must have done something right

This Valentine's weekend has been great so far. On Friday we got together with our neighbors and made some Costa Vida style salads which were delicious. We watched the opening ceremonies. They were...interesting. First, the lighting and floor effects were awesome. The first five minutes were amazing. Sarah M was great. Then, we have the weirdo frenchie folk dancers and fiddlers, the rapping white guy, the horrible version of "hallelujah" (not sure what that had to do with the Olympics), the barbie with the biggest fro I've EVER seen singing the Olympic hymn (what?) and yeah...too bad about the technical difficulties...we were waiting for Celine Dion the whole time.

Saturday we went to our ward party. Lame, you may say, but we got an Olive Garden is laughing now? Seriously, Olive Garden catered, the Newlywed game and some dancing. Super fun. Then we watched Calvin for an hour and half or so and watched Stardust. (subconsciously commemorating two years of hand holding). (and yes, the lame way of hand games (really it was tickling). which I initiated, mind you. silly boy.)

Today we went to church, had a nice breakfast for lunch and look forward to a heart shaped brownie cake. We got the awesome pan for our wedding. I turned the O into a ring (possibly to cover a mess up - I can't say). And the whole ribbon/attempt for straight line. :)

I got Dave the first Zorro movie (yeah!) so we'll probably watch that.

And hurray for three day weekends!

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Jody said...

look at that cute picture of you with calvin. :) you are a natural!