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yep, school is super useful.

thanks to all of you who read and comment on our blog!


there is no new office this week. (this is the outrage). I need new office episodes!

however, since it is Thursday and tomorrow is Friday, I can be a little less disappointed especially since I can watch Modern Family instead. I don't like January/February as far as T.V. goes since it's the time for re-runs. Not that I really should be watching T.V. but...oh well.

In other news, the start of four group projects really begins this next week, two of which are at least 30 pages. I'm not really excited about that.

Amanda, you can not be the group editor for each group. Other people know how to write too.

(are you sure?)

Also, during yesterday's 24 hours I saw Dave for one hour in the morning when we were getting ready for school, and five minutes when he woke me up at 11:00 pm to say hello/goodnight/I have more to do at home.

bleh. are we done yet?

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yo-yos and skittles

sunday crafts:

I learned how (not that it's hard) to make fabric yo-yos. They are pretty cool and I made a hair clip with the two I made. I have lots of ideas for these.

I also crocheted this necklace from this awesome blog:

you slide the three chains through that loop.

my flowers still need a lot of work but...I still thought it was cool.

last but not least: dave found the skittles I gave him for Christmas behind some stuff in our pantry. In a rare opportunity, he re-played his happy dance for the camera.

oh, I married a good one.

fabric poms

I thought these were pretty cool so I bought a pillowcase at D.I., plastic ornaments from the dollar store for .25, and cut out a lot of circles. I think they are pretty cool, but wasn't really sure what to do with it. I also only made one because it takes a million circles. Oh well, it was fun.


It's that time of the year when I try really hard to figure out where all that money went.


With what I definitely regard as a miracle, blessing, and direct answer to many heartfelt prayers...we got into the Barlow Center. If you recall, the Barlow Center is like the dorms for all (or most) the students participating in the Washington Seminar. We were next on the waiting list and today I got an email that said "I have good news and bad news".

Good news, we're in.

Bad news, it's a single-converted-to-married-room.

Which...is okay. I mean, we'll be saving about 4,000 total in rent, internet, commuting from further out, laundry (which will be "free" - as in I'm already paying tuition and I am not really in class) rental insurance...etc. It will make moving in/out easy, and I'm relatively certain we won't get screwed like last summer.

It is 5 minutes away from Georgetown and I can't wait. I'm so excited. I think we'll really enjoy this summer. Also, the two twin beds that will be pushed together for our bed don't have a frame or anything, so if we just add a small pad on top, we'll never notice. It's also furnished (nothing fancy), which is a plus.

One thing about the single converted room that will make us miss not getting into a married apartment is a kitchenette. We'll have a mini fridge and microwave (step up from last summer)...and have to share the range/freezer/oven with the floor of girls. We'll have our own bathroom and free access to George Washington University fitness center/library. I think that it could not get better than this. If you want, just google "the barlow center, washington dc" and you can see where we'll live. It's such a pretty street. And 5 minutes from the metro. Four blocks from the Mall. (or so).

Now....onto booking flights! (since the scouring of craigslist/internet for apartments is now a distant thought.)

We'll have to learn to shop every few days and really plan meals.

Or eat a lot of cereal and frozen burritos.

chinese boxes and cupcakes.

Katie and I met on Friday to share cupcakes from the bookstore.

Red velvet and carrot. Both with too much frosting per bite
(but who's complaining? I love frosting).

Well worth the chance to catch up with a best friend. And plan Indie night, which will rock.

we're so trendy.

p.s you don't have to tell me a favorite post in order to enter. I'm only curious, but any comment will suffice.

ie : "make me some cookies"


We cashed in our two week trial for netflix and have loved it. Too bad we can't really justify having it all the time, but I do like watching movies. For our last two, we chose Water and Get Smart.

Water was recommended to me and I haven't been disappointed with a foreign film yet.

I am not going to lie...I do love this movie. It's hilarious, and every time we watch it I laugh. I love Steve Carell and he does a fantastic job in this movie. Michael Scott but a lot smarter and with more tact. Anne Hathaway is great in this movie as well.

We're definitely glad it's time for the weekend.

Also, if rumors are true, free cake at Magleby's because the cougars rock. Yes please.

Don't forget to add your name the the drawing. Everyone can enter.

Many will enter, few will win.

happy weekend. what are your plans?

Big Casino.

