first stop: philadelphia and d.c.

Sorry there are so many pictures and the spacing is all weird...but hey, I'm finally posting so sit back and enjoy! I also didn't label everything because I think most of the places are self-explanitory. If you have a question, let me know! And the pictures are kind of fuzzy.
Not sure why.
SATURDAY: we spent a few hot and hurried hours in Philly and then drove to Virigina to stay with Shanna and Evan and Bruce for a few days.
this is a tree from seeds that went to the moon. aka, a really expensive and half dead tree.

our first view of d.c.

SUNDAY: we went to Arlington, the National Cathredral and the Air and Space Museum

we ate and rested by the national cathredral. also, I threw something at the cat that was stalking us. I didn't mean to hit it square in the face but...there you go.

the cathedral was HUGE and AWESOME.

we went to the bigger Air and Space. They had a LOT of really big and cool planes, engines, space things, etc. I've never seen Dave so excited. It was like a kid in a huge candy store. It got a little boring for the girls after awhile, but a lot of the things on display were really impressive.

bruce is going to fly away in the space shuttle.

this was pretty sweet. the blackbird. fastest plane...evuuurrrr.

My favorite was the transformers display. Shanna said (and I agree) the little displays are probably mostly for the women because they'd like to look at something...interesting...

MONDAY: we walked and walked and walked the mall, museums and almost died in the hot humid sun. It was a great day though, and we enjoyed our d.c. trip. I wish we could have stayed longer and seen more, but maybe we'll have to live there for a summer and become experts like Shanna and Evan.

oh hey, barack.

the view from the top of the monument.

now we walked up and down the mall and saw all the memorials.

The ww2 memorial was beautifully done. The weather was perfect then, and I was only a little irked at the italians washing their sweaty faces in the memorial pool/fountain. About 2 feet from the sign that said "that's a big disrespectful no-no".

The korean war memorial was a bit sombering. I feel weird saying I liked the memorial...but it's not like I'm glad there is a reason for a memorial. But while we're memoraling (mmm, yep), let's make it a good one, you know? This was a good one.

we're so tricky.

next we hiked all those stairs up to the lincoln memorial. it's huge.

we saw a pretty big moth behind the lincoln memorial

saying hi to good ol' al.

vietnam memorial. so many names.

I loved these. There was one in my humanties book. I also can't remember who did them, but I'm just to lazy to go look.

we stopped at the other Air and Space where Shanna and I just sat down but the boys had more fun seeing more engines/rockets/planes...etc...

the hope diamond: I thought it was bigger, but all the jewelry at the Natural History museum was pretty nice. We saw some bugs, rocks, animals, etc.

the American History musuem was pretty sweet. We saw the star spangled banner (the original), kermit the frog, big machines, and most importantly: c3po

sorry this one isn't rotated, but...we couldn't resist!

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