take that, jack.

happy halloween!

this is our pumpkin, harry.

(he was modeled from the fourth book cover. if you look at it, I think you'll see it's quite a likeness. also, that is not a buck tooth. that is the candle. we got it for our wedding.)

happy birthday lyss!

this is alyssa. she's one of my best friends. and now she's twenty! wahoo! this is the last picture we have I think before we were both engaged and married and expecting (her). gotta love costa vida. anyways, lyss and I have been friends since middle school. we were in the same ward and did track together and along the way we became best friends. we worked together, swam together, hung out together and appreciated the finer things in life together. even though she's way more fashionable and outgoing than me, we've managed to stay friends all these years through different colleges and getting married. we don't see each other much anymore but that's what web 2.0 is for, right? and randomly quoting our inside jokes.

anyway, lyssa, I love you and I hope you have a great birthday! you're such a great friend and example to me.

p.s. lyss is also a fabulous photographer. check out her blog here.

hapee friday.

I know this looks more like an angle...

A few weeks ago it was a rather rainy day. I was a bit grumpy as I walked to the car (but not as grumpy as I would have been if we would've walked home). As soon as I sit in the drivers seat, this is what totally...for a lack of a less cheesy line...took my breath away? A completely perfect rainbow, right in my window. I only had my phone, and couldn't get the whole thing. This is the best I could do piecing them together.

Isn't science cool??
it will be my last dying wish as a senior to take english.

I almost signed up for 17 credits. maybe it was my recklessness from staying up until 12. then dave, in a sleep-filled mumble said "you can't do that because I love you and I want to see you". then I realized how much I don't like working all the time and decided to stay at 15.

oh registering...you're so fun.

I think when we leave, a part of me will still be here.

I love going to home football games. I love the stadium. I'm not saying that it influenced my decision to come to BYU, but I'm not not saying it either. I think it's my love of feeling connected and moved, but once before I graduated we were at a game and I just felt so a part of something, and I guess I knew it was the right choice. (or the only school I applied to).
I don't know.

Even though we aren't as good as we've been, I still love it. (Or, mostly. In retrospect. Later).

[ And yes, these were taken with my sony ericsson phone. I think I will never have another phone with such good photo quality. ]

to be or not to be...

We're still trying to decide if we want to dress up for Halloween or not. I was all gung-ho and planning on making a vest so we could be a cowboy and Indian...then we realized none of our married friends do anything for Halloween and we're not sure about the single friends. So...we decided it wasn't worth it. Then our home teachers came over and told us about a ward party on Friday and there are prizes for the best costumes...and while I doubt we'd win, it'd be fun to go. Then I thought of a pro and con list

pros: mingle with families in our ward, could be fun, maybe get a prize and watch cute kids trunk-or-treat.

cons: it'll be outside.

In the end, cons won. It's not a huge deal to miss this one party...and we don't have any kids and we wouldn't get any candy so...

I thought of pulling out graduation robes and dressing up like harry potter (like Ron and Hermione??) ( I did that once...and not for Halloween) but all in all, I've decided that we ought to retire from dressing up (until we have kids) because we can't top last year's costume.

So we shouldn't even try...right?

And I don't care enough about the holiday to buy anything or cram it into the rest of this week, which by the way...

came out of nowhere and piled on all this stuff I have to do. All of a sudden, oh! I have a test today, one next Monday, a paper due next Tuesday, tomorrow, reading, quizzes...I should be starting on some projects but I just don't want to. I know that doesn't sound like much but it all came quickly and from nowhere (my classes)...and I'm feeling stressed. So of course, I'm blogging about it.

Also, thanks for all the comments about texting/dating. I think that as long as texting doesn't take over real interaction, it's fine. I mean, sometimes it's nice to be able to text a one word sentence that would seem silly to call about these days (now that you don't have to call). I love emails and texting and sometimes calling...but sometimes, you can't get through to them calling. Which is sad, but it's true.

