(maybe I"m thiiis close to throwing a tantrum)

letter of recommendation send last wednesday via inter campus mail. by tuesday it's still not there. it's is officially lost somewhere on campus. (I have a sneaking suspicious it's on said recommender's desk).

it's the last part of my application.

he's in morocco until monday.

it's a rolling application and one spot is left for the married apartments.

i cannot believe this.

or, yes, of course i can. of course my letter would be lost because it was SO hard to take it from the RB to the SWKT. oh wait, they are up the stairs from each other. FREAK. i'd've taken it my self.

commence operation "you said you're lenient on letters because they are outside of our control" so let's feel bad for me because my letter is lost and he's gone until monday and therefore you can still interview me. eh, eh? ?

note: it did come the next day. I am not sure where it was for five days.


this is like christmas.

need some menu ideas?  BYU Women's Services and Resources has plently of recipies and menus.  check it out!

oh, and want their cookbook?  it's right here !

happy birthday.

We bought a really cool remote control airplane.

It's super sweeeeet.  We love to play with it.  So much so, that last night I woke dave up because we forgot it outside and had to go get it.  Then I remembered I had put it on a shelf so I went back to sleep.  (and later I woke up to dave elbowing me.  I was like what is going on?  He apologzied; he was fighting in his dream.  he he)

In the same purchase, I got a cardigan like these.  I can't find the exact one I got, but it's striped and I can't wait for the weather to cool down so I can wear it.  I really like the purple and creme one they have, though.  Target has some cute fall clothes that I really want to buy.

Too bad we're all out of birthday money!

p.s.  thanks to katie and kellie for my sweater :)
p.p.s.  thanks to mom and dad b for the airplane

I know it says "women" but...

There is a center on campus called "women's services and resources".  I print fliers for them ALL the time and know the girl who comes in relatively well (alright, like her name.  and she got married recently)  (because her last name changed and I noticed it when I billed her). 


I printed a flier about their blog.  And it's pretty rad.  I bet even boys could read this.  They post on EVERYTHING.  Money, babies, relationships, food, tips, lists...I almost wish I wrote for it!  Sheesh.  It's amazing.  Seriously.  check it out. 

sweet deals.

Unfortunately, this post is for those in the provo area, since it's about a specific store.  Buy Low.  Ever heard of it?  I have been meaning to go there for a few weeks since I've heard that the produce is so cheap.  They have "wednesday specials"  (sorry I didn't post about them before now) and so I decided I'd get double the deals for going today. 

two tomatoes @ .69/lb = .37

four large apples @ 3lbs/1.00 (wowza) = .65

three cucumbers @ 5/1.00 (wednesday special) = .60

two HUGE peaches @ 2lbs/1.00 = .84

one lb strawberries = 1.00

five bananas @ 2 lbs/1.00 = .95

sara lee bagels = 1.88

coupon for 1.00 off bananas when you buy sara lee bagels (in store coupon) = I got paid .05 for taking their bananas.

total = 5.48

sweet, eh? 

I guess it's like this:

"I saw my life branching out before me like the green fig tree in the story. From the tip of every branch, like a fat purple fig, a wonderful future beckoned and winked. One fig was a husband and a happy home and children, and another fig was a famous poet and another fig was a brilliant professor, and another fig was Ee Gee, the amazing editor, and another fig was Europe and Africa and South America, and another fig was Constantin and Socrates and Attila and a pack of other lovers with queer names and offbeat professions, and another fig was an Olympic lady crew champion, and beyond and above these figs were many more figs I couldn't quite make out. I saw myself sitting in the crotch of this fig tree, starving to death, just because I couldn't make up my mind which of the figs I would choose. I wanted each and every one of them, but choosing one meant losing all the rest, and, as I sat there, unable to decide, the figs began to wrinkle and go black, and, one by one, they plopped to the ground at my feet."

-The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

(thanks Katie). 

(and it's not like I want ALL of them.  Just two or three)

and here we are

again, wondering if I really do want to be a  nurse, or if I would be content watching scrubs and house the rest of my life, living vicariously. 


But, I don't know.  Blah. 

