our last weekend in ct.

WAHOOOOOO (lots of screaming/party dancing)

Saturday we got to sleep in a little and then we were off to the mall for some back-to-school shopping. That ended up an almost total flop. I was very disappointed in the H&M/ Forever XX1/ AE....and we looked in other obscure stores but I guess I kind of miss the stores in Orem/Provo. After a few hours and a few try-ons, I bought one shirt. Woo.

After we were going to get the oil changed, eat at Thai place, and go to a Drive-in. We started realizing that we still hadn't written our talks yet so we were going to scratch the movie. We then decided to change the oil during the week, finish our talks, eat Thai food (which Dave loved earlier this summer at a work lunch) and throw caution to the wind and come home at like 3 from the drive in.

After all, it's our last weekend.

So we basically finished our talks, hurried to downtown middltown (heh, it rhymes), hoping the wait wouldn't be long. Fantastically enough, we walked right in and the service was pretty good. The food was fabulous. I ordered what Dave got the time he went (since he always orders better), and it did not disappoint. (after all, it was called "drunken noodle").

The drive-in started approximatley a half hour after sunset. It was about 40 minutes away, and we were worried we wouldn't get there in time. After worrying the whole drive, we were still 15 minutes early. Nice. (And three dollars short. Good thing for atms that have a 3.25 fee. bleh. I won't forget my wallet again...)

We saw G-force first and then Harry Potter. G-force is PG and like a kid version of transformers (we thought that was lame) and...some other plot already taken. Kind of funny, wouldn't see again, but not too bad). We had fun reclining in our chairs, drinking kool-aid and eating candy. We liked the drive-in style a lot. Definitely like the control-your-own-sound and block everyone else out.

Then we got back at two. Up early to handwrite our talks (ick...love technology...what can I say?)

Our talks went well. People even laughed at my joke. yesssss.

Then we left. Last Sunday. Ironic we made friends at the end. We really could have used them earlier, but what can you do?

We're excited that next week will be with Shanna, Evan and Bruce. party in d.c.!

Today at work, I felt like killing every single customer. Seriously, I don't know what it was, but I had it up to my eyeballs with their incompetence, annoying-ness, rudeness, lack of respect....etc.

Oh well, it was busy though, so time went fast. And...THEN THERE WERE THREE.

I don't think we took many pictures this weekend (wait, WE didn't take pictures?!?)

:) happy monday.


Katya said...

yay for a job well done on your talk! what was your joke? and i'm so excited for you to come home!!! :D

brown eyed girl said...

Glad your talks went well!

I've never been to a Drive- In. They sound like so much fun though:). Are there any in the Provo area?