And like Cindy said...I msned my whole middle school career and I turned out quite capable of having real relationships and conversations so...as with everything...moderation!

texting while dating

I am a texter...always have been, and probably always will be. It started when I got a phone and went from 10 messages to 50, 100, 1000, 3000, and finally (or maybe after 5000) unlimited. I went over every limit I had, that is, until unlimited, when, ironically enough, I probably barely text 1000. Now, I probably send 50 messages a month or so. It was an exponential growth and now has leveled off.

Why did I go over? It wasn't the lectures from my parents I craved, or paying the extra...whatever it was...it was probably my friends I was hanging out with or the boy I liked. I just couldn't NOT text someone back, even if I went over. (Especially if I liked the guy). We weren't (or at least, I wasn't) on facebook until after senior year. (too bad). Anyways, it was a little different when Dave and I started dating and he didn't have texting at all. (I know...the horror!)

I know plently of people who didn't have texting in high school and probably never texted their boyfriend or friends. But, there are plently of people who did and still do.

So instead, we talked while we worked for two hours together, made phone calls and....got our money's worth out of facebook's messaging. That was like our texting. I have hundreds of messages from Dave in my inbox still and while it wasn't as instantly gratifying as texting, it was much more exciting. I mean, you actually had to log on and see that little "1" over your inbox. YES!

Day quality was lessened or increased by the number next to "inbox". It was a little pathetic. Especially since Dave was busier than I was, and didn't care as much (or something).

When we did send a text, it was a rare and guilty treat. One last "I love you" (lol, awkward?) after a great date or when we left at night and things were a little weird, we'd try to smooth it out with a quick text. Days until we were married, the occasional flirting while dating (like complaining about all the dots I threw down his shirt)...and the rare functional text sent when you couldn't call.

Anyways, now Dave has texting and I want him (us) to get our money's worth...but I feel that we've adapted so well to rarely texting that we don't need it. Other people might need to text him, but we don't really text much. It will be nice to send a text and not feel bad but...I might as well call, right? And he's always in the basement of the clyde and never has service anyways...so...

What do you guys think? Do you prefer to text a guy you're almost dating rather than call? Or text your boyfriend/fiancee? What about husband? How do you feel about texting in general?

new phone and a new driver...?

Tonight I met my family at the mall because it is time for a phone upgrade (not that I don't have a functioning phone already) and they had some sweet deals for us. I walked in on my phone and the sales guy starts talking to me...(I think phone sales men are annoying (no offense)....and I tell him I'm waiting for my family, we are getting upgrades, and name the phones we're looking at. Then he starts spealing (I think I made that up) until my family comes in.

We're all looking and playing and my mom is asking about the features or accessories of a phone and I can hear the sales guy, in a hushed tone, ask if "she can drive yet"...(as in, did we want a hands-free or car charger)...thinking they were talking about my 14 year old sister.

No, he asked about me. My mom is like "uh, she's married". He's like "oh, I didn't think she was that old at all". Right.

AND a phone sales man is like the only person we'd ever let get away with being on the phone the entire time he's helping you. texting, calling, showing off, whatever. urg.

bah! I hate hate hate it when people think I'm younger than I am and especially think that Aimee is older than I am.

side note: when I was about four I had a major breakdown because I thought since I was older than Aimee, my birthday should come first (hers is in April, mine in June). I didn't understand how time worked, apparently.

When we worked a summer job together, the boss thought Aimee was older even though I was going to be a senior and she a stinking sophomore! I personally think I look older (because I am...) and I am taller, after all. But she has darker features which I can see how that would make her look older.

Anyways. Now I have a sweet phone. It's like an iphone but not as cool. I figure it's as close to an iphone or ipod touch I'll ever get (w/o the music).. It's all touch screen and has fancy widgets and we'll see how sharp the learning curve is :)

she obviously got her coolness, fashion sense, tall-ness and overall good looks and personality from me.


