on second thought...

Thanks for all the input about a minor. Yesterday I mapped out my next three semesters with just the required classes I have left...and I don't know if I can do a minor, unless it's one I've already have at least half the classes completed already. Yes, I definitely should have thought about it before...but it took me long enough to get a major...so what can I do about it now? I can always add a semester but I'd rather finish in four years, without a minor if needs be. Plus, for the major electives I have to do, they have a COMMS class (public relations), two nutrition classes, and international class...so maybe even if I don't get a minor, I'll still have a somewhat broad skill range by the time I'm done.

And just looking at the next three semesters makes me thing I'm either going to die or be in school forever. I don't really want to take some of the required ones and it seems to be a weird thing not in the beginning/middle of school anymore. I'm approaching the end which means...more work. bleh.

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