Do you remember when I mentioned how January is so cool we'll have to have a contest or something? Well, here's why January is so cool:

1. Dave and I met (hence journal)

2. Katie and I ingeniously thought to start a blog (happy birthday to us!)

3. I don't know about Katie, but I am rather close to 500 posts.
(like (500) posts of theamanduhshow).

4. We also got a cute new nephew, which is pretty awesome. (in case you missed it)

to celebrate such an awesome month, we're having a contest!

leave a comment by january 27th (wednesday) for your chance to win.

anyone is eligible.

you'll probably win something homemade or home baked.
(so if you think I don't have talent for either of those things, probably don't enter).

if you don't have an google account, just email me at bench.amanda@gmail.com to enter.


I made dave a chain until graduation for Christmas. We had a bunch of extra strips of paper at work and during the break it was pretty slow at work.

The only bad thing is I have to attend those days too.


(112 days, counting weekends until april 22)
(according to my calculations. don't recalculate)
(we were also in the middle of cleaning/rearranging)

it just has to be real, right?

oh and good news: there will be at least a season 7 and 8!

malt shoppe

We went to the malt shoppe for dinner. Not really for the hamburgers, which were par, but mostly for the reminiscing. We didn't really reminisce, though, just commented on how expensive their food is for not being thaaaat good. We also wondered if they're doing okay since in-n-out moved into town. Since we were one of two groups there and they served bread and butter pickles (...ew!) on our hamburgers, we figured they must be buying the cheapest pickles (we have no evidence those are the cheapest though). The raspberry barvarian creme shake was great though. ah well.

here's to first dates!

Thanks for all the comments on the journal sharing. I just thought it was fun to go find the first entry where Dave appeared in my journal and share that first week or so. Definitely a thanks to bowen 11 for helping me not be a total freak whenever Dave came over, approving, and you know, adding to my coolness :)

worked out pretty well, don't you think?

last of the weekend projects

We finally arranged our living room into a winning setup. We're really exciting. Anyway, we're now using one of our end tables as a coffee table. I've wanted to make some coasters for awhile so I whipped up some of these babies. Well, it was supposed to take 5 minutes but it didn't. Of course, the cutting was off, a corner folded down, I put the batting in with the right sides, bobbin ran out...oi. And they didn't really keep their "square-ness" but I love the fabric so much I don't care.


here are some flowers I have experimented with:

a slinky flower. I was glad to find this one because it was more 3D like I wanted

this was a rose I found on youtube. meh. it's a lot of stiches for a boring-ish flower.

a pink slinky.

this flower is supposed to have another layer but I couldn't figure out her instructions. oh well.

all the two crochet-ers I know...any more?


This weekend I made a few of these necklaces. I finally figured out a few different kinds of flowers (the ones pictures are the same) thanks to youtube (thanks cindy!) and it's what I've done while we've watched movies (and we watch a lot of those!). It was a good project to start out with besides just making chains and chains and chains. Crocheting is more intimidating than sewing though, so this might be as far as I go.

what do you think? they're kinda cool.

january 17, 2008

"my date with david was awesome!"

for our date we went to the lds 24 hour film festival. dave's roommate made a movie and it was great. we went again last year to commemorate, but we decided after the festival isn't that good, and we'd be content commemorating with shakes from the malt shop on university ave. that's where he found out I was a freshman (flattered he thought I was a sophomore...cringed when I told the truth...hehe).

Dave didn't order ice cream because he was driving. apparently, ice cream is like beer for mormons. in reality, he was too cold. But I dropped a spoonful of my ice cream into his hot chocolate (yes, I am a pro at flirting). we made a mess. then dave got really embarrassed ( "kill me now" ) because some weirdos started dancing really spazzy and he didn't want me to think it was his fault.

oh man. I'm glad we're past all that.

"he was such a gentleman and I had a blast! I think I quite like him now."

calvin & hobbes

Dave and I, being the cool tios that we are, got Calvin a Hobbes. It's not real because there is no Calvin and Hobbes merchandise, but we think we found a good replacement. It's about twice as big as he is (though probably not for long).

Tank came home earlier this week and we got to hold him sans wires! He is so little and cute. We get to see him again today! wahoo!

we might become trekkies.

Last night we watched Star Trek with some friends. It was pretty good. We had to use Harry Potter three and Deja vu to help figure it out but...I think we got it. I remembered a lot of people because, from what I remember, my parents watched it a lot. It made me want to watch some of it just to find out more about it.