I finished another sewing project, but I can't say much about it because I don't want to ruin anything for anyone. I just figured while I was practicing, I might as well make something for someone else. Not that it's super good or anything, but hey...who doesn't like free stuff...right?

Yesterday was kinda weird. In the morning I went with some girls in my infectious diseases class to a middle school in Springville and we did a hand-washing seminar type thing. It was fun to talk to girls in my major and have some hands on experience with public health. It was good, except I don't like middle school kids, as a rule.

Afterwords I ran some errands, as I usually do on Friday morning because I don't have class. But as usual, I got really stressed as I was running all over and things weren't going as planned. Oh well, I made it to work on time so that's all that matters. I even made a grilled cheese sandwich and walked to work.

Work was great (I got a raise) and slow and after Dave and I hurried home to make a salad for a bbq we were having with Dave's lab. We went with Shanna and Evan and we had a good time. The food was delicious (huge polish hotdogs = excellent....and so full)....and it was fun.

After Dave studied for the GRE all night and I sewed. It wasn't our most exciting night.

Today we slept in a bit, had breakfast, and then it was off to studying, laundry, finishing sewing and now that Dave's gone I supposed I ought to do the dishes and stuff.


game tonight..should be freaking sweet. go cougars!

it's not my favorite vegetable but...

I probably shouldn't post this recipe on my health blog because I don't know how good these are for you...but pumpkin is good for you. These look delicious! (ingredient loaded, perhaps...but maybe worth a shot?)


Need some chicken soup for your hungry soul? Mosey on over to my other blog to find a super easy and delicious recipe!

and so it goes.

I love that we're enjoy true fall weather. Growing up in Utah, that can be pretty rare. I love the colors and that it gets pretty warm during the day.

This week, I'm happy to report that we've done dishes every single day so far and get impressively close to our bedtime and waking up time. Wahoo! We also had our carpets cleaned on Monday which means we no longer have mystery spots from the previous tenants (or us, but I never figured out how they got there) anymore. Plus, we've kept the house pretty clean since we had to clean for that.

Dave is working super hard. All his classes have big projects and he's on three teams and is working constantly and I always feel bad when I don't do as much. I wish I could help but he knows way more than me. I'm glad he's working so hard so we can enjoy the benefits together later. He's also taking the GRE this Saturday. Wish him luck! Hopefully he'll get enough studying in. I think some of the questions are stinking hard. Why do we have so many words anyway??

I've been blessed with a nice and easy week and don't really want it to change. But, I'm sure it will, because that's how life goes. We have our first lesson on Sunday. Hopefully we can squeeze that in our week. I'm kind of excited! Hope your Wednesday was great!


My first project was a computer sleeve. I really liked the fabric I found and even though the project was probably too hard for a beginner but I did it! I'm nervous posting pictures because I totally and completely know it isn't professional looking or even close to a normal sewer at all. I get impatient, especially with cutting the fabric (ha - I blame it on not having the right tools, like a cutting board etc) and making sure the seams are perfect perfect. I believe the zig zag stitch means you don't have to be perfect...because a zig zag isn't perfect. So I KNOW my stitching is often all over the place (as I figure out the machine) and I know my velcro isn't perfectly straight (I had a hard enough time getting my machine to sew through it)...and I was 97% sure it was too small for my computer. And while it could use an extra half inch, it FITS! Almost perfectly. It stretches it and it's a little wrinkly and whatever...but it was about $5.00 and I enjoyed sewing and knowing that talent is in reach. A few feet more but...ya know. So...now you may look:

I got the pattern from here. I also thought this one is pretty cool but it looked more complicated (and the one I used was plently hard enough).

Another Testament

Photographer Mark Mabry did Reflections of Christ, which I discovered through an exhibit at BYU. He did a unique series of new testament stories of Christ. When I was walking through the bookstore today, I saw he has another series: Another Testament of Christ, which is depictions of 3rd Nephi.

