day five.

something we're excited for:

dry heat. dry air. heat in general.

something we'll miss:

humidity perk...softer/smoother skin

(something we will NOT miss:

wettest summer of our lives, mold, musky smelling after a shower, too much water pressure in our shower head, leaky shower

whew. )

today is a dreary friday. we are SO bad at waking up to our alarms. gah, it's killing me, but we just don't wake up very well anymore. that is, unless I have to be somewhere. if I work early or we have church or something, I can get up. but dave's work schedule is a little looser, which leaves the snooze button a little looser. it's a pathetic habit, but we can't stop (and why stop now?? it's gotten worse and worse as the summer continues).

I think when school starts, we'll be fine. hopefully.

somehow this week dave ended up having to make up hours today. I don't know why and it's stupid, because he has to work over ten hours and I don't work at all, which leaves me very loney today. and it's raining. and has been. all. day. long. pouring. I hate driving on the freeway in rain. relating back to previous problem, dave didn't get to work until ten. boo! I'll pick him up at...8:45. yuck.

bleh. sunny days, every days. what is that like? I forget.

the east coast is having problems, I think.

(I know, whine whine whine...)


mat kearney


1. undeniable
2. all i need
3. closer to love
4. all i have
5. girl america

we're all one phone call from our knees.

closer to love

Maybe sometimes we discuss possible names of our future children. One name in a hundred, we both completely enthusiastically agree on a name. That name is therefore untouchable, never to be uttered for fear it will be ruined between now and our firstborn. (Dave did mess that up over the new york weekend...but hopefully our secrets safe with...them...)

We're both pretty picky...but Dave is a bit more picky than I am. Which brings us to the list. Every once in a while I'll be like "what about _____" and he'll be like, "you already asked me that and I hate it" (or something like that). "Maybe you should make a list".

So I did. And it looks like this:

Names We Like For Sure (shizzle) aka (YES)
(notice how every word is capitalized to emphasize how important this list is)

Maybs: (the maybe list contains a name (s) that we do like, but are waiting for another name perhaps to come along that we're like "YES". This name is like...a soft yes.

Names That Amanda Can't Let Go, and Forgets That Dave Doesn't Like (and will thus whisper into his ear for years until he yields) (okay, okay, it's not that long).

This list is unfortunately for me the longest, and will undoubtedly grow longer as I dig through all my old journals (please don't tell me I'm the only girl who listed names she liked for her future kids at age since the age of ten and at least once a year since then).

Fortunately, we're not having 9+ kids, so I'm not super attached to any of the third list. I mean, maybe Dave will give with middle names because you don't use them that often?

You know, just in case you wanted to know.

day four and other

It's been kind of a weird summer. I think most of it was spent waiting for the bus or wasting time at walmart. Too much of it was spent alone. I read/stalked too many blogs and wrote too many blogs full of complaints and watched too much t.v. online. I did read some really good books and we had many exciting and awesome weekends.

We might have permanent back damage from our "bed" (okay, probably not) (and okay, it's a real bed...but for our purposes, it's just a "bed") and definitely know what it's like to live minimally. Which means we're really grateful for all of our things. So we learned a lot, cried some, and had fun otherwise. I mean, you learn to adapt you know? So this only lasted four months...(maybe two months too long...) we learned to move on and are definitely excited to return hooooome.

definitely excited to be done with work today and not work friday.

Last night I wanted to finish a show-which-must-not-be-named (because I know it's very fake) and I just wanted to finish it and you know, have closure. Dave was sitting next to me, and THAT was more entertaining than the actual show. He was hilariously reacting to the show. ah. reality shows. love them. oops, said too much probs.