Yesterday I taught myself (or re-learned) how to crochet. I've found some cute things to do but I think I might be starting at a higher level than I should. I'm getting frustrated trying to make something because I can't figure out the instructions. Hopefully this weekend I can either practice some more or have someone show me in person...because that always works. I can speak in crochet language though..like sl st, sc, dc, ch...it's the application of those I'm having troubles with. He might kill me for this (though he never reads this), Dave helped me figure somethings out just because he has a "spacial" mind...and can read diagrams better than I can. Whew.

I probably should just do homework instead. Yesterday was a significant moment in my academic career: I started making flashcards for a test in three weeks. Can you believe how prepared I am? Then again, we'll see if I make anymore than the six I made this weekend. I'm just motivated because that class almost scares me to death.

I'm so glad it's a three day weekend.

january 16, 2008

"dave didn't work but we're friends on facebook! woot. and he wrote on my wall twice! :D"

[it was a big deal]

january 15, 2008 (tuesday)


[(i am a girl and this was my journal. get over the all caps.)

for those of you who never heard it:]

"are you dating anyone?"
"I am not" [-- me trying to be...nonchalant]
"so can I ask you on a date?"
"you may" [-- again, trying]
"so it's for thursday..."

[he always saw through my straight face (which means there probably was not one).]

january 14, 2008

"...i totally have a crush on david..."

january 13, 2008

"...i don't know. i think david from work is cute and funny and tall....
but no surprise he probably doesn't notice me."

a duel will settle this.

I swear it should be Friday. Usually weeks seem to go by pretty fast, but this one is dragging!

Things are busy but good. We have a pretty full load this semester and it's all we can do (even in the first two weeks) to get to bed in our strictly regulated bed time and make wholesome dinners. For the life of us, we can't get up to our alarm (but 30 minutes later...sometimes...), but hopefully a bed time regularly will help. We're on campus 8-5 - 5:30 and it's not super fun, but that's life for us right now.

I'm taking a social marketing class, program planning & evaluation, methods in health promotion, intro to public relations (my teacher is nuts. well, she's very smart but...nuts) (also my first non-general, non-major, non-religion class in a while...weird), (all of the above have a group project) (my favorite)....and new testiment with my favorite teacher and survey of world religions, which is something I am very interested in and think will be my favorite class. I also have my internship prep class.

Dave is still working on his capstone project, along with the best classes he's saved for last (or the very hardest) along with an elective (or two).

It's weird to me to be nearing (and am probably in) the most important semester of my major. The first three classes I listed are pretty intense as far as really preparing you to graduate and be able to actually execute health promotion. Next semester, though it will be as full, will be all the classes I've missed along the way and should actually be easier. Good. Career prep? I can do that.

We're working on two weighty decisions right now regarding graduation and internships. We're crossing our fingers and hoping for certain things to fall in to place and knowing that whatever happens happens and there is a plan...and we can adjust. (however, we really want that spot in the barlow center that just opened up. there is nothing I can do to change my place on the waiting list, but oh... I need to be next).

I apologize to those whose parties we've missed in the last few weeks and would like to thank all those who provided numbers, addresses and committed to being "someone who knows you well" on my many applications. I appreciate it!

And in case you were wondering, once-frozen, mostly-thawed think and creamy yogurt looks like a version of cottage cheese. I'm still eating it.

Also, I'm probably crazy, but in the midst of all this, I really want to learn how to crochet. We'll see how that goes. Anyone have ideas for projects? I haven't sewed for a week or two, but I'm dying to have motivation for something. If I can find the time, I suppose.

And that's it! Stay tuned. Also, if you're intersted in being a winner, be thinking of your favorite (or something) post on the broadcast. It may come in handy sometime soon.


I've discovered that if I didn't do a minor, didn't take any more classes just for fun or my personal enrichment, I can be done with school in december with one more 18 credit semester.

or I can push through that semester and then take all the easy ones and blow through that semester.

I'm torn. What could you really do with a nutrition minor (that's the only one that's plausible)? I don't think I could get a job as a nutritionist, nor is that really what I want to do.

Also, it would make me feel like my AP credits did something. However, nothing is wrong with taking enriching classes...so...



Hey everyone...this is Tank (Calvin). He's our new nephew! He's really really cute and we couldn't get enough of his cute baby features and little worried face. He's stuck in the NICU for a few days, but hopefully he can come home soon and play!
(these were taken with dave's phone...sorry they aren't super good).