I really like his photos because they are unique from traditional gospel paintings and they capture emotion that I think was really there (like laughter or happiness) but you don't always see in a lot of paintings.

monumental places.

brooklyn bridge

st. louis arch

flatiron building

empire state building

The first three pictures I printed off for a tri-frame we have in our room.
Unfortunately, the empire state building didn't make the cut. However, I just realized it should have, and it could have been a new york theme. If I decided to do something where we have a wall of favorite/awesome/monumental places (which I am thinking we must), it'll go on there for sure. I think we must go back this summer. Don't tell dave.

(I took these)

washington seminar

As I mentioned earlier this week, I was accepted into the Washington Seminar program. I thought I would explain it for those who don't know what it is. It is an internship program through BYU. They accept me into the program because they think they can help me find an internship in Washington D.C. Now that I'm in, I'll spend the next few months applying for about 10 internships and hopefully, I'll get one. Then it's off to D.C. the day after Dave graduations because it's a spring/summer semester (end of April through mid-August). That part will yet be worked out and will be a little crazy. It's different than a normal internship because it's for school - specifically political science - which I don't need at all - but I might be able to get some health credit out of it too.

I wanted to do it this way though because I love political science and I like that there is a middle man so I don't have to do everything myself. Also, I'm glad that there will be a group of us. I'll work four days a week and then on Friday the group has "class", which ranges from lectures from important people, visiting important places and organizations and learning a lot about the world. Sometimes, he told me, it's things meant to make us think or things we don't agree with (like a pro-abortion org.) and while that's not what I'm specifically looking for...I'll take it. We'll get to tour all sorts of places and get professional experience. I'm so excited (and wahoo, I finally got accepted into something)! (Okay, I did get into college, but I'm more referring to getting into something I really really wanted for my professional career...like nursing...)

I hopefully will be able to internship in a health field that I am interested in, which is a lot of things, so I'm not too worried. Global health, woman's health, anything with promotion/politics...and I also think it'd be interesting to intern for the US department of public health. We'll see though, so wish me luck!

We're not sure where we're living yet or anything else like that. I plan on living close to where the student center is (the Barlow Center) for the rest of the (single students and four married couples) are staying. There are too many couples for how many rooms there are...so...tough luck? We now will pay probably double the price for rent and yeah...I'm a little bummed about that. Oh well. Ideally, we'll find a furnished place close to there...and it'll be good.

I know what some of the readers are thinking: Amanda, dear, do you remember last summer? You had an awful (mostly) time...and yeah, I don't know why you want to try it again.

Well, I know. But, I truly believe things will be different this time. For one, we're building on previous experience. I think that's worth a lot right there. Plus, D.C. isn't Middletown, CT. Enough said. I love D.C. (what I've seen) and I love that we'll have the chance to explore D.C. and live there for four months. Maybe this will fulfill my "live in the city" dream and Dave will be nothing but relieved.

I am sad that yet again, we'll miss out on a lot of things back in Utah. My family has fun things planned for this summer, plus two new babies we'll miss for four months..../sigh. That part of being grown up (or just moving away) stinks.

And still, we haven't had a real honeymoon with sun, the beach and disneyland. (well, I'm working on the whole 'dave doesn't like roller coasters' part). But, that's okay. We're having fun adventures that will make us rich later and THEN we can honeymoon. Right?

Dave is looking for an internship in the D.C. area, so if anyone can hook him up, let us know! I'm glad that he's been so supportive in letting me apply to this program I've wanted to do since high school, even though I probably won't ever be the breadwinner, I still like to learn and expand my horizons.

Any questions? Thanks for all the supportive comments and such...I appreciate it!

(cindy/eric...we will be for sure visiting you and can't wait to see your baby!) (that'll replace the other two we'll be missing out on?) :)



Sometime in the summer I decided I wanted to retry sewing. I'm borrowing my mom's (ancient) sewing machine, and this last weekend I made a definite list of things I want to attempt to make. I took a class in ninth grade..and I do believe that is the last experience I had with sewing. I hope that with some practice I can become pretty good at it. I pulled out the sewing machine tonight to get acquainted...and after spending five minutes with it, we already know Dave knows more about sewing than I do. /sigh.

