Is there a better bet than love?

Yesterday we moved into our apartment! wahoo! Lucky for me (maybe not for the other folks), I worked during the three-four hours they emptied the storage unit. I told dave it was only fair since the last two times I moved when single, he was either gone or had a broken wrist. Payback, I suppose. A few things are different this time from when we were first married (not like it was that long ago though):

we have a couch, table, desk, a second bedroom, we finally broke out a lot of our wedding presents that before we just kept in the box since we'd have to pack it anyways, and a little more of an idea of what we want to do with all our stuff.

I still felt like I was on information overload though, as I unpacked our kitchen and a few other boxes (we still have plenty for the rest of the weekend), what IS all this stuff? Why are we carrying it around? Bleh!

A big thanks to my parents for letting us stay with them, helping us move and helping out with filling our fridge :) It was fun to be at home and see my family all the time but we're glad to feel like we're finally settling.

And, has anyone heard to new Five for Fighting song "Chances"? I highly recommend it. Beautiful piano and lyrics that I find deep and moving. You can listen to it on imeem.

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