make peace with an empty town.

dear connecticut,

well, i guess this is good bye. not sure if i'll see you again, and if i never do, i think we'll both be okay.

i'm sorry that i didn't love you as much as i thought i would. i'm not sure why you had to rain the whole summer, but i don't like your humidity either. you were a little lonely and boring, but i think i'm better because you. hopefully.

and i guess most of our fun was spent outside of you, but don't feel bad, because you're the reason we saw so much of the east coast. so, it's all good.

and when we drive away, maybe i'll be a little tiny bit sad, but probably not. i don't know though, because i spent a lot of time here. the bus, washington street, main weren't perfect, but you had some redeeming qualities. i'm sure i'll remember this city for a long time.

thanks for husband's great job this summer. i mean, i worked for two and a half months and didn't make what he made in one was pretty nice.

you can have your mold and bugs and all that stuff back. i didn't like that at all.

we can part as friends, just the kind that don't really call each other but are friends on facebook. or something.



p.s. this is what i liked the most, and can't wait to go back. oh, i loved new york city.


Bruce said...

"you can have your mold and bugs and all that stuff back"

That made me laugh. :)

Your writing is pretty entertaining.

Katya said...

I liked this post a lot. :)