Because, upon further reading, I find out that in order to apply for the accelerated bachelor's program, I would also have to take freaking biology 100.  They will only accept AP credit if you got a five.

well, I got a four.

So, boo.  there's another three credits to add.

I can't decide if instead of trying to split my career in half, I should stick to public health and excel at that.  Because if I do what I want to this summer, it basically means I have to wait a whole year to start the nursing program, instead of going from BYU to the U (haha).  That just  wasn't in the plans.  And I feel like I've already changed my plans enough that something should work out.

And maybe the fact that it doesn't work out for nursing IS that working out I want, someone being like "hello, amanda...you wanted an answer, and I've been trying to give it to you for two years now.."

But I just thought I wanted to be a nurse.


back to school.

Well of course I'm jumping on the late bandwagon with my bi-annual summary of my classes post.

Health Behavior Change: I thought this class would be lame and boring...but it's not bad at all.  The reading is light and easy, the theories are logical and it's interesting to learn about.  Not too many quizzes or tests or papers....so it's a great class.  The project we have to do is a confusing one though, and I don't know how to go about doing it but...maybe more on that later.

Health Promotion:  Way easy.  No textbook and a jumbled course packet but...a few assignments and tests...I like it.

Infectious Diseases:  This class starts at 12:35 twice a week and at approximately 12:00 to 2:30 I become obsessively paranoid about the germiness of people.  And those who are breathing in my space, those who touched the door before me, etc.  This will probably be the hardest class as far as assignments, but there is no textbook in this class either and optional readings online.  The teacher goes off on tangents a few times and it gets annoying but...it's interesting, even if it's disgusting.

Technology in Health Promotion:  This is a class in a computer lab, and she even tells us to check our email/facebook when she's getting things ready, etc.  Our semester paper is a blog.  No textbook for this class either.  The lectures are a little boring and the class can be a little long (it's 2.5 hours) but the teacher is awesome.  Seriously, she feels like your best friend.  She's infectiously happy and she's done everything.  Double major, masters, worked at the Dr. Phil show and 20/20, traveled, and now she teaches at BYU and I swear she's 25.  Anyways.  Good class, great teacher.  Easy.

History of Creativity:  blah.  Reading is interesting; lectures are long and boring.  The teacher is alright and the online quizzes are easy and open book.  I need a creativity project though, so if anyone has any ideas, I'm wayyyy open.  Please, actually, we (I'm taking it with Dave), really need ideas.  Basically, everything creative has already been done.

It's 15 credits, not that much work so far and a spread out nice schedule.  All the classes are over an hour, which kind of stinks but means there are less classes in a day and a week.  I'm very lucky this semester!  It'll probably pick up but for now I'm quite enjoying just learning in class and not having to do much other work.

is it time to go to bed yet?

It's looking to be one of those days.  You know... where we woke up at seven and had to leave in 35 minutes, so I didn't wash my hair, look as tired as I feel and threw food in our backpacks because we'll be at school until seven.

Yesterday was a busy on and off.  Some of the time, it was the kind of day where you eat string cheese in three bites and other parts where I was waiting in line to give blood for and hour and a half.  I made an appointment for our stake blood drive at 7:15 and we got home about 9.  I was under the impression that if I had an appointment (they even called to confirm), I would be whisked away and given first attention.  Nah, not like that at all.  I like giving blood because I like knowing my hemoglobin count and blood pressure.  Heh, and I don't mind the needles at all.  In fact, the girl who was poking me messed up a little on my left arm (the needle popped out because she wasn't holding it in) and so she asked if I would try my right arm.  Sure, I thought...I mean, I already wasted two hours of my life just waiting...

and I drank so much water that I was finished in six minutes.  I never realized that correlation between water you drink and how fast your blood flows.  I just thought they wanted you to drink a lot so you wouldn't faint when you are finished (which could be the case as well).  But, it was nice.  A lot of waiting for a six minute total procedure.  Sweet.  So I got some cookies, pretzels and juice and we walked back to our apartment.  with my two bandaged elbows and breathing hard even though it was a five minute walk.  Then as I drank more and more water, we watched scrubs and went to bed (thanks Katie, we're almost done :) )

A lot of things worked out perfectly yesterday, and it was really nice to be able to get everything done that we had to do.  Maybe we'll be 2 for 2 today.

