f i n a l l y. it's the end.

Maybe the first 15 seconds or so of "untouched" by the veronicas sounds like a coldplay song, and I told Dave that the first time I heard it on the radio...."ooh, a new coldplay song"....cue clapping. ah...never mind. I still really like the strings in that song.

We tried to pack on Monday, but filled half a suitcase and realized we couldn't pack anymore because...we're using almost everything else...oh well, guess we know it'll be an easy move. We're just hoping it will all fit in our car. I think it will, but we'll see.

And well, maybe we bought 20 dollars worth of candy, cookies and other such things for our road trip (because what is a road trip without guilt-free eating of crap?? OKAY but not ALL of it unhealthy. Promise). Hopefully we'll have enough to share with the siblings. Just kidding...if we eat it all Saturday...well, that's pretty gross.

Last day of work. Last day of the freaking bus! YES!

Last night we were thinking of how it's crazy the summer is over and while a lot of it was spent wallowing in how much we didn't like being here, we did a lot of fun things on the weekends...and that made the summer pretty fun. While it moves so slowly day by day, looking back over it, it went rather quickly. And for that, I am grateful.

I wish we had more time for a summer in Utah, but if the summer has to be over for us to go home, then end it must. Dave has to work when we get back, but I am looking forward to a week or two of wedding, swimming, shopping, maybe boating, and all out partying. yeeeeeeesh.


Katya said...

you're coming home!!!!! yay!!! have a safe trip and eat all the candy you want. :)

Jody Lynn said...

mmmmm...candy and boating...