Congratulations Shanna and Evan!

too bad.

I just got an email telling me, "thanks for applying, but due to (blah blah blah) we were unable to accept your application". (read: thanks but no thanks).

And it's probably for the best because of all that's going on already this semester, but it would have only been one weekend and a few friday morning classes (which I have free) so...really, it wouldn't have been hard to fit in. It was an advocacy summit where we'd prepare something about health and policy for congress and go to Washington D.C. and present it. Darn! I really wanted to do it. It would have been a one-time opportunity...but there is always next year.

I do take comfort that I did get accepted into the seminar program. (We'll just gloss over the fact that since I was willing to find my own housing, that helped things a lot). And my new major is application-less. And I did make it into college.

And I'm not sure what's the "best" way to be rejected. A letter, well, after you get all excited because they took the time to actually write a letter, is still harsh

An email (which is how I got rejected from nursing program and this) is quick, harsh and real. Oi. I hate reading emails as well.

Over the summer I got plenty of phone rejections from jobs...but I wasn't too invested so it was okay. Phone could potentially be bad because you are actually talking to someone (same with in person), so if you needed to...you know, cry or something, you have to work really hard not to show that. An email or a letter...what's done is done...and you can put it away, you know?

Weird question, maybe, but:

what do you think is the "best" (and worst) way to get rejected? (Is rejected too harsh?)

Phone? Letter? E-mail? Something else?


Well, it's with heavy heart that we must say goodbye to this break. It's seriously been one of the best Christmas breaks I've ever had. I loved the extra hours (now, with the money in our account), the family time and excellent food (seriously, we were spoiled). We ended the break by seeing Avatar on Saturday (seriously, it was awesome), watching many episodes of the office, eating delicious food at my parents and playing phase 10 with parents and grandparents. We also watched Dan in Real Life which I love, but it also makes me mad every time I watch it. Oh well. We also ate plenty of candy. (ergo 2010 goal to exercise...more...at all...once...)

So here's to a new year and our crazy semester. I'm a little excited, and mostly excited for the end of it. Also, remember how we're not like this but are? Anyways, Dave and I met 2 years ago tomorrow. Crazy, huh?

Also, since January is such a special month I think we'll have a contest or something. Details to follow.

starting off the new year

we picked up a few.
(sign in front of Hollywood Video; actually advertising a free kids rental.
which we did get, by the way)

I am yours for life.

2009 was a great year. I don't think it will be the best (or worse) we have, but it was definitely the best as of yet (at least for me). It was a fun, long, crazy, adventurous, sometimes lonely and awesome year. We had a few roller coasters to ride and we came out better for it.

I loved this year but definitely think twenty ten will be a better year.

While there were plenty more events in our lives (just scroll through 2009, right?),
here are the highlights:

counted down every day until March. a very long beginning of the semester.

dave became a menace!

Enjoyed time being married before we took a giant leap into the unknown.

moved to Connecticut and slept on this thing for way too long. complete with worst hair cut EVER. ever.

had a birthday. and a quarter-life crisis.

bought a car.

went to the big apple. long but good trip.

went to boston. (and a dirty beach)

went to the hill cumorah pageant with family.

had a fun 4th at the beach and with sparklers.

went to a beautiful island.

packed up our subaru and said goodbye to connecticut. somewhat peacefully.

stopped in philadelphia

dave found his second love in life (blackbird)

found the gateway to the west.

went to nauvoo.

drove too much.

went boating!

kristen got married!

our first home improvement project.

went to some awesome concerts.

threw a house warming party.

found a hobby. finally.

bled blue for the cougars.

dave found his hobby: flying things.

suzy got married!

dave was a soccer star

had an excellent break and christmas.

we also watched too much t.v., stalked too many blogs, wrote too many blogs, ate too much candy, played a lot games, made a perhaps too big list of future projects...and...got really good grades! booyah! 4.0 for me and 3.85 for dave! it's nice to see our hard work and lack of life paid off. we also made some great friends in our new ward.

last night we had a fondue with my family and played games, watched julie & julia (loved it!) and rung the new year in style (cider and poppers). it was really fun. we ended this year on a high note, definitely, and can't wait for 2010 (well, it's here but...) and the graduation, summer plans and senior year. happy new year!