Speaking of reading too many blogs, from the time I got home from work and put the computer away, I think I had 20 or so new blogs on my google reader. Whaaaat?

we've been avoiding the air conditioner at all costs because utilities are muy expensive out here. it's fine during the day except when you're cooking and both of us are usually gone anyways. nights get uber hot, and so before bed we turn it on for a few minutes so we can fall asleep comfortably.

aaaand, now I'm stalling getting ready for work.

something we can't wait for:

all my SHOES and CLOTHES that I mercilessly had to throw in boxes. (ha, dave probably doesn't care about that and I know that sounds silly...I learned the value of living minimally, but boy, I sure am tired of the four pairs of shoes I have here).

something we'll miss:

...(thinking)...knowing that you won't see anyone you know anyways, so it doesn't matter you're always wearing one of two pairs of black pants and one of five identical white t-shirts??

this one has no exact counter part, unfortunately.

day three.

something we can't wait for:

krispy kreme, the byu creamery...etc. (not sure what the etc. is. All the utah food things we're secretly missing?)

something we'll miss:

friendly's ice cream. 'specially pomegranate raspberry creme and their cookies and creme/fudge sundae explosion. yep. delic.

Today, there were a few unhappy campers at the grocery store. One nicer older couple (the lady was in a bright blue sequined shirt and blond hair...uh...) asked if I went to school. Ergo, utah, byu and mormon. they actually knew people who've seen/visited utah/west coast/byu and they were impressed. Also, they have mormon friends (I want to say the missionaries) who visit them and they have a mormon bible.

oh, the book of mormon? I asked.

yes, we have lots of bibles.

well, you should read that one.

we also have a hindi bible. we can't read it because it's in hindi and we don't know anyone to translate it!

hmm, I think this couple just floats around, grabbing bibles (and book of mormons) (or is it books of mormon?), listening to all sorts of things...but will never choose, ya know? oh well. I also hope the few people at the store who find out I'm mormon will from then on have a good opinions of mormons because a nice, clean looking girl who checked out their groceries was one. ya know??

Oh, and today, I got my dress! On their website, it says I won this dress:

which is super cute and I'd love, but I was crossing my fingers the last three weeks because...

I said this dress (belle of the ball) was the one that I liked most. I asked them to switch it (because hey, it's the one I said!) and I opened the package expecting blue and saw pink. This dress is verrry pink. I've never worn something like this in my life, but I think it's darling and I loved twirling in it to show Dave.

plus, free things rock, right?

day two.

something we can't wait for:

mountains, and therefore, a sense of direction.

something we'll miss:

the conquering of a new place.


go here

follow directions

win cute down east clothes.

yep, pretty cool.


today I (or my inertia) smacked into the bus seat really, really hard. bit your lip and try not to curse really hard. now I can't really put weight on it. thanks, mr. bus driver.

the most exciting story of today was a grumpy old man upset I didn't have a penny on my person. if I had it, like I'd give it to YOU, I wanted to yell. yeah, probably wouldn't have hurt me to find a penny on a register or be a penny short...but...nah. don't get smart with me, customer, I will get back at you. 'specially at good ol' CC.

speaking of CC, I'm almost nervous to go back. I mean, I'm the there, after all, because I'm awesome...but I don't know. Hopefully they didn't get any more new machines (I mean, I guess it won't be that hard to learn a new machine)...and I'm glad for the break and I know as soon as the second week of the semester, I'll be dying for another one...but I liked being there for four semesters straight? (am I crazy?)

And new copy center people are.....well, you just need them to know that you could kick their butt at anything copy center related. basically. And all my good friends there have either graduated (kara!), moved on (heather!) or work a different shift (jerome) (okay, I'm not cool enough to have a black friend names jerome. it's jarom). oh, and husband moved on too. those days were fun though: dave, kara, jarom and heather.

ooh, this is making me miss normal co-workers. and by normal I guess I mean either byu-ish or mormon. I guess I'm a racist.

okay, can't wait for home. did you know that already?? I can't wait to walk around campus, print out beautiful waste of money flyers, see and breathe the mountains and have friends and family. ahh.

day one.

something we can't wait for:

a microwave. and consequently, hot pockets.

