a year ago the real countdown began.

Well it's been a crazy week, with our sleeping habits made worse by the Olympics. I love the Olympics, but I'm glad they are over...because I love sleep. I am in the middle of 5 group projects...woo...and happy that the semester is finally over. I've been too lazy to take or upload pictures the last few weeks, but things have been pretty good.

  • we are really excited for the new office this thursday (and the rest of our shows to come back)
  • last weekend we went to my cousin's wedding on Saturday. It was a fun day trip and we totally went to ikea. the wedding was great and after we ate at firehouse pizzeria. Firehouse makes me wish we went to Utah State. It was AMAZING. Their focaccia was to die for and their artichoke chicken pasta was the best thing I've eaten since Olive Garden's parmesan chicken. It was so good.
  • we watched all of season one of 30 rock this week (oh, I know, we're in school....most of it was Saturday night/Sunday, probably).
  • I finally found the motivation/inspiration for sewing again, now I just need the time. Which I don't have, unfortunately. It's also unfortunate that the minute I'm done with school we're moving across the country for the summer by plane and that means no sewing machine. I do have some ideas of what I'll do, and hopefully I won't notice. I look forward to every weekend, when I just end up with one or two hours of free time. Bother.
  • our nephew is super super cute. We had three of Dave's cousins and Shanna, Evan and Calvin over for dinner on Saturday. It was fun and Dave made some great lasagna. Oh, and as you should know by now, company means a clean bathroom and a vacuumed house. wahoo!
  • I'm still waiting to hear about an internship. Hopefully in the next two weeks I'll know more. I'm a lot nervous.
  • office!
And finally, we are embarking on our last week as newlyweds. I doubt we'll notice very much and we haven't really decided what to do on saturday, our anniversary. Thank goodness facebook reminded me. Any suggestions?

We want to become old marrieds in style, naturally.

dave's birthday

My sister with the fancy camera documented most of Dave's birthday. I'll have to get some more picutres from her later. We went to church and then over to my parent's house. I made three pizzas and breadsticks from scratch, and it was successful endeavor. I was quite pleased. We ate a delicious dinner and after more of my family came over and we opened presents and ate angel food cake. Dave made a nice haul this year -- he didn't just get a magnetic stick and socks :)

Thank to all who came and partied with us. Also, you'll notice dave's nice party hat. Yes, I made it. Made more too, and will post more pictures of that later. Also, I know he only had 8 candles. They were perfect engineering candles and I wasn't going to buy 6 packs of them. I didn't even want to buy 2 or 3 of normal candles. Sheesh.

(I'm not really sure why this is underlining everything)

yay for birthdays!


I really enjoyed this book. Jhumpa Lahiri is an amazing writer and even though I've never experienced any of the situations her characters are in, I feel for them. I feel for all her characters. I loved her short stories, Unaccustomed Earth and Interpreter of Maladies, and this novel did not disappoint. Well, it did, only in the fact that it didn't end as I thought it should. (Which means it didn't end like a chick flick).

As I read the last chapter, a few tears fell for the main character.

"They were things for which it was impossible to prepare but which one spent a lifetime looking back at, trying to accept, interpret, comprehend. Things that should never have happened, that seemed out of place and wrong, these were what prevailed, what endured, in the end."

I am not at all like her main character except I am a human, and she encompasses humanity in her writing so well; I have never read stories like hers. If that makes sense. I just feel for her characters, and I can't explain it more than that! I feel human, and I feel real life...in a life I've never had. oi.

Bottom line : read it. And her other books. They are amazing! Also, here is a NYtimes review.

Also, in my google search revealed to me there is a movie. I must see it. Katie, Jody...another Indian night, perhaps?

just get to me.

happy birthday to dave, who is the ripe old age of 26!

(yikes, right? almost thirty, for goodness sake)

Rather than listing 26 reasons I love him or why he is awesome (which I'm sure no one wants to read), I just want to write a color and font crazy tribute:

he is best friend, my best husband
*, and the sweetest guy i've ever known.

here's to you, love!

i look around at what i got
and without you, it ain't a lot.
but i've got everything, with you, everything.

get to me, train

* he is also my only husband, and i plan on it staying that way.

my bright idea:

huzzah for [congress], but for goodness sake, can we just put the library books in alphabetical order? maybe lightly categorized by subject...but seriously? I spend 30 minutes tearing my hair out trying to find PSHD 2930 .a2903 2038 LAKJ:LJG:HWEL:VLSDF.

