my bright idea:

huzzah for [congress], but for goodness sake, can we just put the library books in alphabetical order? maybe lightly categorized by subject...but seriously? I spend 30 minutes tearing my hair out trying to find PSHD 2930 .a2903 2038 LAKJ:LJG:HWEL:VLSDF.

GAH! plus the library says they have a certain book (or three), and I traipse all over the library and don't see a single one. LIAR. I'll just put it on hold and you can get it for me.

not that I have time for casual reading, really, but at work it's hard to concentrate on homework and I don't like to lug my computer around everyday so I need something enlightening to do, right? Plus, I finally found a book by jhumpa lahiri: The Namesake. I'm excited. I love her other books.


Bruce said...

They (BYU) use Library of Congress cataloging system, not Dewey. Which is even worse. :)

Ashlan said...

I am in search of a good new book to read! Maybe I'll grab some of hers. :)
Not that I really need a new book, I'm already two behind... ha. :p