Last night I decided that I better start narrowing down on a minor. I mean, a minor isn't really that important, and I don't even know how many people get one anyways. But, it's something else to add to your resume, so...why not?

I was looking at the list of minors and my first choice would be international relations. Well, that's not a minor, but international development is, and I'm not really sure what all that entails. Close, but not what I'm looking for. Health teaching catches my eye and as I scan over the classes needed, I'm thinking "bingo". I've already fulfilled one of the sections, having 9/6 credits needed, and there are a few more to take, with a few that I have to take anyway! Perfect! Not that I even want to teach, but I would, I guess, if I had the Teaching is a good skill, right?

Then Dave, my voice of reason (haha, just kidding) gives his (in my opinion) really valid point: a minor should be something separate and complimentary from your major. Public Heath basically entails teaching people how to change their behaviors, etc. It's like when engineers minor in math. Basically, if you couldn't do math, you couldn't be an engineer.

Okay, so what about nutrition? I thought of that for a major when I was switching, but it had too much chemistry. Well, a minor has NO chemistry, so, perfect! I even have one or two classes under my belt for that minor already. Then we muse that anything with health in the title basically means you understand nutrition, etc. It's true, because I have a few nutrition classes to take for major electives.

In some secret way, I really really liked stats. A stats minor! Am I crazy?? Probably. Well, maybe. Statistics is related to Public Health in epidemiology. Which, I didn't hate, but it's not my track. But if I could be really good at stats, well, then that would be great! Also, I thought about English. I mean, obviously, I already speak English, so that's implied...but it would emphasize wayyyy too many papers that I would write. Then Dave, with horror dawning on his face, begs me not to be an English minor because he'll have to proofread all my papers. haha...yeah, then I realize, I'll have to write all those papers! No thanks. I took AP English for a reason, sir.

So, in the end, I've narrowed it down to these possible minors:

1. Statistics
2. Political Science
3. Communications
4. Health Teaching (I kinda think that'd be okay, right?)

So, of course, I'm putting up a poll! I mean, I'm not binding myself to the results of the poll or anything, but I'd just like to know what you think is a good, useful compliment to Public Health, Promotion track.

Thanks readers!

My first day of school is over. I only had one class, Health Behavior Change.

Yep, I don't really know what that is either. A lot of theories, from I can gather. Great. It seems like an okay class...

Our class was chosen to test-drive a new and supposedly better blackboard BYU will be switching to eventually. It's called brainhoney.

um, honey? you should have picked a less ridiculous name.


cindy said...

I don't know if I missed a blog post somewhere, but what do you want to do with public health? That will affect my vote. I was a comms major so I know what the classes will teach you, but I don't want to recommend it unless the classes will actually help you reach your career goals.

Kara Lyn said...

I think you should do Stats as a minor. It would be SO helpful. I am taking Biostats right now and the field of Stats is blooming. There is so much data out there. Don't try for the Health Teaching Minor. I tried that and I was shot down three times and I was only missing one class. Lame, I know. Good luck and we need to get together Stat.

Katya said...

i'm thinking stats...hehe but that's just because i'm a science/math nerd (ok, not really so much math, but...whatever). also i think nutrition would be a good idea. :)