I tried to make some oreo truffles tonight. I thought I would make enough for work and our Olympic party. I'm not sure if it was the chocolate, my own inability to heed directions/find them, or overall distraction from watching the Office. They look a little worse for the wear and there wasn't enough chocolate for all of the oreo stuff....I hate feeling like a cooking failure especially when I like to cook and someday when I'm out of school I plan to cook more. I guess it takes practice.

I also wanted to make Olympic sugar cookies but I'm not sure I can take another cooking disaster. Ok, I can make sugar cookies. Maybe for the closing ceremonies.

The ones that did turn out were pretty good. I think it was extra depressing because I was inspired by the relief society activity where they made a bunch of chocolates and they looked beautiful and mine looked like...yeah.

Laura....I need some tips. Or a real recipe. Or some help.

Also, Dave is really nice because he tried to help me salvage the rest of the oreo mess by making mud pie and giving me neverending compliments on my truffles.

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Kristen said...

I can totally relate to feeling like a cooking failure! Some days it just doesn't work and all you have when you finish is some semi-edible terrible-looking final product and a dirty kitchen. :-) I'm sure most of the time your creations turn out great!