GAH! plus the library says they have a certain book (or three), and I traipse all over the library and don't see a single one. LIAR. I'll just put it on hold and you can get it for me.

not that I have time for casual reading, really, but at work it's hard to concentrate on homework and I don't like to lug my computer around everyday so I need something enlightening to do, right? Plus, I finally found a book by jhumpa lahiri: The Namesake. I'm excited. I love her other books.


scouring the web for an easy version of olive garden's chicken parmigiana. I swear, there is nothing edible I love more on this entire planet than that. All the ones I find come from the same place...calls for wine and half and half. well, maybe we're fancy enough to try the half and half, but we'll omit the wine (and I know it cooks out - I just don't want to buy it. nor am I old enough to, so...there you go).

for now though, I'll dream of going there again, finish my delicious leftovers (thanks mom!), and finish this day so it can be a non-office thursday and then a one-class friday and then the WEEKEND! (which involves a wedding and birthday. and ikea. so, really, it couldn't get much better).

I also have to read first and second thessalonians before 1. (I just looked...it's only two pages. whew. I shouldn't cut it so close.) I'm glad this is a pretty easy week. which means I have plently to do to prepare for next week. ok, I'm just rambling.

ps - sewing and I are on great terms again. made myself a purse ('tis like Aimee's with the last of that beloved ikea fabric (ok, yeah, we have matching purses...)) and finished Shanna and Katie's prizes (finally - next time I'll make the prize before I do the giveaway...sorry guys). turns out I just had to clean the sewing room, put on some music and relax as I followed directions/cut things correctly. oh and zipper foots are awesome.

ok, done.

times like these I wish I had twitter

LYSACEK Evan: practically the james bond of men's figure skating compared to the other men. (I use that term loosely). I mean, he actually lists cars and surfing in his interests. not digging the feathers on his sleeves though. too much prancing. congrats on second place though.

WEIR Johnny: YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. pink tassels? fashion? shopping? ick. hairography?

White, Shaun: ok, great talent, private halfpipe and all, but shaun white looks like a very ugly woman, wears tighter jeans than I do, and icon or not, REALLY needs a hair cut. seriously. the first time I saw him, I thought he was a woman. seriously.

men's figure skating is cool because they are stronger than women (right? no offense) and able to do some cool things. mostly, it makes us cringe. it's mostly the costumes. okay, and mannerisms. it's still cool though. i couldn't do it.

I also enjoyed the snowboarding cross. way cool and intense. too bad about our american. bad luck!

oi, that purple vest.


seriously, I'm not sure how I sewed all that stuff for Christmas. I might just need some new ikea fabric to inspire me. or new patterns. is it too soon to start sewing for children we don't have? ugh.

must have done something right

This Valentine's weekend has been great so far. On Friday we got together with our neighbors and made some Costa Vida style salads which were delicious. We watched the opening ceremonies. They were...interesting. First, the lighting and floor effects were awesome. The first five minutes were amazing. Sarah M was great. Then, we have the weirdo frenchie folk dancers and fiddlers, the rapping white guy, the horrible version of "hallelujah" (not sure what that had to do with the Olympics), the barbie with the biggest fro I've EVER seen singing the Olympic hymn (what?) and yeah...too bad about the technical difficulties...we were waiting for Celine Dion the whole time.

Saturday we went to our ward party. Lame, you may say, but we got an Olive Garden dinner...so...who is laughing now? Seriously, Olive Garden catered, the Newlywed game and some dancing. Super fun. Then we watched Calvin for an hour and half or so and watched Stardust. (subconsciously commemorating two years of hand holding). (and yes, the lame way of hand games (really it was tickling). which I initiated, mind you. silly boy.)

Today we went to church, had a nice breakfast for lunch and look forward to a heart shaped brownie cake. We got the awesome pan for our wedding. I turned the O into a ring (possibly to cover a mess up - I can't say). And the whole ribbon/attempt for straight line. :)

I got Dave the first Zorro movie (yeah!) so we'll probably watch that.