Which started out great, especially on the way to school when I realized I totally forgot about an assignment due in my first class, which luckily I finished quickly and still have forty five minutes until class.

And obviously, I'm being so productive with my time.

blueberry muffins.

If we were undecided on whether or not we're having a family eventually, yesterday's sacrament meeting would have definitely welcomed us to the "NO. absolutely NOT" side.

Kid after stinking kid was screaming, crying because they wanted their toy, capri sun, or their brother to leave them alone. The culprits ranged from age 0 - 5 ish...and it was almost more than we could handle. It was so hard to pay attention (I know, I know, imagine the parents)...and once I looked over at Dave who set off an imaginary detonator. And so, funny enough, we are please to announce...

we're the five year old primary teachers. We switch off with another couple and we thought we'd be officially called yesterday, but we weren't. I couldn't leave you in suspense though, so...shhh..

I am finally burning pictures to cds to free up space on my computer! whoo hoo..

man...I have a lot of pictures.

One of my classes was canceled tomorrow, and another was canceled all next week. sweet! So far, this has been a pretty easy semester. Nice.

mm..this is turning into a really random...I think it's time for bed.

Saturday is a special day...

it's the day we get ready for Sunday!

oh, sorry.  Just practicing for our new calling.


Too bad about those cougars.  It was a rather disappointing home opener, but at least it wasn't a conference game (cause we pwn those guys) and I guess that probably means our national attention is over (humiliatingly so)...ah well.

Our defense was a little (read: very) slow, and for the life of them, the offensive line couldn't protect Max long enough so he could throw a decent pass (he definitely has some, but he was too pressured a lot of the time).  3 interceptions though....eesh.

It's okay.  I love home games and especially the first.  And they did come through, middle of the third quarter when the fans were so dejected they almost were cheering for FS (well, maybe that was just our area) (and seriously, I've never been so bummed about a game before)....number 6 delivered a sweet touchdown that got us back on our feet.

But hey, football isn't everything (at least for me )....so we'll be okay, right?


hey look at this cool holga my friend alyssa took before our boating trip. 

(which I realize I never posted anything about??  man, I need to upload pictures....)

I'm in academic deja vu as I edit a past paper to submit as a writing sample.


am I really doing this?  yes.

send good luck vibes my way!

Have an excellent weekend!  
We'll be cheering on our cougars live Saturday night!

jack flash.

Aren't these pretty? Sometimes I want a new, pretty ipod.
[Even though sometimes I feel like I want to resist this "generation Y" stuff. I mean, seriously. Are we freaking material or what? Who needs all this stuff?]
I was pretty bummed to find out after we got back that my ipod, which had been, to the best of my knowledge, chillin' in the glove compartment, unused...
had what dave called "a point fracture".
It look like it got scratched, but it's worse than that. I mean, it's not broken. It works fine. Which is good because my ipod has been all over with me. Through lots of things. Which, seems kind of silly to be talking about an ipod like that, but it's true.
I'm sad it's all cracked, but maybe it's just personality. right??

ones that are all my own.

Sometimes I wish I could see the big picture right now.  I wish I could know [everything] what I should do at this moment.  I mean, I wish someone [a big Someone] could just whisper, or write it down. That way, I'd have indisputable proof. 

I have four dreams pulling me in different directions, and a small, so it seems, window of time to find time for them all.  It's an endless debate I have in my head.  I can never seem to figure it out, and it's getting down to the time where I need to figure it out pretty soon or I'll be left standing there, with less than I had hoped for. 

With one, I have three semesters left and I can graduate.  Another, I need at least a term or another semester and that would fit right in.  Another, I would need that extra term but it would go after the planned three, because I wouldn't be here.  And yet another, somewhat dwelling on the timing of my life, trying to juggle two dreams at once. 

I don't know could pass as just enough, enough that it would slip past as me achieving, instead of just reaching. 

Ah, how different would it have been if I could have just made the cut the first time?  Now it adds another year of school, which, if I would made it, it probably would have been longer anyways.  But, it would have been okay because it was my undergrad...not an additional thing. 