Fortunately, it was kind of like riding a bike. I remembered in no time how to thread it and get started. I made a mock up (office, anyone?) of what I'm planning on making for my Halloween costume with a cut up pillowcase that was already in the bag. Well, it was a ridiculously small model and retarded fabric...so...while it looks awful, I'm hoping with better fabric and a bigger pattern, it'll work out.

I think I just don't have the patience to sit and make it look super nice, which...I'm hoping to change, for sure.

If I ever do make what I wanted well enough to show someone, I'll post it on here and you call all be impressed at my talents.


but I don't say a lot of things.

I can't figure out what to write my application assignment...I feel like I do the same thing every time, but...I can't think of anything new! (I'm sure that makes sense to no one).

However...I don't really care because I get off work in 7 minutes, and then after dinner and filling up the car, it's off to INGRID!

Wahoo! I'm super excited. Katie and I went summer of oh eight and I'm really sad that she can't join us this time. (But, she is in California, which sounds quite nice right now). Hopefully we won't suffer from the heat as much this time.

I think there's more to blog about...but it'll have to wait. Have a great Saturday night!

what to eat...

dave and I are relatively certain if we eat another pb&j we will vomit.

we gotta be more creative with our lunches.



once upon a time there was a boy who loved a girl, and her laughter was a question he wanted to spend his whole life answering.

-nicole krauss, the history of love.

just say yes.

here are a few clips. dave's camera has surprisingly good audio quality. there are a few longer clips I have but those took way to long to upload...so I'll try again later. enjoy!

snow patrol

was amazing. I've seen the once before, almost three years ago. Still awesome, and probably more so now. I went with my friend Jody and we had a blast. It was also her 21st birthday. What a way to ring it in, eh??

Snow Patrol is great on stage. The main singer 1. has a freaking awesome Irish accent, and it's even more apparent live than on an album 2. reminds me of my friend Noah 3. is lurpy, quite entertaining to watch (he moves around and uses his hands a lot), and a fantastic singer 4. he said "the rest of you go to BYU west? Is that right?" (referring to the fact that a lot of them went to "this fine school" -- UVU) "man, Utah is flipping beautiful. I feel so small in a good way. The biggest sky I've ever seen" "your phones look funny. Like little aliens" "everyone sing as if your shoes are on fire. sing as if you're in an eighties movie" 5. played their new single the for the second time only. It's AMAZING. They also had fantastic video effects, which I love at a concert. Their encore video was a galaxy and whole world made out of folded paper. It was amazing.

We even got bumped up to the more expensive floor seats. We got the cheaper ones, in the seats, row 2. (the front row). Pretty good, right? Well, section 8 is the last section from the stage. Between the Plain White Tees and Snow Patrol, the security guys came and said the band thought our section was too far away so we could move down to the not sold out floor. We were pretty happy and had pretty decent seats.

The concert was fabulous. I'll post videos on the next post.

check out jody's post for another look at the concert!

oh hey.

"It is my pleasure to inform you that you have been accepted to participate on the Brigham Young University Washington Seminar 2010 Spring-Summer Program."


: infectious diseases overload.

meh.  listening to this song all night.  I love it.  write about the weekend later.  you know what is a good quote from zeus?  (thanks, history of creativity).  in a sense, so true.

“How foolish men are! It is their lot to suffer, but because of their own folly they bring upon themselves sufferings over and above what is fated for them. And then they blame the gods.”


take that week of october 5th (happy birthday dad)

Our house is way messy again.  I am not quite sure how it happens.

I took two tests this week, a written one and a multiple choice.  90% on multiple choice baby.  Not bad, not bad.  Especially since I didn't spend that much time studying because I was working on studying for another test (which I think I did pretty well on) and do a project.

