dave's birthday

My sister with the fancy camera documented most of Dave's birthday. I'll have to get some more picutres from her later. We went to church and then over to my parent's house. I made three pizzas and breadsticks from scratch, and it was successful endeavor. I was quite pleased. We ate a delicious dinner and after more of my family came over and we opened presents and ate angel food cake. Dave made a nice haul this year -- he didn't just get a magnetic stick and socks :)

Thank to all who came and partied with us. Also, you'll notice dave's nice party hat. Yes, I made it. Made more too, and will post more pictures of that later. Also, I know he only had 8 candles. They were perfect engineering candles and I wasn't going to buy 6 packs of them. I didn't even want to buy 2 or 3 of normal candles. Sheesh.

(I'm not really sure why this is underlining everything)

yay for birthdays!

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Suzy said...

you're so dang domestic.