I have an undying craving for them since I cannot have them.

something we'll miss:

the biggest income ever had by either of us. and biggest for a while, come to think of it.

castle craig

On Saturday Dave and I went hiking. We weren't really sure how long the hike was but I heard from a guy at work it wasn't too bad. We finally found the trail and started up. The trail was in the middle of a wetland, I swear, which made for a billion mosquitoes and nasty looking spiders....and the word "yucky" about 57 times. The first 2/3rd of the hike was very nice and not hard at all. The last little bit was suuuper steep and rocky, and we were dying but we finally made it. As always with hikes, once you hit level ground, you're totally fine and the view makes up for all the bugs. We climbed up the tower and ate some lunch....then took the road back down instead of the trail. The road was less buggy but quite a bit longer and at an awkward downhill angle...but over all, it was probably 6 miles and took us about 2.5 hours. It was great! Something we haven't done yet this summer...and I definitely don't like hiking in humidity/bugs and think Utah is better for hiking.

favorite new thing.

yellow pepper
italian dressing.


ya know, just chop according to people eating, and mix it all up. we're loving it.

singing and walking

I'm kind of bummed we'll miss out on round two of fireworks because it's the 24th. That means we saw no fireworks this summer...and I like watching fireworks. But it's Friday, so that's cool too. This week at work has been uggly. Today my shortest shift, so I'm excited about that. Yesterday was like "everything you ever wanted/needed to know about Amanda day". Everyone keeps asking why I'm leaving, where I'm going, where I go to school, what my major is, how old I am, how long I've been married and dated my boyfriend before....eesh! I guess I'm glad they care, right? I like a few people there more than others...and they make it not so bad.

And don't worry, it's not like that night was the first time we cleaned the apartment. I mean, I'll wipe off the bathroom counter/toilet and clean the toilet and vacuum our room and under the bar occasionally,

but on the other hand, you'd walk in and be like "you know you can put your dishes in the cupboards, right?" because we just use the dishwasher as a drying rack and dishes are either in there or the sink...

Yesterday was mainly about the tub and the kitchen floor. Nice and clean now, all at the same time.

three weeeeeeeks. yessssss.

when we want to rock, we rock.

so it's just another thursday night here in middletown, ct. it's raining, we made a fabulous dinner, we watched wipeout and then we cleaned our apartment like there is no tomorrow and relaxed to books and blogging.


did you say that DAVID and AMANDA CLEANED their apartment?

yes folks. we're slobs. clean slobs, but slobs nonetheless. actually, we're not that bad normally (you know, the month and a half before here), but we've emotionally detached ourselves from this apartment so it's lacking tlc. not that we care. but two well-raised kids just couldn't live in it any more (or at my insistence) so we cleaned the kitchen and bathroom realllllly good and vacuumed. we sweat our buns off (= plus = we didn't have to feel guilty about not exercising tonight because we cleaned. which, technically, is exercise, right?) and I got on my hands and bloody knees (not literally. bloody as in English expletive) to MOP our kitchen floor. yep.

we're that good. and we're very satisfied now. exercise gives you endorphins. endorphins make you happy. happy people just don't kill their husbands. they just don't.

well, maybe happy people just like to be happy.

also, our walls have a lot of weird stains on them. because we kills bugs on them and don't bother cleaning it off. we figure when we clean to move out we'll go around with a magic eraser and that'll take care of that. /sigh. sometimes, I know my mother wonders if I was mentally present when she was teaching me home skills. word.

[and about everyone I know that is married is pregnant. okay, so, maybe the tally is up to three, but that's three more than normal. three people I actually know and hang out with (or did). all in one week! yep. that's how it rolls though, right?]

the votes are in and we're voting yes.

this is a post about work again, because, well, let's face it: it's like my second favorite thing to talk (ie complain) about and I know ya'll love reading about it.

instead of printing a receipt for you to sign, you sign a screen. this in and of itself causes very many headaches, but it's the part after that I don't get. their last name shows up on my end and I say "last name?" and they say "[insert last name here]". they match, I push enter, and voila! transaction complete. what I don't get is when I say "last name" and they say

"yes" or "no" or shake their head/nod and smile. ???