The project, by the way, was the easiest and lamest thing I've ever done.  We had to make up five gods over unique modern aspects.  I procrastinated it until the night before (naturally) and finished in a mere 3 hours (one of which was spent looking for the perfect picture online...so...).  That never happens.  It's a universal law that if you procrastinate a creative project, it willl take at least 10 hours and require an all nighter.

This one was nice though, because I made it all up!  No research, no citing...I even used a premade word template for a 5 page brochure.  Paste a picture, make up a paragraph or two.  Schweet.

up next: SNOW PATROL!  

(and maybe cleaning our house) (and another test next week)

and I love stephen colbert.  and dan brown.

and dave christensen.


this is too much for me to hold

(another wordy and heavy post, I think).

I think my major is like training us to fight an uphill never ending battle.  I learn so much, but it seems like no one cares to know how they can live better.  I feel like I'll be standing there, hands up in desperation, so passionate about what I believe in, and no one cares.  I'd tell anyone who would listen about what I learned in school today, because I feel that it matters.  But I'll spend my whole life fighting against people who are too stubborn, too poor, too illiterate, too passive...so much better at making a point than I am. 

and I can't help but think "...but we're right!".  you'll see. 

we don't need a vaccine to prevent HIV/AIDS.  we shouldn't have to spend billions of dollars on treatment.  you know why?  it is competely preventable.  it's called behavior change.  but no one cares about that because they enjoy their high risk lifestyle too much. and obviously, in some places, it's about education.  well, that doesn't cost billions of dollars.  if we didn't have to wade through so much....stuff...to get there, it'd be so beneficial.  but the thing is, we need results right now.  prevention doesn't work right away.  it's after years and years you see the benefits.  so that doesn't work, because no one is willing to change.  and they're just taking money away from what really needs a vaccine because it isn't preventable. 

I feel overwhelmed because I could never do enough.  Why can't people know what I know?  Why aren't we all given the same opportunities?  Why do I know all this stuff?  What am I supposed to do with it?  Why don't people keep the commandments or know about how good the gospel is at keeping us healthy? bleh.  Again, I wish I knew everything, I really did.

and this leads to this conversation:

*amanda, having talked passionately, loudly and fast for at least 20 minutes straight*

"ah, I feel like I can't get enough air"

*dave begins to shake with laughter*

"uh, no wonder you can't, because you've talked for an hour straight!"

he's so nice to listen. 

when men's hearts shall fail them.

(A tad emotional and philosophical, perhaps...but I'm not trying to offend, start an argument, etc. 
These are just my thoughts.)

Sometimes I get fed up and overwhelmed with all the problems in our world.  And contemplating on this, I feel that all our problems are the result of one thing, and one thing only:  greed.  

We have all these "needs".  People are killed by the thousands everyday from greed.  You know what I learned today?  Globaly, 5.4 million people die from causes directly linked to tobacco use.  In America, that's equivalet to three fully loaded 747s crashing daily with no survivors.  That's one death every six seconds worldwide.  But the industry doesn't care, because they are rolling in the dough.  People need custom this and custom that.  Mother of pearl bathrooms that are equivalent in cost of feeding nations.  I also learned today in infectious diseases that we probably never will get a vaccine for HIV/AIDS (even though, I learned, it is probably possible...very cool) because no one wants to make it because then they'd have to share their ideas and profits.  Oh, imagine that.  Let's not save the billions of people who die because you need more money.

It just makes me sick sometimes.  In a way, I think you can also trace it to the fundamental unit of society: the family.  Isn't that what we've been taught about for years and years?  Our society will be destroyed because our families will be destroyed.  People are too greedy for families.  To educate people. To save people.  To feed people.  To just merely serve people without a hidden agenda or your nice payoff.  Think of what we could do if we were less greedy:  less poverty, less immorality, less morbidity, less mortality, less STD's, less murders, less abuse, less malnourishment, less chaos and war.