And the one thing, well, it isn't really that relevant, but I can't let it go.  [like a lot of things].  Where did my semesters go?  I want my sophomore year back.  I mean, I took good classes, but maybe I should have added another...I hate feeling like I should have figured it all out sooner. 

Now I'm planning semesters down to the credit, not even thinking about classes I want to take.  And I'm at the beginning, thinking I should just add one more semester because, well, you're only in college once.  Hopefully.  I mean,

does someone want to figure out my education for me?  Sometimes this whole world just freaks me out.  And trying to fit into an academic world is overwhelming.  I am so not cut out for being the top of the class, a first-rate achiever.  But that doesn't mean I don't want a meaningful experience?  I feel hopeless because 1) I know no one in my major, which directly influences 2) my lack of participation in things that would "look good on a resume" or "give me a marketable skill" because 3) sometimes I just think of the future, and what I'm going for, instead of trying to put all my effort into this, which is, ironically, the conduit to those dreams. 

Maybe it's the first few weeks of school that get us down?  I don't know.

3 down! (hey suzy, remember this??)

(I stole this picture off of Suzy's blog)

(Okay, really weird format BUT we had fun celebrating our last days as a freshman together!  I had lots of fun being her roommate!)
Congratulations to my old/ex-/past (they all sound weird on their own) roommate Suzy!  She's getting married to Corey sometime in the next four months in the Provo Temple.  Sweet, eh?

I'm so happy for her!  She can join Kristen and I waiting for the rest of bowen 11 to get married :)  he he, just kidding. (really).

It's raining.  And we have laundry to pick up.  We've already gone out in the rain twice and now it's extra bothersome because our clothes will get wet again.

We ran today.  Dave's playing soccer this fall and he needs to get in shape...and as for me, I'm just along for support.  :)  Right?  Actually, I just slowed him down because I am incredibly awful at running.  I mean, two blocks and I'd be bent over, clutching my chest, my whole body screaming in protest. Dave coaxed me through the last few blocks...and I think I ran on pure love, because he wouldn't run without me and I know he wanted to run so...

Blah.  I mean, we walk to campus, I walk up those bloody smith fieldhouse stairs at least twice a day...and I run between the wilk, the RB and the clyde all day.  Then we walk home.  I.did.not.think.I.was.this.pathetic.

Boo.  So, I'm dreading going tomorrow but I am clinging to the principle of over load, which, if I remember correctly from ninth grade p.e, it has something to do with things get easier as you build up to it?  Or maybe that's just practice-makes-better or SOMETHING.  My GREATNESS I'm bad at running.   I want to ride my bike but Dave doesn't have one at the moment...

Good thing I'm not playing soccer...or running for my life anytime soon.

Cause I'd be dead.

Which reminds me of a quote I read in my reading for a health class...

"you don't have to kill yourself to save your life". 


I want another three day weekend!

Our weekend was great.  Our party went pretty well on Friday, and I am so grateful for all those who came...and hope they had a great time!  We had fun seeing our friends from so many different places, and we even watched some House.  Gotta  love it. 

On Saturday we woke up early to blow up balloons for the Wymount Opening Social.  We learned a few new skills and got some free ice cream.  The social was fun: good loud music, sno cones, hotdogs, sugar cookies and chips (free, of course)...and we even won 25 dollars off our rent.  Woot woot!

It was nice to be moved in to our apartment and not have to spend another weekend unpacking!

We went to my parents house to, among other things, watch the sweet BYU game.  Number seven, anyone?  We can not wait for the first home game on saturday!  Go cougars!

After Dave showed off his cooking skills by experimenting with a yummy potato/tomato/hamburger/avocado dish along with our favorite, tomato w/ cheese and italian dressing.  After, we went and saw UP with Shanna and Evan.  It was so good!  I haven't seen a Pixar movie to rival it, it seems, and we haven't laughed that hard in a long time.  It just kept being funny.  And, well, maybe I cried during two parts, but other than that, it was fabulous!  Then we had some root beer floats. 

Church was good too.  Our membership records were read (for once) and we think we're going to like this ward. 