and inside my head I'm like hello?? what did you think I said that makes that even remotely an acceptable response? they just tune me out until I give them their receipt. brother.

then I get some green leafy thing and I'm not sure what it is (though, I can identify dandelion, kale and some broccoli thing with andy in its name...I still get a little stuck on collard greens) because well, they are all green and leafy and I don't know what they use it for. what gets me is when I ask them what it is, they look at ME like I'M crazy and say "oh, I don't know" and then they fumble around trying to think of the name.

maybe that's a normal thing, but I don't really comprehend this at all: "oh this looks great! I'll just pick this up, not even bother looking at the name/price and see if it tastes good boiled..." helloo! I can understand picking up random apples or fruits or things that LOOK good, but these are just unlabeled greens and don't look super good (to me) and yep....don't get it.

some people are really nice and some people are really rude. and some times I think I probably look crazy because I say things automatically. I'm not sure if it's most or half, but a lot of people shop with kids or spouse or mom or whatever, so I say "how are you guys today?"

the problem is that I do this when they are alone too. then I wish "them" a good day...and automatically say "you're welcome, have a good day" after I had them the reciept because most people say thank you. then when they don't and say something like "great. see ya" or "have a good day" and I say "you're welcome"....I just sound conceited or something and feel silly.

ah well. I gave my three and a half weeks notice today. woot! can't come soon enough? I'm sure that's what some of Dave's family (and mine too, but you know, the dave side of it) thinks after the walmart excoursion. we stopped at walmart before the pageant to get food for sunday.

now I am very curious to see if the produce codes I learn would work somewhere else. well, I saw that the grapes were the same (4022) and so I thought, well hey, it's faster to type in the PLU code as opposed to "item search". so, I, being the professional checker, thought I'd show off a little and push those four lovely numbers in much faster than they.

except duh, they can read and all of them are older and ahead of me in really. I was just like hey, I do this for a living. then I push 4402 (at walmart = peaches, which I know as 4403) and cause a big mess and feel reeeeeally stupid. hello, I could do these numbers in my sleep! you name it, and I know the freaking four number code. but this ONE time I just looked lame because sometimes my brain mixes up numbers that I'm reading. oh well. hopefully they forgive me.

and it's thursday! hallelujah. today I worked until 8 which I don't like because, hey, we just ate and it's already 10:00! where did all my time with dave go?

oh, and a girl that works with me had a pretty bad weekend. yeah, her best friend died. uh, crap! what do you say to that? I don't know how that feels exactly but I can sure imagine. ever watched p.s. I love you? cried like a baby both times I saw it. (not convincing enough coming from the girl who cries at harry potter books??)

house season four finale. a certain character dies that I didn't even LIKE, and they did such a "good" job, I was sobbing the last 1/2 hour of the finale. (maybe dave did too. not as bad. not as long. hey, we were really recently married...?) sometimes I think what it would be like if dave died and usually I get a bit teary. I mean, seriously, I'll blame it on "that time of the month" and all, but I can't stand thinking of that EVEN though I know I'd still be married to him. I'm very grateful for the knowledge I have. and defintely believe in.

moving on, I feel really bad for her. Kind of like the time I bound a guy's semester project that had a sticky note on that said "professor ____, I'm sorry this is late. My wife died this week...."

WHAA? What do I even say? Well, I felt bad for reading it, but it was right there (and sometimes I read what people bring it. it gets interesting). I rang him up and wished him a good day and kicked my self after. hello, HOW could his day be close to good? his wife died! ack.

Anyway, knowing my days could be a lot worse, that was my day at work.

last one, I promise.

I can hear bruce already. I know I posted a million posts today, but I wanted to post all the pictures.

We watched this video for fhe last night. I thought it was very good and tied in perfectly to this weekend. The restoration was miraculous. We heard many stories and so many details that worked together intricately and perfectly. Every part of the restoration is amazing, and I can hardly believe (but I do) how strong Joseph was. How strong everyone was. is. It's very amazing to me. The pageant was an great "crash course" of the Book of Mormon, and it was a great reminder of the great truths it holds. Also, I feel very lucky to have a copy of the Book of Mormon. How lucky we are to have it in our lives.
People went through so much to bring it to us.