And I'm not saying that I don't want or have nice things. Or that that is a bad thing.  Working hard for what you have is great.  And I've been very blessed in my life.  And I imagine, due to socio economic predictors, I will do fine my whole life.  But I would like to believe, I have to believe, that I will try to give of myself and our material possessions all my life.  That if I had the capability to create an HIV/AIDS vaccine, I would without a second thought.  If I could feed a nation, I would.  If I could educate everyone who would listen, I would.

Another greedy industry...health insurance and all it implies.  A flu shot that costs 100 dollars?  Pulease.  Way to help people, really.

I'm not saying I'm for a universal health care system or anything.  This isn't about politics.  Though, I do think my major is a little "liberal" based.  I know that so many people work hard for what they get.  And some people get rotten luck and are placed in circumstances out of their control.  I know that people work hard and still don't get what they deserve (: greed).

Even those who work don't get health insurance.  And I think that if we found a solution that had no impact on a working person who gets health insurance...but if it also provided health insurance to those who didn't have it and needed it, wouldn't that be okay?   If you got what you earned, can you just leave the rest to someone else?  We don't get the final judgment for people's actions.  Everyone will be held accountable for their choices.  But if you get what you want and think you deserve, and if it doesn't cost you a penny more for someone to get health insurance, wouldn't that be okay?  I think it would be okay.  Even if you think they don't deserve it...I'm not sure that's really up to you anyways.

So many people die from lack of prevention, education and health care.  I believe we should start with promotion.  10% of our population uses 70% of our health care spending.  It's chronic, most often preventable, diseases.

If we did all we could to prevent these diseases, we would save so many lives and so much money. Also frustrating is how much of a change we'd need to even start accomplishing this.  An entire society needs an ideological shift.  Which is daunting and seems impossible.  But we have to try!

I just look at the world and feel so hopeless. 

"Wo unto you poor men, whose hearts are not broken, whose spirits are not contrite, and whose bellies are not satisfied, and whose hands are not stayed from laying hold upon other men's goods, whose eyes are full of greediness, and who will not labor with your own hands!

But blesses are the poor who are pure in heart, whose hearts are broken, and whose spirits are contrite, for they shall see the kingdom of God coming in power and great glory unto their deliverance; for the fatness of the earth shall be theirs.

For behold, the Lord shall come, and his recompense shall be with him, and he shall reward every man, and the poor shall rejoice"

(d&c 56 17-19)

"Now, I, the Lord, am not well pleased with the inhabitants of Zion, for there are idlers among them; and their children are also growing up in wickedness; they also eek not earnestly the riches of eternit, but their eyes are full of greediness."

(d&c 68: 31)

"Perhaps thou shalt say: The man has brought upon himself his misery; therefore I will stay my hand...

But I say unto you, O man, whosoever doeth this the same hath great cause to repent; and except he repenteht of that whi he hath done he perisheth forever...

For behold, are we not all beggars?  Do we not all depend upon the same Being, even God, for all the substance which we have, for both food and raiment, and for gold, and for silver, and for all the riches which we have of every kind? 

And now, if God, who has created you, on whom you are depended for your lives and for all that ye have and are, doth grant you whatsoever ye ask that is right, in faith, believing that ye shall receive, O then, how ye ought to impart of the substance that ye have on to another. "

(mosiah 4: 17-19, 21)

"The worldly aspiration of our day is to get something for nothing. The ancient evil of greed shows its face in the assertion of entitlement: I am entitled to this or that because of who I am—a son or a daughter, a citizen, a victim, or a member of some other group. Entitlement is generally selfish. It demands much, and it gives little or nothing. Its very concept causes us to seek to elevate ourselves above those around us. This separates us from the divine, evenhanded standard of reward that when anyone obtains any blessing from God, it is by obedience to the law on which that blessing is predicated (see D&C 130:21).

