what the....

so I'm working but I had to blog about this really fast. no offense is intended. I'm sorry if you wanted to name your kid that or are named this yourself. in ONE primary, we have:

Dar'Tanion (love that movie, btw)
Ender (these three are not siblings, but, love books much?)*
Vincent (ok, but a little old or...what's the word?)
Donna (not weird, just old)
Kiylee (weird spelling, no?)
Maelisa (dito)

A nice primary teacher is binding books for them. I remember doing this last year. oi, worked here too long.

*I can't really say much because I really like a name from a book. it will probably be used.


Ashlan said...

Oh my gosh, I have recorded some nasty names in my time here. There are some HILARIOUS names out there... Poor kids...

I See Badgers said...

ender is a good one. If you read the books, beware of this kid...he'll killya! :)