scouring the web for an easy version of olive garden's chicken parmigiana. I swear, there is nothing edible I love more on this entire planet than that. All the ones I find come from the same place...calls for wine and half and half. well, maybe we're fancy enough to try the half and half, but we'll omit the wine (and I know it cooks out - I just don't want to buy it. nor am I old enough to, so...there you go).

for now though, I'll dream of going there again, finish my delicious leftovers (thanks mom!), and finish this day so it can be a non-office thursday and then a one-class friday and then the WEEKEND! (which involves a wedding and birthday. and ikea. so, really, it couldn't get much better).

I also have to read first and second thessalonians before 1. (I just's only two pages. whew. I shouldn't cut it so close.) I'm glad this is a pretty easy week. which means I have plently to do to prepare for next week. ok, I'm just rambling.

ps - sewing and I are on great terms again. made myself a purse ('tis like Aimee's with the last of that beloved ikea fabric (ok, yeah, we have matching purses...)) and finished Shanna and Katie's prizes (finally - next time I'll make the prize before I do the giveaway...sorry guys). turns out I just had to clean the sewing room, put on some music and relax as I followed directions/cut things correctly. oh and zipper foots are awesome.

ok, done.

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brown eyed girl said...

Haha I love that you have been married for almost a year, but are still not old enough to buy wine. :)

Chicken Parmigiana sounds amazing. If you find a good recipe, do share :).