The effects of greed and entitlement are evident in the multimillion-dollar bonuses of some corporate executives. But the examples are more widespread than that. Greed and ideas of entitlement have also fueled the careless and widespread borrowing and excessive consumerism behind the financial crises that threaten to engulf the world."

Elder Dallin H. Oaks (a great talk, by the way)

A Proclamation to the World



aren't they beautiful? 

I cannot wait for thursday.  especially after last week's episode.  was anyone else disappointed by it?

married!  wahoo!


My sister and brother - in-law are having a baby in january.  We're really excited.  We've never had a nephew before.  Bruce nicknamed him tank (but that's probably not what they are really naming him...).  Dave's family threw Shanna a shower on saturday.  Shanna and I spent the day making sugar cookies and frosting them.  We practiced our tipping skills and it was fun.  The cookies were delicious and oh-so-cute.  We had a fun weekend hanging out with Dave's family and mine for dinner on Sunday.  All the food was delicious, and the company, as always, is great. 

And I know it's like post overload tonight, but Dave is gone for two days and I've already washed the million dishes from the weekend (though Bruce washed a few this morning and it lessened the load considerably.  He's pretty cool), cleaned the living room up again and vacuumed, folded the load of whites from Friday, watched six  episodes of scrubs, painted my nails in another desperate attempt to stop biting my nails..., posted like 394 blogs...and maybe I'll pick up our room too.  I can't decide if I want to just go to sleep or avoid going to bed.  It's just weird, you know?  We've never been apart since we've been married...and I know it's for a measly two days...but I'm kind of attached the guy, and it just seems like it will be weird to eat breakfast alone and sleep in a big bed alone
(except I did that in high school, so...)

Anyways.  I'll have to find more things to do tomorrow night.  I'm sure I'm sure I'll finish off the sugar cookies, eat another bowl of popcorn, watch some Stephen Colbert and wait for the guys to come back.

I borrowed my mom's sewing machine...with the intention of getting better at sewing.  Shanna is a great inspiration, but I'm either lacking patience or skill, and it's probably both.  I want to take a class next semester, but the lab is THREE hours and class is two.  If I didn't want to work, I could learn to sew. (hmm, really tempting, actually)

Yeah, I really want a new job.  So if anyone in the Provo area has a great hook up, hook me up!  I just need change (which I usually avoid)...but two and a half years...definitely a record. 

I probably missed the boat on this, but ingrid's new album "everybody" is perhaps the most amazing thing I've heard for...weeks...days?  I don't know, but she is one of two or three female singers that I absolutely love.  It's like her music...resonates with my soul.  eh, anyways, I'm going to her concert in two weeks.  I can't wait.  You should definitely check out "are we there yet?", "the chain", "maybe", "soldier", "everybody" and "sort of".  Maybe all her music?  Yeah, that's probably good.

Oh, did I study today?  No, not really = I started Dan Brown's newest book. 
I love it already. His books are fabulous.  I love them. 

Okay, well that's all for this blog...enjoy!

the other two pictures that didn't fit anywhere.

 this is my new plant that I got for 1 something at Campus Craft & Floral.  It's pretty sweet.  I don't know what it is and we still need a pot for it and hopefully I won't kill it.  (I have a pretty bad history with plants).

Also, remember when I gave blood?  I was just getting in the Christmas spirit.

I think I have one more post. 


I know you all think we've been starving because I haven't been posting food pictures.  Here are some from the last few weeks.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again.  Dave is a fabulous omelet maker.  We got some raspberries that were yummy and some HUGE peaches.  I made some peach cobbler.  We had my sister over for Sunday dinner.  Salad, roast, biscuits, tomatoes...and a few games of clue.  Shepard's pie?  Easy and delicious. 

Don't worry, we're still eating. 

so I married a soccer star.

Dave's playing inter mural soccer.  they lost their first game and killed in their second game.  it's fun to watch him.  his team is good, and of course, so is he :) 

notice his wound and freaking sweet new shoes.