Last night I decided that I better start narrowing down on a minor. I mean, a minor isn't really that important, and I don't even know how many people get one anyways. But, it's something else to add to your resume, so...why not?

I was looking at the list of minors and my first choice would be international relations. Well, that's not a minor, but international development is, and I'm not really sure what all that entails. Close, but not what I'm looking for. Health teaching catches my eye and as I scan over the classes needed, I'm thinking "bingo". I've already fulfilled one of the sections, having 9/6 credits needed, and there are a few more to take, with a few that I have to take anyway! Perfect! Not that I even want to teach, but I would, I guess, if I had the Teaching is a good skill, right?

Then Dave, my voice of reason (haha, just kidding) gives his (in my opinion) really valid point: a minor should be something separate and complimentary from your major. Public Heath basically entails teaching people how to change their behaviors, etc. It's like when engineers minor in math. Basically, if you couldn't do math, you couldn't be an engineer.

Okay, so what about nutrition? I thought of that for a major when I was switching, but it had too much chemistry. Well, a minor has NO chemistry, so, perfect! I even have one or two classes under my belt for that minor already. Then we muse that anything with health in the title basically means you understand nutrition, etc. It's true, because I have a few nutrition classes to take for major electives.

In some secret way, I really really liked stats. A stats minor! Am I crazy?? Probably. Well, maybe. Statistics is related to Public Health in epidemiology. Which, I didn't hate, but it's not my track. But if I could be really good at stats, well, then that would be great! Also, I thought about English. I mean, obviously, I already speak English, so that's implied...but it would emphasize wayyyy too many papers that I would write. Then Dave, with horror dawning on his face, begs me not to be an English minor because he'll have to proofread all my papers. haha...yeah, then I realize, I'll have to write all those papers! No thanks. I took AP English for a reason, sir.

So, in the end, I've narrowed it down to these possible minors:

1. Statistics
2. Political Science
3. Communications
4. Health Teaching (I kinda think that'd be okay, right?)

So, of course, I'm putting up a poll! I mean, I'm not binding myself to the results of the poll or anything, but I'd just like to know what you think is a good, useful compliment to Public Health, Promotion track.

Thanks readers!

My first day of school is over. I only had one class, Health Behavior Change.

Yep, I don't really know what that is either. A lot of theories, from I can gather. Great. It seems like an okay class...

Our class was chosen to test-drive a new and supposedly better blackboard BYU will be switching to eventually. It's called brainhoney.

um, honey? you should have picked a less ridiculous name.

what was it again?

couples that trim together stay thin together??

before & after.

some bangs, layers and razored edges.  

oh, we feel thinner already!

woot woot!

last week of summer

well since we've been back we've had a lot of fun. even though we're "living with the parents". actually, it's been fun hanging with the family for the last week.

we've done some school shopping, and unfortunately (or fortunately)...hardly any books. in my case, they only have one book (and the lovely new a-z organization prevents me from finding any of them) and in dave's case, well, we're trying to not to spend a small fortune.

on tuesday on of my best friends Kristen got married in the Draper temple. Dave and I were able to go the ceremony. it was a beautiful experience and the first time we've heard it all since our own wedding. I am so grateful we could be a part of their day! the weather cleared up with seconds to spare and the day turned beautiful. a fun lunch with fellow bowen girls and a rocking reception with all of us together again! it was a great day!

now we're all big bad juniors!  (except, I think we're all seniors, technically!)

kristen was such a pretty bride!

wednesday we spent most of the morning working on a project for our new apartment (pictures to follow when it's all finished) and then we went swimming with my sisters. today dave worked and I had some paperwork and calls to make. my grandparents came down and we all went to dinner and now are relaxing our full stomachs watching pirates of the carribean. the first one, as always, is fantastic. the second one, however, while quite intertaining, for my taste, lacks details and flow-ness and leaves me quite confused in certain parts. especially, if I remember correctly, the ending. and don't get me started on the third. or I'm just weird and need to know too much about movie details.

tomorrow will be perhaps the highlight of the whoooole summer...boating! jody has been generous enough to invite us boating and we're looking forward to a day of sun, friends, water and fun.

this year should be a good year. it's dave's senior senior senior year, and he'll be graduating in april. he's taking a few programming classes and other smart person classes, while working as a research assistant, doing similar work that he did this summer. (although, unfortunately, for less mulah).

I'm embarking on my third year and have reached the point where I will "live" in my major's building. this year I move from whatever college I was in before (I want to say the health and human performances college) to life sciences. they just got rid of the college and split everyone else. apparently though, it won't affect us at all. so, anyways, back to living in the rb with three classes there, one in the fieldhouse and dave and I have one class in the clyde. basically, I'm gonna have awesome legs from walking up those rb stairs to work everyday. I'm still working at the copy center, and I'm quite glad for the change of scenery. I'm sure I'll be bored of binding in a few days, don't worry. :)

first stop: philadelphia and d.c.

Sorry there are so many pictures and the spacing is all weird...but hey, I'm finally posting so sit back and enjoy! I also didn't label everything because I think most of the places are self-explanitory. If you have a question, let me know! And the pictures are kind of fuzzy.
Not sure why.
SATURDAY: we spent a few hot and hurried hours in Philly and then drove to Virigina to stay with Shanna and Evan and Bruce for a few days.
this is a tree from seeds that went to the moon. aka, a really expensive and half dead tree.

our first view of d.c.