I fell asleep after our delicious bagel pizzas on our couch.  It's leather, so it heated up real fast.  Now my clothes are sticking to me, which is a little annoying, but I don't want to give up the nice seat. 

Another week, I guess.  I'm not dreading it, though...so...hopefully we'll just have another great weekend to make up for it!

I've been totally lacking on pictures lately (well, I don't know if anyone cares)...but one of the things on my eternal to-do list that I never do...is clean off my computer.  Then I can upload the pictures on our camera.  Bleh. 

Happy Sunday evening.  Hope you all had a great weekend!

so I don't know the success rate but...

I've started another blog.  This is something in which I have great interest.  It's kind of like: I am taking all these health classes, and I want to share what I know and feel strongly about.  So, if you will, wait for the weekend update and check it out!


Tell me what you think!  It's geared mostly towards college students, and some of the content will be useful for only those who live in utah county.  However, most of it is applicable to everyone...so I hope you enjoy!

but it can be won.

you know what makes me feel victorious and want to conquer the world?

do some martial arts and bellow this song from...my apartment balcony??

"I'll make a man out of you" from Mulan. Maybe it's donny's voice, I don't know...

but I completely love this song.

Along with Ingrid's "soldier". (which vaguely reminds me of lady gaga's "poker face") and I love the strings.

ahhh, it makes my soul happy.

we're almost completely settled. I love it. ever need some motivation? schedule a party and feel that stress the night before. it'll get your butt in gear.

I'm usually the one that snaps into business mode with dave lagging a little behind. today (and other rare occasions) dave gets into that mode, and I felt like I was running behind, just along for the ride and he went from point a to b to c.

so I know what he feels like, and feel bad that I get into that mode much more often than he.

and we found out through our bank account that byu refunded one of our tuition payments...after some searching on our financial accounts, hoping one of us didn't get kicked out of school...

I guess pratt & whitney wanted to pay dave's tuition. 4 days ago, refund today. well, isn't that nice? thanks for telling us? an email would have been nice. but, we're not complaining (well, apparently, other than that).

we've been extremely blessed with scholarships, grants, and now generous employers. we are very grateful. I guess I should not hate connecticut so much, as it's brought great opportunity.

if you're going to be in provo tomorrow, come to our housewarming party! contact me for details!

whilst exchanging ideas for making our walls less blah:

"or maybe we can stick a giant squid to the wall"

thanks, david.

wow, I'm already at the avoid-homework-at-all-costs stage.

Well, it turns out that it was really advantageous to move in over labor day. The extra day was really nice. As of Saturday night, it didn't really look any better than after my parents left on Friday. Sunday we didn't do any unpacking and Monday we started working on the extra room, which was like the room of requirement in Harry Potter. Bleh.

We got up and worked on the project we were doing a week ago or so, and then dove right into the second room. We worked for a few hours and made a lot of progress. Last time we were in Wymount, we only had one room. I'm still trying to make everything fit how it did back then, but I like a few parts of the new layout. The second bedroom's closet is great for storage, but the room looks awkwardly empty, as it will have a desk, two lamps and some clear drawers (but I think those might look tacky just sitting out, so we'll see). Ah well, it should end up looking like an office with minimal furniture.

Our living room is too square for my taste, and makes arranging the furniture frustrating. Against the wall with the door, everyone can stare at our bajillion books and kitchen, the other way leaves a gaping hole in the corner. Diagonal, the room is too shallow and that looks weird. Anyways, after all this furniture analysis, we finally found a way that works really well. I'm mostly excited because once we're all unpacked, I can start using all my decorating plans I thought of in the summer. Also, I supplied great motivation for us to hurry along: we're having a party on Friday.

(side note: come to our housewarming party! facebook event for details!)

The rest of our labor day was much more exciting. We went to a bbq that Katie, Josh and Laura put on. It was fabulous. After, we went to see Night at the Museum 2 with Shanna and Evan. The movie was pretty good. I mean, we noticed inconsistencies with the real museums in New York and D.C. ... but what can you do? I thought Amy Adams did really well.