And hurray for three day weekends!

what the....

so I'm working but I had to blog about this really fast. no offense is intended. I'm sorry if you wanted to name your kid that or are named this yourself. in ONE primary, we have:

Dar'Tanion (love that movie, btw)
Ender (these three are not siblings, but, love books much?)*
Vincent (ok, but a little old or...what's the word?)
Donna (not weird, just old)
Kiylee (weird spelling, no?)
Maelisa (dito)

A nice primary teacher is binding books for them. I remember doing this last year. oi, worked here too long.

*I can't really say much because I really like a name from a book. it will probably be used.


I tried to make some oreo truffles tonight. I thought I would make enough for work and our Olympic party. I'm not sure if it was the chocolate, my own inability to heed directions/find them, or overall distraction from watching the Office. They look a little worse for the wear and there wasn't enough chocolate for all of the oreo stuff....I hate feeling like a cooking failure especially when I like to cook and someday when I'm out of school I plan to cook more. I guess it takes practice.

I also wanted to make Olympic sugar cookies but I'm not sure I can take another cooking disaster. Ok, I can make sugar cookies. Maybe for the closing ceremonies.

The ones that did turn out were pretty good. I think it was extra depressing because I was inspired by the relief society activity where they made a bunch of chocolates and they looked beautiful and mine looked like...yeah.

Laura....I need some tips. Or a real recipe. Or some help.

Also, Dave is really nice because he tried to help me salvage the rest of the oreo mess by making mud pie and giving me neverending compliments on my truffles.

fancy schmancy

Today I was whisked away in a brand new BYU Toyota van, and (after the mandatory quip wondering if it has been recalled) was taken to the big guys in charge of all the copy centers on campus. They are testing an updated program and asked for an employee in the morning and afternoon. I got a free water bottle and muffin top and ended up turning down a free pen:

"take a free pen!"

"oh no, I'm good. lots of those at work"

"not with cougarprints on it"

"...mmm yes, because I work...here..."

Anyway, testing the program was ok but I won't ever use from the customer end. I did have suggestions because I work with customers a lot, but in the end they probably won't listen and it won't change on our end. So it made work go faster and I felt important. You know, beta testing and all.

I felt bad because Dave tried to get ahold of me for that hour I was gone, I wasn't at work, and no one at work really knew where I was. Oops. He was worried.

love and memories.

We babysat Calvin on Saturday...we didn't take any pictures (whaa?) but I found some for you.

See cute nephew here.

Today I'm at school for approximately 13 hours. gross. (actual: 15)

I love google, gmail, google docs and goog 411, but google, you ruined my day yesterday.

Anyone excited for the Olympics (a proper noun, mind you)?
I forget about them until they come and too bad the winter ones are during school. All the best ones are probably at night though.

We're having a party with some neighbors....we're going to buy moose track ice cream and call it a cultural celebration.

lost and found

Two of my classes were canceled today. Wahoo! So I have work at 2 and a class at 4. As much as I wanted to sleep in, I did the responsible thing. (Obviously, blogged about it). I got up with Dave and am sitting in the law library. I like it here because it's much more quiet. And for old time's sake. This place has pdbio 305 and rathbone (a cd that Dave gave me for Valentine's day - and they are quite good) written all over it. Or playing in it...

And though the library has wronged me before...I like it here. Just think, a year before my wedding I was sitting in the library cursing the random piano player. In my digging around in my blog (need a laugh? read my "annoyances" section) I also found this post which I kind of like. I still feel that way sometimes. I think everyone does.

Anyway, last night I slept straight through the night. (like a new baby?). Anyway, I'm off to do homework like responsible students do when their classes get canceled.

i think i got more sleep on my wedding eve*.

Last night was terrible. I felt tired, comfortable, stress free...but no sleep for me. I am relatively certain I remember the entire night. I think I loosely slept for an hour, only to come awake, realize I slept, only to not fall back asleep.