SUNDAY: we went to Arlington, the National Cathredral and the Air and Space Museum

we ate and rested by the national cathredral. also, I threw something at the cat that was stalking us. I didn't mean to hit it square in the face but...there you go.

the cathedral was HUGE and AWESOME.

we went to the bigger Air and Space. They had a LOT of really big and cool planes, engines, space things, etc. I've never seen Dave so excited. It was like a kid in a huge candy store. It got a little boring for the girls after awhile, but a lot of the things on display were really impressive.

bruce is going to fly away in the space shuttle.

this was pretty sweet. the blackbird. fastest plane...evuuurrrr.

My favorite was the transformers display. Shanna said (and I agree) the little displays are probably mostly for the women because they'd like to look at something...interesting...

MONDAY: we walked and walked and walked the mall, museums and almost died in the hot humid sun. It was a great day though, and we enjoyed our d.c. trip. I wish we could have stayed longer and seen more, but maybe we'll have to live there for a summer and become experts like Shanna and Evan.

oh hey, barack.

the view from the top of the monument.

now we walked up and down the mall and saw all the memorials.

The ww2 memorial was beautifully done. The weather was perfect then, and I was only a little irked at the italians washing their sweaty faces in the memorial pool/fountain. About 2 feet from the sign that said "that's a big disrespectful no-no".

The korean war memorial was a bit sombering. I feel weird saying I liked the memorial...but it's not like I'm glad there is a reason for a memorial. But while we're memoraling (mmm, yep), let's make it a good one, you know? This was a good one.

we're so tricky.

next we hiked all those stairs up to the lincoln memorial. it's huge.

we saw a pretty big moth behind the lincoln memorial

saying hi to good ol' al.

vietnam memorial. so many names.

I loved these. There was one in my humanties book. I also can't remember who did them, but I'm just to lazy to go look.

we stopped at the other Air and Space where Shanna and I just sat down but the boys had more fun seeing more engines/rockets/planes...etc...

the hope diamond: I thought it was bigger, but all the jewelry at the Natural History museum was pretty nice. We saw some bugs, rocks, animals, etc.

the American History musuem was pretty sweet. We saw the star spangled banner (the original), kermit the frog, big machines, and most importantly: c3po

sorry this one isn't rotated, but...we couldn't resist!

we've moved on.

farewell, 8104, you have screwed us for the last time.

our car did better than expected...everything fit...with just enough room to squeeze in the front.

why, hello

sometime this week I'll upload our pictures and tell you all about our cross country road trip. basically, it was a lot of driving.

we're glad to be home, loving the dry heat and familiar faces.

I'm trying to fill this week with as much fun and friends who are leaving soon as I can and maybe I'll buy some books since school starts in a week.

I'm kind of excited, but not excited to buy books. I do like structure and schedules and am excited for our new apartment.

stay tuned!

make peace with an empty town.

dear connecticut,

well, i guess this is good bye. not sure if i'll see you again, and if i never do, i think we'll both be okay.

i'm sorry that i didn't love you as much as i thought i would. i'm not sure why you had to rain the whole summer, but i don't like your humidity either. you were a little lonely and boring, but i think i'm better because you. hopefully.

and i guess most of our fun was spent outside of you, but don't feel bad, because you're the reason we saw so much of the east coast. so, it's all good.

and when we drive away, maybe i'll be a little tiny bit sad, but probably not. i don't know though, because i spent a lot of time here. the bus, washington street, main weren't perfect, but you had some redeeming qualities. i'm sure i'll remember this city for a long time.

thanks for husband's great job this summer. i mean, i worked for two and a half months and didn't make what he made in one was pretty nice.

you can have your mold and bugs and all that stuff back. i didn't like that at all.

we can part as friends, just the kind that don't really call each other but are friends on facebook. or something.



p.s. this is what i liked the most, and can't wait to go back. oh, i loved new york city.

we'll be coming 'round the mountain...

in a week!

We did pretty good at finishing up all our food, and I'm baking a little today to use up some more things. Not that we need more food to take with us but....(shrug)

We have to say goodbye to our internet today...but that's probably a good thing because we won't have distractions while we're freaking out tonight.

Today consists of cleaning, wash, cooking and packing. Bleh. Oh well, it's not like when we moved out here because we have about....75% less stuff...and the apartment isn't held to as high standards as in wymount. It just means I have to get off the computer and start working.

Maybe that's now. Maybe not.

f i n a l l y. it's the end.

Maybe the first 15 seconds or so of "untouched" by the veronicas sounds like a coldplay song, and I told Dave that the first time I heard it on the radio...."ooh, a new coldplay song"....cue clapping. ah...never mind. I still really like the strings in that song.

We tried to pack on Monday, but filled half a suitcase and realized we couldn't pack anymore because...we're using almost everything else...oh well, guess we know it'll be an easy move. We're just hoping it will all fit in our car. I think it will, but we'll see.

And well, maybe we bought 20 dollars worth of candy, cookies and other such things for our road trip (because what is a road trip without guilt-free eating of crap?? OKAY but not ALL of it unhealthy. Promise). Hopefully we'll have enough to share with the siblings. Just kidding...if we eat it all Saturday...well, that's pretty gross.

Last day of work. Last day of the freaking bus! YES!

Last night we were thinking of how it's crazy the summer is over and while a lot of it was spent wallowing in how much we didn't like being here, we did a lot of fun things on the weekends...and that made the summer pretty fun. While it moves so slowly day by day, looking back over it, it went rather quickly. And for that, I am grateful.

I wish we had more time for a summer in Utah, but if the summer has to be over for us to go home, then end it must. Dave has to work when we get back, but I am looking forward to a week or two of wedding, swimming, shopping, maybe boating, and all out partying. yeeeeeeesh.

oregon vs utah

maybe I had too much fun playing with these...but weren't our flowers beautiful? thanks shanna!