

this is for you, conservative friends.

in front of their city hall

this is for you, mom.

dave made sure I touched it because it was real and old and really old.

this is dave getting massacred.

we didn't get to cross the bridge, but it looked really cool.

this is that one famous church. you know, the "land/sea/lantern one". yeah. that was cool.

it's paul revere!

where we ate. it was cozy.

some of boston at night. nice, eh?

sorry it isn't rotated.
this was their holocaust memorial. it was...breathtaking? (I know that sounds weird) but it was a tall square pillar for each concentration camp, with millions of the number ID's engraved on the glass, with two foward pieces of glass with a story or a quote. Then a metal grate at the bottom blew up steam (we're thinking...like gas...how...it made you speachless!) It was so sad to go through.

dave's mayor friend.

so we bought some souveneir shirts.