Then we relaxed a bit, watching Pushing Daisies and eating Dave's gourmet omelets. ( I know you think we're starving because I'm not posting pictures of our food.) I'll see what I can do. I'm trying to clean out my computer so I haven't been able to put new pictures on yet. I just need to wait until I have our desk all ready. Yeah.

okay, back to reading. Check Spelling

with glasses full of orange juice...

we toasted to our six month anniversary last night. here's to three apartments, fifteen states, lots of t.v./movies and cereal, fun adventures, and coming home.

and here's to many more.

( and you're so cute when you're tired. )

Is there a better bet than love?

Yesterday we moved into our apartment! wahoo! Lucky for me (maybe not for the other folks), I worked during the three-four hours they emptied the storage unit. I told dave it was only fair since the last two times I moved when single, he was either gone or had a broken wrist. Payback, I suppose. A few things are different this time from when we were first married (not like it was that long ago though):

we have a couch, table, desk, a second bedroom, we finally broke out a lot of our wedding presents that before we just kept in the box since we'd have to pack it anyways, and a little more of an idea of what we want to do with all our stuff.

I still felt like I was on information overload though, as I unpacked our kitchen and a few other boxes (we still have plenty for the rest of the weekend), what IS all this stuff? Why are we carrying it around? Bleh!

A big thanks to my parents for letting us stay with them, helping us move and helping out with filling our fridge :) It was fun to be at home and see my family all the time but we're glad to feel like we're finally settling.

And, has anyone heard to new Five for Fighting song "Chances"? I highly recommend it. Beautiful piano and lyrics that I find deep and moving. You can listen to it on imeem.

it's here!

we're moving into our new apartment today. we are quite excited. mmm, I'm also really excited to get all my shoes back. we have a two bedroom apartment which we don't really need, but since we have it, I'm glad we do. it'll be nice.

and I think I'll rather enjoy my school-free fridays.

have a great weekend!

next stop: home!

Sorry these pictures are so crappy...I'm not sure why because they are the originals.
I'm going to say it's because I'm using a P.C.
I love this picture of the windmills and flat landscape.

st. louis arch = amazing!

Corn fields. Pretty sweet.

We felt a little weird but a guy in our group almost grabbed my camera and offered a picture. this is the window in Carthage.

Nauvoo temple

Looking out to the misssissippi...it really is beautiful (hmmm, excuse my cliche)

The Smith family cemetary

Oops, I did them backwards. Oh well.

on second thought...

Thanks for all the input about a minor. Yesterday I mapped out my next three semesters with just the required classes I have left...and I don't know if I can do a minor, unless it's one I've already have at least half the classes completed already. Yes, I definitely should have thought about it before...but it took me long enough to get a major...so what can I do about it now? I can always add a semester but I'd rather finish in four years, without a minor if needs be. Plus, for the major electives I have to do, they have a COMMS class (public relations), two nutrition classes, and international class...so maybe even if I don't get a minor, I'll still have a somewhat broad skill range by the time I'm done.

And just looking at the next three semesters makes me thing I'm either going to die or be in school forever. I don't really want to take some of the required ones and it seems to be a weird thing not in the beginning/middle of school anymore. I'm approaching the end which means...more work. bleh.

my major

Public health seems to be a really unknown major...and I never really know how to explain it. And really, I don't really know all it entails. BYU's public health major has four tracts: epidemiology, environmental/occupational health, health promotion and health science. I have an emphasis in health promotion.

(according to the promotion site):

Health promotion specialists work to change policies and environments, as well as attitudes and behaviors that affect health. Health promotion specialists learn about their communities, plan health-related programs, put those programs into action, and then measure the program's success.

Health promotion specialists have job titles such as health promotion specialist, community health specialist, health educator, public health educator, health coordinator, or any number of similar titles.

You are likely to find jobs in:

  • State, local and Federal government agencies
  • Non-profit organizations such as the American Heart Association, American Lung Association, American Red Cross, and United Way.
  • Community-based organizations such as rape crisis centers, substance abuse treatment facilities, or senior citizen centers.
  • Hospital or managed care organizations such as Kaiser Permanente, United Health Care, Aetna, or Intermountain Health Care
While my ultimate goal still is to be a nurse, while I'm working towards that or if that never happens, I would like to work at a non-profit organization, government agencies or a hospital setting.