fancy schmancy

Today I was whisked away in a brand new BYU Toyota van, and (after the mandatory quip wondering if it has been recalled) was taken to the big guys in charge of all the copy centers on campus. They are testing an updated program and asked for an employee in the morning and afternoon. I got a free water bottle and muffin top and ended up turning down a free pen:

"take a free pen!"

"oh no, I'm good. lots of those at work"

"not with cougarprints on it"

"...mmm yes, because I"

Anyway, testing the program was ok but I won't ever use from the customer end. I did have suggestions because I work with customers a lot, but in the end they probably won't listen and it won't change on our end. So it made work go faster and I felt important. You know, beta testing and all.

I felt bad because Dave tried to get ahold of me for that hour I was gone, I wasn't at work, and no one at work really knew where I was. Oops. He was worried.

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