Dave had some trouble too and then mentioned that we did drink a lot of sunkist that day. oi. I didn't realize, and it probably wouldn't have deterred me anyway, that sunkist had caffeine. I didn't think caffeine affected me at all because I rarely drink it...which probably makes for last night. My heart and mind wouldn't slow down and I think that was the problem. I tried music, a drink of water and thought about getting up to read until my eyes were tired...but for one, I probably would have just read the whole night and two, I was too tired to get out of bed.


Getting up was a bit easier because I wasn't really waking up from a nice sleep. On to another 8-5 or 8-6 week.

*and I feel I only struggled then because I had to sleep on my face so I wouldn't mess up my hair. And it was an unfamiliar bed. And I got to bed late and was getting up at five. Well okay, and I was getting married in the morning.

ANYWAY> any one have any tips to deal with sleepless nights for no reason?


none of my group projects are working out and things are due soon. I'm also watching the office, feel like making cookies, and definitely don't feel like doing homework.


starting in the spring, Dave will be a BYU ME graduate student!

(this is a bit belated but...)


I'm just excited about the better parking privileges.

(another funny grad school comic.)

i told you i loved it.

in class we were talking about policy and some one mentioned how you can't have live plants in the ICU. My teacher was seriously wondering why they wouldn't allow those.

I couldn't help but thinking...

he's obviously never read Harry Potter 5.


I went to a shower with my mom and sister on Saturday and I came home to a clean room, dishes being done and pretty flowers! The pizza dough was also rising and we made pizza and watched The Legend of Zorro. I have never seen it before and I looooved it. I need to see the first one! We had a great night!

Dave told me not to get too excited because he didn't pick them out. Well, at least he has the smarts to let the floral girls do their job! :)

Even with my compulsive .99 vase buying at Ikea, I couldn't find a single one. So we dug up these babies that I bought/stole from restaurants in Guatemala/Mexico. (I did pay for drink but I'm not sure if you were supposed to take them...) and I love them so much. I especially love the daisies in the sprite bottle.

I liked coming home to church to another flower and the other ones are blooming too.

It's too bad flowers have to die, but they are fun for a few days!

testing, testing...

Every time I take a multiple choice test and come across a question that I struggle with, come back to, or feel that I would need to know why I got it wrong if I indeed got it wrong, I write the question on the back of my hand and compare with the results later.

This last test, I wrote five questions down. I only missed four. Sweet, right? Turns out the four I missed had nothing to do with the questions I wasn't sure about.

So I feel like a slightly lacking genius. I missed questions that I didn't have a problem with...but was able to correctly select (or guess) a question that I felt was tricky or could have two answers, etc. Weird. Now I'm extra curious about what I missed. I think we can go review our tests, which I like to do. I am too curious of a person to not wonder about all the questions I missed on a test.

My friend at work was telling me about what he learned in his testing class at school. There is nothing wrong (and it's test best way to test) to have a simple m.c. question with three or four answers.

none of this " a and c" "all but c" business. those do nothing to distinguish knowledge, because those who study and those who don't have the same chance of getting it wrong.

take that pdbio. I should have aced you.

getting our bake on

this weekend we made two pizzas, and apple pie and some rolls.

Here's the "french apple pie", which has a crumb topping instead of another crust. I didn't make the filling (we got it for our wedding), so I didn't have any instructions, but I used one of my cookbooks and it turned out okay. Now that I know I can make crust, we'll have to try another kind of pie with a better looking crust.

the rolls.. here's the deal with having two things to bake and one oven...I totally spaced that they'd need different times. The pie probably would have been fine at the roll temperature, but the rolls came out cooked on the outside and cooked okay on the inside. They also didn't come out too pretty (my bad) or fluffy. But I can always try different recipes.

This was our masterpiece. We used an excellent recipe (rising dough) and made a dang good pizza.

This was our first try, and it was okay but the dough didn't taste super good. We did use our neighbor's pizza stone, though, and felt fancy. Maybe we'll have to try the stone and really good pizza next time.

We've decided that we'll be making pizza more often and I decided cookbooks are awesome (or I re-decided)...and will begin to dive into them again and maybe use Sunday's to expand my skills. Also, I can't wait to have a big kitchen someday. At least bigger. I mean, I made the rolls and crust on counter space that was about a foot and a half square.