I absolutely believe in the restoration and in what Elder Holland says.
I am very grateful for Joseph.

part seven: hill cumorah & el fin

the side of the hill where events mostly likely went down

on top of the hill cumorah

the Moroni monument. very cool.

poor field.

yep. husby is very stylish.

part six: the pageant

hey! it's Moroni!

we played lots of uno. basically evan and I took turns winning.

here's the stage w/ the sunset and lights. sorry, the camera didn't do so good.
user error, maybs. but, nah...

lets talk about this stage for a minute: it's AWESOME.

completely versatile for every scene ( I think there were...13? 15?)
it could shoot water, fire, fall apart and welcomed many a prophet, ritual dancing lamanite tribes, stake burnings, wars, a boat, and Christ (okay, okay, you could totally see the wires. but hey! it looked rather real...not that I've ever seen someone really float).
it was amazing to watch. it enhanced the pageant so much.

if you've seen it: the tree of life scene? saweet.

( on the way there. )

part five: palmyra and the printing press

e. b. grandin (bruce: wikipedia says it's bratt!) sounds like a pretty cool guy. I didn't know his shop was like a town discussion hall and that he had so many books!

first edition

the sign says this was a first edition proof of the b.o.m.

we had some delicious pizza from here.
maybe a little greasy.'s pizza!
we ate it at some random apartment complex (oops?) and got mosquito bites.

these are four churches in Palmyra. they are all located on the same intersection, one on each corner. next to one was the "whatmormonsdon'ttellyou" van. geesh.

it just gets to me a little how these people spend so much time tearing something down. why not spend your time building up your OWN religion and let us be? I mean, for one, they sound so ridiculous, telling us to believe in things that, oh yeah, we already do (like Jesus)...and they sound ignorant and like a hater ("your religion was started by a pervert and traitor!) (what??)...
(which they are. probably most of them are ex-mormons, offended by a teacher or something)

blah. oh well. after we left the pageant's loud music on the speakers to hear their obnoxious voices again about how we don't believe in Christ, Evan said "I guess they missed the pageant"

seriously, if they would have just watched it! but mostly, I guess, we just laughed at them.

part four: sacred grove

the grove was very nice and special feeling...I think I was one of the few who hadn't been there before. going to all these places was so cool because such important and world changing events happened here.

here is bruce being spiritual

our walk through it was nice.

part three: more sites

nice view of the sacred grove from the Smith's back yard

these tools were pretty cool. hand made replicas of what they looked like back then. makes things way harder, don't you think?

replica of Alvin's (I think) tool box that Joseph hid the plates in once.

cooper shop, Joseph hid the plates in a sheet up in the loft. later, the mob tore apart the floor (where they were previously places) and didn't think to lift their eyes five inches above their heads!

view of the temple from the small road in front of their house. appropriate, no?

part two: the sites

These pictures are from our trip to both Smith family homes. they are slightly out of order. but still cool, don't worry.

by the cooper shop. didn't know they were coopers too!

Joseph hid the plates once under the bricks by the fireplace. these exact bricks. nice, huh!
(this picture was after I waited for a few minutes for this kid to get off of them.
dude, move your bum off those sweet original bricks!

the smith family planted this tree in memory of Alvin.

how would you like this sink?

the modern frame home w/ some original parts. sweet.

waiting for the waiting area. boys...


sacred squash.

outside the visitors center. nice flowers.

mom showing us her professional picture taker skills: you look great!!
(was it...chin down, face straight, look above the camera...?)

I think in the movie (can't remember which one..but you know...the restoration one...), this is Joseph's bed (that he shared). so you know, we could have been in the same area where Moroni was levitating. just sayin.

the kitchen. maybs those beans are from 1820?

this was Joseph's home. w/ original foundation. pretty awesome.

sorry it didn't come on blogger rotated. cool shot, no?